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2010 Dakar Rally entry What Team?

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As the security situation in Africa and Martinique are still not optimistic, so the organizing committee would not risk the Dakar 2010 Dakar Rally back to Africa, and therefore choose to remain in South America, Chile and Argentina held.

2010 Dakar Rally timetable: 2009 May 15-June 15 drivers registered by the end of November delivery vehicles from the port of Le Havre, 12, 30 and 31 in Buenos Nuosi Yi Lisburn administrative and technical checks, January 1, 2010 start ceremony, January 2 departure from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, the closing ceremony on the 17th.

With the 2009 edition of the anniversary celebration is different from in 2010 greatly reduces the special stages of the schedule, in the length of 8600 kilometers of the stage there are 5200 kilometers of special stages over in 2009 reduced by more than 1,000 kilometers,

2010 Dakar race route

race a total of five stages to pass through the Andes and the Atacama desert, crossing the great sand dunes, this year's stage show the overall counter-clockwise, through Argentina, Cordoba Mecca, wearing over last year's race in the middle of La Rioja and fiambala through the Andes, Chile, Copiapo is still the end of the first part of the stage, the new calendar in the town of Antofagasta is also line was first set point, January 9 to adjust the official rest day, followed by Copiapo and La Serena, as well as the Chilean capital of Santiago. In Argentina, when the drivers in their second meeting will be arrived at after crossing the Andes in San Juan, San Rafael and San Pedrosa, the ultimate winner will be on January 17 to celebrate at the end of Buenos Aires .

Contests through the city:

January 1 Buenos Aires - Kelon

January 2 Kelon - Cordoba

January 3 Cordoba -- - la - Rioja (La Rioja)

1 Yue 4 Zila - Rioja - fiambala (Fiambala)

1 Yue 5 Ri fiambala - Copiapo (Copiapo)

January 6 Copiapo - Antofagasta

January 7 Antofagasta - Iquique (Iquique)

1 Yue 8 Ri Iquique - Antoine Antofagasta

January 9 rest day

January 10 Antofagasta - Copiapo

January 11 Copiapo - La Serena

January 12, La Serena - San Diego

January 13th San Diego - San Juan

January 14 San Juan - San Rafael

January 15 San Rafael - Santa - Rosa (Santa Rosa)

1 Yue 16 Ri Santa - Rosa - Buenos Aires



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