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I like to drive, drift, how play this game?

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absolute classic - car drift theory, techniques and methods, drift technology is not completely resolved! !

1. Inertia-Drift

loose throttle and using inertia to make the rear thrown in cornering way (for FR vehicles for the big corner of 120 degrees or higher). Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan before the acceleration, Ruwan accelerator at the same time when the fierce cut loose steering wheel.

2. After the car began to slide, reducing file and fuel door, side of the vehicles while skidding out of turn.

3. If just want to look at a small rejection, you can not drop files.

2. Breaking-Drift

brakes and take advantage of the body weight transfer, so that the rear thrown in cornering way (for FR vehicles for more than 90-degree corners). Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan, when heavy braking and downshifting, so that vehicles center of gravity forward.

2. Meng cut the steering wheel to the rear thrown.

3. Anti-fight the amendment into the bend angle of the steering wheel.

4. Maintain the speed to glide to be out of bending angle.

5. With the steering wheel, instantaneous re-stepped on the accelerator out of bends.

3. Sidebreak-Drift

handle to the rear thrown in cornering brake means (for FF vehicles) operating procedures are as follows:

1. Not to the general Ruwan point, early cutting the steering wheel, brake handle and then the vehicle sideslip.

2. Sliding down immediately file, and keep sliding state to the cornering apex.

3. Reach the peak bending when the throttle out of a few that Bigfoot bend.

4. Straight-Drift

Ruwan a straight line before the Department began to tail-flick of the cornering approach (for FR vehicles for the narrow 90-degree bend). Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan ago, began to cut a straight line on the steering wheel.

2. The car started sliding at the same time and keep the accelerator down the depth profile.

3. Sliding Ruwan point, the steering wheel at the same time reverse the amendment.

4. Front with a bent towards the mouth of the posture into the corner.

5. Bend out of the front right to the mouth, that is straight out of turn Bigfoot throttle.

5. Power-Drift

the use of modified high-powered car, large torque, so that the rear thrown in cornering way (for FR, RR vehicles). Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Slow down, and down into the bend before the file, put a small cut throttle and the steering wheel.

2. Into the bend Feet throttle, wheel horsepower will be carrying large, fail to seize the ground, and let the rear thrown.

3. At this point turn with the throttle control the degree of throttle more weight, more steering angle, the front right to a bend point, and then smoothly to a bend.

6. Shift-Drift

the use of lower body weight transfer files to and let the rear thrown way over-wa. Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Into the pre-bending slightly to enhance the speed into the bend, cut the steering wheel, and then slam on the brakes and downshift at the same time.

2. At this point vehicle center of gravity forward, the rear will suddenly thrown out.

3. Release the brake and the accelerator out of turn Bigfoot.

7. Feint Motion

the use of moving around to the rear center of gravity thrown in cornering in a way which is commonly known as the inertia of slip (false true left-right rejection rejection for FR, RR vehicles). Operating procedures are as follows:

1. The former does not cut into the corner to the outside, but remain near the midline.

2. To turn the steering wheel in a flash outside the direction of cutting, instantaneous brake to shift the body center of gravity forward.

3. At this point the steering wheel to the forward direction of force Meng cut, the car will be thrown off the principle of Breaking-Drift.

4. Sliding time Tuidang put the brakes, throttle out of corners and then Bigfoot.

8. 4WD-Drift

four-wheel slightly when cornering cornering sliding tail flick method. Operating procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan pre-accelerated, Ruwan curved alignment when the vertices, the steering wheel and the brake force cut down files.

2. Slightly Straight-Drift car sliding into the corner way.

3. Cornering apex, the Feet throttle straight out of turn.

Drift technology entry (10)

shells clutch (beginners level): be able to compare directly to destroy an ideal tire grip. Through the clutch pedal foot shot leading to uneven torque transmission in the transmission system to make the rear wheels to lose traction. The so-called foot strike would mean: rapid and powerful kick in the end will be clutch pedal, and then quickly lifted. Generally used in relatively narrow, there is not enough space for the use of the focus shift caused by tail-flick of the Ruwan office. In the low-speed clutch when a powerful bomb is the most direct and effective to fully open the throttle in an instant way. In a certain speed basis or that it is the process of being spun, they have to clutch light and soft shells. Can only be used in rear-drive.

Hand brake (beginners level): the first is being used in the rally race. In the pull hand brake to lock the rear wheels at the same time, resulting in the whole body after the start of sideslip. Because of the need to make the rear just spun and flung a right Ruwan point of view, so a very smooth, intensity, and time is right to use the hand brake the process is difficult to grasp. Shashi handle should not be too nervous, not too hard, but also not very high, enough to like, at any time not to release the handbrake button, because the process of pulling hand brake did not last long, to ensure that at the appropriate time, hand brake can be smoothly and fast let go. This basis, the technology can be used in any speed, any corner, any car, even a professional drift drivers often will use hand brake in the process of sideslip to correct the body sideslip angle.

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2 is absolutely classic - car drift theory, techniques and methods, drift technology is not completely resolved! !

Lock file (Intermediate): This is a bullet in the slowdown in the process of clutch. An appropriate engine speed near the bend and quickly step on the clutch hit, and drop files, use the engine to contribute to make a sharp slowdown in the rear so as to cause skidding. Of course, this is your car's transmission would be more difficult. The vehicle specific actions, reflecting and extent depends entirely on the type of car and engine, different. Because of the need for better technical control engine speed drop as well as the motivation to achieve the rebound to make the body glide, so relative to the hand brake is more difficult to use. Clutch with shells, like, only used in rear-drive!

Heavy braking (Intermediate): the general application of narrow bends and medium-speed bends. In the case of heavy foot on the brake into the corner, so that large majority of gravity thrown in front of the car, leaving the rear wheels lose their grip without gravity. This technique is often used in the car market since the increase of Ru Wan's back, especially four-wheel drive (Evo and STI). Practicing in the asphalt If you find your car at the right speed Ruwan severe oversteer, then you may be in shock settings or the selection of tires did not do a good job, or you should replace it more suitable for car.

Lift off oversteer (superior): has been widely used in high-speed corners of the slide. The transfer of the use of gravity to make the car from inside the state has a grip change to a drift state. And heavy braking is the same physical principles - the weight of the transfer, but the difference is that the technology being used in very high-speed case, which requires the drivers of the car at high speed with a good grasp of the balance. The top D1 drivers will drift in the process is applied in a aggressive lift off oversteer to reduce power output.

Pendulum effect (superior): letter D on the right track should be a familiar friend, "the pendulum" is an understanding of the word, and this is a technology derived from the pull out. As the name suggests, the pendulum would mean a car in the Ruwan before you swing to the outer bend, and then dramatically turned to the inside of the transfer under the effect of gravity tire damage occurs to the body side grip Ershi throw, generally used in curvature of the entrance to a relatively small bends. With the lift off oversteer, can enhance each other's results. In the tensile process, the pendulum is in order in the absence of friction on the road as much as possible to enhance grip, while the drift of the race because of the use of the pendulum is completely the opposite reason - to place side of the body cast. The value and usefulness of the pendulum is that they can effectively slow down the time Ruwan, while ensuring high-speed state of the whole process!

Swing drift (superior): the final form of the pendulum. Speed is not fast, back and forth on both sides of the road facing the side is a straight line of the drift, also known as "fish wagging tail" (Shenlongbaiwei?), But this swing is not just the hardest part of the body can In the high speed transfer under the grasp of gravity loading reached a pinnacle, but also allow the swing angle of the body just in time Ruwan Ruwan at the right angle and speed. And this action also marks the drivers skilled in using technology, a comprehensive and high quality.

Skid (professional): top-level drivers trick, this technique refers to the car's rear wheels to make the track into the grass outside the land, or above, so that in an instant loss of the original grip in order to obtain a larger perspective. This special and effective method generally used in those who can not rely on its own engine power and speed to destroy the grip of the car and circumstances, or when Ruwan make more offensive angle. More after the car has been used in the above.

Beating yaw (professional): Like all the previous one, this is the status of full use of the road vehicle sideslip Er Shi. This is to let the rear wheels down to the street-wave bands (the track bends around the red and white-and-white rock), through the rear wheel down to the waves generated with a beating to make the car out of the original grip, but also, or the use of front wheel down to the waves with a resulting oversteer drift generated. Because of the time in the use of this technology will have a fairly strong shock and vibration, it also makes the car both for the drivers are very hard.

Long drift (professional): for top-level competition, its essence is still some distance away from the Ruwan use the hand brake line in advance so that the car close to the sideline into the corner. Until only recently developed into an independent technology, the purpose is to make the car turn in the scored line on the drift has occurred. With drift and the swing to use, can help drivers coherent style took over the whole route.

Finally back to us to talk about the drift of the line, the timing and location relations. Above, this chart can clearly tell you the basic lines and the use of technology, icons, the car in front of the body figures correspond to 10 kinds of technology, while the front of the front wheel pointing arrows, red is the deceleration , green is to accelerate, blue to regulate the throttle opening.

In general, the learning process of bending drift attack, there are two points is very worth noting: First, the earlier the start of spun, the more likely to produce better and larger when the body angle Ruwan ; the second point, the more higher-level drivers, such as Keiichi Tsuchiya, the more we will use the first part of Ruwan used to reduce speed, and body movement to the cut-off point when the use of horsepower in the latter half of the drift out of bending, in particular, is greater than 90 degrees in the corners. So most of the technologies are state of slowing down so that the car drift occurs. Everyone can according to their own customs, common sense to decide how to use the technology to attack bend, but the better driver, the more is to bring a variety of technologies, used in combination. Perhaps you can use various techniques to drift cornering, but the speed through the corner is also very important.

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3 absolute classic - car drift theory, techniques and methods, drift technology is not completely resolved! !

Technology this kind of thing, the more the more advanced integration of more basic technology in which to sit here and read the more confused the more, should be recorded in the minds of essentials and then proceed to practical exercises, they will be more discovery . If for some vague notion of technology, you can find a video of some drift of view, the Japanese "Option", "tail-flick heaven" are a good choice, these two series of DVD in many countries are super - welcome, D1 inside the forefront of the latest Japanese drift advice came from the modification, technology, race everything.

Auto generated drift theory

blame in the end is a kind of: rear-wheel lost most (or all) of grip, while the front wheels must be able to maintain a grip (up to only a small part of the loss, the best course is to obtain additional grasping fertility of), then as long as the front there is a certain degree of lateral force, the car had tail-flick, there will be drift.

So that the rear to lose grip of the method:

1. Driving the rear wheels with the ground manipulation has a negative velocity difference between the (relatively low speed rear)

2. Any case, so that the rear wheels with the ground speed difference between the positive (after round of the relatively high speed)

3. driving the rear wheels reduces the ground between the positive pressure.

These three inside as long as enough to meet a 1,2

actually are reducing the friction coefficient method to separate them because the applications in different ways.

To maintain front-wheel grip ways:

1. Driving the front wheels with the ground is not so much the speed difference between the

2. Driving is not so positive pressure between the front wheels with the ground to reduce too much, the best is that we can increase Large positive pressure. These two want to meet Caixing.

Actual operation inside, pull hand brake on the rear wheel will certainly meet with the ground driving convinces a negative velocity difference between the (relatively low speed rear) driving the front wheels with the ground is not so great between the velocity difference;

drift of the initial state Simple operation:

generate drift method:

1. straight stretches of road traffic in the direction of pull hand brake to play after

2. handbrake turn in Latin America 3. straight stretches of road driving slam down hard on the brakes after the fight direction

4. cornering slam down hard on brakes

5. power of the latter is large enough to drive (or four-wheel drive force distribution ratio tended to after a four-wheel drive) in terms of speed is not very high Meng stepped on the accelerator and hit the direction of

where 3,4 is the use of weight transfer (rear Weight transferred to the front wheel on), is the least hurt the vehicles.

1,2 only for the former race car and pull the four-wheel and can be avoided, unless you are afraid of ruin cars.

Note 1 and 2,3 and 4 separate,

is because the car movement route will be quite different. Important Note: drift cornering and general cornering like their speed limit, and the drift cornering speed limits up to only be a little higher than normal cornering, drifting cornering on hard ground the speed limit is lower than the normal cornering!

As for the end can tail-flick, with the friction between tire and road surface coefficient, vehicle speed, braking force, the accelerator size, front-wheel angle of size, vehicle weight distribution, wheelbase wheelbase, suspension and other soft and hard factors. For example, rain, snow on the road to tail-flick is easy, does not want to tail-flick but more difficult; speed the more likely the higher the tail-flick (which is why safe driving is not to drive fast and oh, first); beat the direction of fast, easily Drift ( taught me to drive the shop called me to fight the steering wheel too quickly, Oh); Tread wheelbase smaller the body the higher the weight transfer of the more powerful, the more likely Drift (also easy to roll!); front suspension system, the role of anti-dumping the weaker, the more likely Drift.

It was mentioned that a variety of drift way, in fact, within the above five kinds.

Tail flick in the control:
If it is produced with the hand brake drift, then when the car rotated to the angle you want, after, it should release the hand brake.

Drift of the middle of the task is to adjust the body posture. Because the road bump, the road curvature, vehicle cornering characteristics and other factors will often change. Therefore, drivers often have to control the steering wheel, throttle, brake, and even the clutch (not recommended) to allow automobile drivers in accordance with the desired routes.

First make it clear that principle: let the wheels slide long distance, it should be to minimize the friction between the wheels and the ground; to make a small wheel slip, it should try to increase the friction. The method of reducing the friction as I said before, one is to let the wheel too fast or too slow to rotate, one is to decrease the positive pressure between the wheel and the ground; increasing friction method is the opposite of.

Among them, let the wheels turn slow approach that is stepped foot brake or the handbrake pull the (to emphasize once again: foot brake is applied to four wheels, hand brake is applied to the rear. Regardless of whether the hand brake acting on the other wheels of cars, I know there are hand brake of the car are all I have said the case)

stepped foot brake: Four wheels will slow down, eventually losing more front or rear wheels to lose traction more friction can not be generalize.

Pull hand brake: front-wheel will not lose a large number of friction while the rear lost traction, so it is easy to produce oversteer. Because both the foot brake, hand brake has a deceleration effect, so cars will soon stop spinning.

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4 is absolutely classic - car drift theory, techniques and methods, drift technology is not completely resolved! !

The real drift:

and if you want to wheel skidding distance, the only way is to enable high-speed spinning wheel must be fitted with LSD, the power can only be large enough car to do so. Why does it have LSD? Because the car will drift when the body tilt, the outer wheels on the ground pressure, the pressure inside the small wheels. No LSD will appear inside the wheel of the car idling, rotate the outer drive slow situation. The wheels turn slowly and ground friction between the big, cars skidding will soon cease.

Trucks are divided into precursor, post-drive, four-wheel drive, there is no driving force for high-speed spin of the wheel is not possible. The front-rear-wheel-drive can not do long-distance spin, if the driving wheel (that is, front) high-speed spinning, sliding more than the rear, drift angle decreases, so do not be long before the car drift . Four-wheel drive car is clearly yes. After driving it? After the front-wheel drive is not the driving force, but the front wheel sliding direction of the body can put a point of view, it also can be used for long-range drive after the drift.

Sliding distance and sliding speed of before the start, usually the more slippery the slower, but finally stopped, but if space permits, under proper control, in theory, can do infinitely long spin. Because the wheels skid is still used by a certain acceleration, while the sideslip of the tires has also been resistance to the ground, when these two roles are balanced, the car speed will not be reduced. For example, Doughnut (in situ circular motion) is infinitely long drift in one of, of course, a larger turning radius can be made infinitely long drift.

The above said are intended to control wheel spin length of the approach. Aware of these principles, the talk -

to adjust the body posture used in different ways:

1. Control the front wheel angle, not too big or too small, especially for the rear-drive

2. Adjustable throttle, brake, so that car is accelerating or slowdown trend, resulting weight transfer, through the weight transfer of control from outside the front or the rear slide more slippery out more

3. the use of hand brake again having oversteer.

Note: 2 during and after the drive (or the power distribution ratio tend to after a four-wheel drive) the effect of fuel may not be accelerated, if the fuel is too fierce, it is possible because the rear wheel speed is too high and reduced friction , rear slide out even more.

Important to explain:

Maximum drift angle:

Maximum drift angle - in the drift halfway point to the front of the angle between the direction of motion with the body is greater than this point of view, if, it is necessary to stop (stop, then on the hit out). Note that does not include drift arises.

Rear-wheel-drive vehicles, because the level front-wheel there is no driving force, can not produce high-speed idling slip out, but * to face the front of front-wheel lateral force control movement. Therefore, the front point and the angle between the direction of body movement and the front can only swing angle equal to the largest (different swing angle of the car front is different from ordinary cars, front wheel swing angle can be 30 degrees or so), and then bigger, then , in addition to parking outside the re-start there is no way of restoring the right road. Note that ordinary people have mentioned the "wide-angle drift" does not mean pointing the front and the angle between the direction of body movement, but the red flag out the drawings the angle of bend sharper angles appear larger.

After the car has front-wheel grip is not enough understeer situation. In such circumstances, the front point and the angle between the direction of body movement also can not exceed the maximum drift angle, or else must stop in order to return to normal traffic.
, Front-drive because it can maintain the rear end grip and the throttle to smooth out front, so the maximum drift angle of front-drive large, can be close to 90 degrees.

Four-wheel because the front and rear wheel can be high-speed idle, fuel front wheels when sliding out the possibility of a lot more (why? Because when the weight of fuel transferred to the rear wheel, front wheel and the friction between the ground small) plus approached wheel can be put out, then the greatest four-wheel drift angle than the rear-drive large. (DRIIFT: objections arise, the latter driving in a complete frame drift angles under the SET UP big 4WD.)

Comparison of Three-driven forms of vehicles, front-drive is the easiest to drive, the most secure. (DRIIFT: objections appear, FR Hehe I think the best open, stopping when the really "feels good")

drift out of the corners:

out of the corners should have ended when the drift, and the end of the process of reduction methods and drift the same way as the small drift angles.

For the front-drive,

1. Refueling so that the front slide out (because in addition to drift time, front-drive understeer is basically a)

2. Put the amendment through the front wheels out the front of the angle

3. You can also front-wheel After the release put out a little throttle.

For the four-wheel 2 is usually necessary, and 3 is also very effective, a not always successful.

For the rear-drive, the most important * 2. Depending on circumstances, vehicle weight distribution, the driving force distribution, before the drift angle, road conditions and other factors have an effect.

Note that the drift of the process (including generation, middle, end) outside the body are slippery, so getting ready to bend the time not to point the front of the outside road, but should point to within a little and let the car slide into the path of the most just when the transverse velocity is zero outside, and this is the perfect out of turn.

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5 is absolutely classic - car drift theory, techniques and methods, drift technology is not completely resolved! !


to open a different car to do the process of drift should have a period of adaptation to understand the vehicle characteristics; on different road surfaces should also have to adapt to the process. In the rally, because the specific circumstances of each bend are not aware of, even in the last season, has been running through this stage, the road will not be the same as before. Therefore, the pursuit cornering Rally "slow into fast-out" principle - into the corner before the slow connection, you can see clearly after the turn throttle out of corners. Not only is this principle will not be much slower cornering, but also greatly enhance security. Mystery

pedal cars are achieved through the manipulation of the steering wheel turning, but if skillfully mastered the technology accelerator and brake pedal, then you can more easily turn.

Brakes is to slow down in the straight at full speed into the corners must be able to slow down in the shortest possible distance to the car to settle down. In order to make the car turn, it is necessary to maintain the brakes, while the center of gravity in order to make the car move forward, when the foot brake pedal must not leave, which is used for turning and braking method, commonly known as heel-toe action. This shows that the brakes are actually two purposes.

By the same token there is this acceleration effect, accelerating the same time, the back seat, the rear will appear heavy, on the contrary the car's center of gravity when no acceleration will be forward. Stampede at high speed when the accelerator pedal, if there is the slightest relaxation, the entire car at once, "into confusion", so if effective use of the effective use of the accelerator can also shift the focus.

Whether the accelerator or the brakes are simple and subtle movements, and sometimes offal need quick and strong, and sometimes they need to proceed slowly in a shrug. This is not like a switch as easy to operate. Speed must be close to the floor when the heel, foot force. Brake is also roughly the same. Many cars now have ABS, junior scholars rely on the help of ABS can be adequately covered in the drive, there must be a conscious exercise memorize their own actions brought about by the pace of the car response.

As often between the brake and the accelerator alternately, so shoes have a thick texture, or most likely due to the problem of shoes so out of control.

With the toe of the basic elements of movement the most important is the heel and toe. This is the relationship between the two and the pedal is the state of the car under braking skills of shifting: braking to maintain a certain degree of strength but not hard rock, toe-uniform force while stepping on the brakes after the heel to move throttle position. At the same time the left foot depresses the clutch pedal, no case of fierce vibration evenly cut the speed down. This action point is that attention to the brake switch and light and heavy forces of control.

Drift Tips 3

in the car and the car will want to adjust, you need to express their meaning clear to the mechanic. Although the play drift can not have such a high demand, but responsible for the adjustment to change your car driving instructors have sufficient communication, whether you or the car are beneficial.

In Japan there are many circular track for drift practice, but in domestic conditions are not so good! However, it is important to practice drift, we must find that no one section of the wide, do not endanger others.

Sheung Sheung practice to check before you must pay attention to what before? If you have the "I have already reconditioned cars, sure!" Self-confidence, then the OK. However, if some people feel that "too much maintenance to be playing with jacks to the trouble!" Such people should be careful, because the drift movement of the brakes, tires heavy burden, if not fully repair is very easy to go wrong.

First to check the oil and oil filter, almost to the periodic replacement must be replaced (other lubricant is the same). Followed by the cooling water, make sure water is added full. The brake fluid should be replaced into the DOT4, so that driving under the fierce parade caused by brake failure is not easy, but in was officially launched on the air before venting to avoid air resistance affect the brakes. If it is rear-wheel drive car, then particular attention to the rear of the checks and put on spare tire. Because sometimes occur in the skin of the rear flying conditions (Warning: drift tires will be extremely destructive, please do a good job of preparing the psychological and money!), It would need to seriously re-examine and install it.

Check whether foolproof

1. Jack get too cumbersome to use! But if not do check with unpredictable consequences.

2. First of all substances other than oil to replace a good dirty brake fluid is the same cooling water is replaced

3. Followed by the radiator, the fluid volume and the water temperature should check

4. The last rear-wheel-drive vehicles to bring a spare tire, otherwise, only pushed back the! ! Sunset Xia Fei, the soldiers go back home handlebars ... ...

the first job is to warm-up warm-up exercises, including your own, brakes, tires and direction. Of course, you want to put unnecessary things outside the car so as not to affect 100% of the attention, or a distracted easily lead to errors. Just play a lot of people who drift mind is a blank, see only the immediate things. In the state of 10 million into the drift can not be playing at full speed! Should open warning light, to make tires and other "hot-warm-up", and memorize to drift corners and the road surface. If you have just replaced with a new brake parts, with particular attention to the first run-in with me (such as new brake pads to open plastic), or will affect the normal braking system to play. Then pay attention to the general feeling of the brakes and throttle, and then try practice into gear, do a good job, "before the game," warm-up. If you are using an ordinary street tires, it should be noted that, regardless of when the summer or something else, cold cars and in rear can not be a step throttle left, especially the rear tires more difficult to heat (get warm) before the drive, they should first solicit 2-3 laps to heat up the wheels to fully Caixing. (Because the ordinary tires without fully preheated to drift when heated due to the uneven heating block tread fly away at any time, is very dangerous) In short, tires and some parts, such as not fully warm easily lead to even quite could not stop skid danger, for safety reasons, Tsuchiya is also the first, slowly beating about the bush for.

Drift must be pre-warm-up

1. Check the car Well, full speed!

2. Without adequate warm-up drift is simply to play with the suicide Meiliang Yang!

3. Warm-up process can be observed in passing road conditions, such as whether there is water, oil, etc. to confirm the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure normal, there is oil in there water on the road Caixing's horrible!

4. No warm-up run, my tires ringing off the hook - and the full warm-up full speed after the attack can be bent! !

Tangent with the braking technology, master

in full after the car can go all warm "rush" of. Do not forget the situation around the vehicle rear view mirror monitor can be used. Many of the guys used to run high-speed road will open up very fast, beginners can also be slow line, no need to struggle with their gaining the upper hand wins! Because no matter who has a growth phase.

In the corners so that you have a high-speed flying fear, turn 90 degrees horizontal bend, turn U-shaped bend is unthinkable, which is learned cartoon cartoon is completely different. Selection of pavement when driving as far as possible, bend the road a large space, so that when driving as long as the eye can quickly see with the erratic lines, as long as relax, will be around the corner as a kind of mechanical skillfully to operate on the there will be endless fun. In turn the body to let the engine idle, has been near the brakes when the next bend toward a straight line will be near the outside corner into the car. Do not forget one of them is important to remember that about a location away from corners and so on. In the conditions are ripe, but also through a good few laps of trying to, you can calmly driving, you can spin the drift challenge.
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hand brake, or shift



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