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What are the specific steps drift?

braid87692010-01-25 04:01:08 +0000 #1
PS: The first step is to pull hand brake, the second step is to fight against the rudder or drop file ah? Please Gaorenzhijiao
leiwen1002010-01-25 04:13:57 +0000 #2
drift generated works: the rear wheels to lose most (or all) of grip, while the front wheels must be able to maintain a grip (up to only a small part of the loss, the best course obtain additional grip in), then as long as the front there is a certain degree of lateral force, it will produce drift. With regard to specific how to drift: to complete the perfect drift, but also a prerequisite for - to maintain grip on the front. 1. Front-wheel drive with the ground is not so much the speed difference between the (usually after the car do not worry) 2. Driving is not so positive pressure between the front wheel with the ground to reduce too much, the best is that you can increase the positive pressure (using brake inertia resulting from forward to center of gravity to increase the front-wheel pressure) then there are the rear tires lose their grip: drift, regardless of in the game or the reality of where the technology is very compelling mentioned earlier, the three kinds of theoretical approaches: 1. So that the rear wheels with the ground has a negative velocity difference between the (relatively low speed rear) 2. Rear wheel with the ground so that the speed difference between the positive (rear-wheel speed is relatively high) 3. Reduce the rear wheel with the ground between the positive pressure (that is, gravity transfer) Finally, still have to practice, resulting in drift method is: a straight road driving pull handbrake turn after the steering wheel 2 in Latin America handbrake three straight road driving Meng After the four steering wheel brakes slam down hard on the brakes in a turn five-power enough to drive post-(or four-wheel drive tends to the ratio after the four-wheel drive) is not very high speed Meng stepped on the accelerator and steering wheel are usually only three , 4 method, 1,2 method only for the former race car and pull the four-wheel and can be avoided, unless you are afraid of ruin cars.



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