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Ring Tara Rally have four motorcycle

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seem to have a relatively large-scale rally, Dakar, there
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-25 03:28:52 +0000 #3
packet and registration fee

1, Group definition:

2009 Central Tara Rally definition of the domestic group and number Description:

2009 Central Tara Rally, T5 Motor Group to take the name of the group, and then broken down according to emission levels for the domestic Motor Group T5.1 \ T5.2 \ T5. 3 \ T5.4 \. Auto

group, truck group of cross-country in accordance with General Federation of Automobile Sports of China are grouped, automotive T1 group was in line with the FIA international movement to change the General Rules

loaded-wheel-drive off-road vehicles (including in China, registered国产越野车Automobile Association), include: T1.1 level (gasoline), T1.2 level (diesel), car T2 Group

To comply with the FIA General of the International Campaign to drive off-road vehicles converted 2; T4 trucks group in line with the International Campaign to General FIA modification 6

4 drive or drive a truck. Details are as follows:

T5 Motor Group; Number :001-099; (the order in accordance with registration followed by Pai Hao, following the same)

T5.1: 200CC - 249CC

T5.2: 250CC-399CC

T5.3: 400CC or above

T5.4: ATV four-wheel motor;

So, is there

2009 Central Tara Rally will be held on September 7, 2009 the official start, which lasted 9 days. June 8, Central Tower Organizing Committee Secretariat, the work of event registration officially began, the National Central tower of the team's official website can be found at enrollment, the time for Entries Deadline July 31.

3, and motorized groups join the qualification

Motor Group's domestic drivers must be at least 18 years of age and holds a Chinese official issued by the Motor Sports Association Cross Country Rally race license (Entries can join in July 2009 -8 month Moroccan Association of China held in China Rally Motor Sports, Central Tower of training to inform the Moroccan Association's official website see China, Central Tara Rally official website, motorized bar website www.moto8. cn); did not participate in the training course participants who signed up, you can also ring in 2009 before the game Tara Rally (September 1, 2009 -9 3 days), participated in 2009 in Xinjiang, Central, Tara Rally pre-race training, trained qualified appraisal who issued the temporary entry of China Moroccan Association license, temporary license is limited to participants to participate in 2009, Central Tara Rally. In Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwanese drivers to join, can be held in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Motor sports governing body issued a valid contest that year license, and the respective motor sports governing body's consent letter or stamp of the motor sports governing body of Chapter Application Form .




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