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He is a Who's that? ? Information? ?
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Kimi Raikkonen [1] (Kimi Matias Raikkonen)

pet name, nickname: iceman (iceman), Raikko, Rakka, his mechanics call him Kimster

[Edit this paragraph] KIMI Information

Name: Kimi.Matias.Raikkonen (Jimi Ma matias Raikkonen) Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao transliteration: Lei dry-lun, Lan Gao Lun

Nationality: Finland (Finnish)

birth: 1979 October 17 Day

Place of Birth: Fenlanlapi Ranta (Espoo), should be called Espoo

permanent place: Switzerland (Switzerland)

debut: 2001 Australian Grand Prix

Height: 176cm

Weight: 61.5KG

Hair: Golden

Eyes: Blue

Marital Status: Married (Jenni Maria Raikkonen)

Tattoos: right wrist a little sun design pattern after pattern changed into a totem-like tattoos, his left arm, had flowers inside the word body in English ICEMAN


qualifications : standard Finnish school system

the most favorite subjects: sports (playing hockey in the winter)

Conscription: Finnish army service a year

Language: Finnish, English Hobbies


personal interests and hobbies: skiing, jogging, go to the gym, and motorized , ice hockey, golf (learned in England)

Motor Sports: almost all the games on TV and some motorcycles are seen

Favorite Rally Driver: Tommi Makkinen and Markus Gronholm

Favorite ice hockey: Finland, Espoo, and NHL teams (U.S. ice hockey team for short)

the most favorite soccer team: Finland national football team

Favorite F1 driver: Mika · Hakkinen and Michael · Schumacher


favorite bands: U2

Favorite singer: Eminem

favorite Finnish Band: Bomfunk MC


Favorite food: chicken, pasta, venison

favorite non-alcoholic drinks: Apple juice

favorite alcoholic beverage: Vodka (vodka), Smirnoff Ice ( ice's Division wood dew, a vodka brand)


Shopping: Actually, not really like to buy clothes

ideal match: Sparco Nomex (a material similar to the suits of clothes), loose, full vertical velcro fastenings, no belt

racing shoes: McLaren - Silver Black; DC wearing all black (McLaren)

red with white puma logo (Ferrari)

Rings: the left hand with a silver ring

normal : puma clothes and often wear jeans or grid shorts, winter wear Skateboard summer, like sandals

Sunglasses: Tag Heuer TAG Heuer (Kimi is the TAG Heuer glasses global spokesperson, in many large shopping malls have a TAG Heuer glasses Counter His poster)

Watches: Tag Heuer Kirium F1 w / black belt, Tag Heuer Link w / engraving (after the victory in the first)

bags: Puma Ferrari's red bag, ski when the ski-specific small-Puma Ferrari White bags

endorsement Products: TAG Heuer, JOHNNIE WALKER (Johnnie Walker), WEST (WEX cigarettes), Nestle Coffee, FIAT (Fiat Auto)


World Champion Views: 1

the first time F1 Awards Race: 2001 Australian Grand Prix

for the first time on the podium: 2002 Australian Grand Prix

the first Grand Prix win: 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix

First Pole: 2003 European Grand Prix

for the first time the world's total Champion: 2007 Brazilian Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix, the number of entries: 151

F1 Grand Prix grid frequency: 139

F1 Grand Prix finish times: 100

F1 Grand Prix, the stage times: 57

F1 Grand Prix, the number of access points: 85

Quit F1 Grand Prix Views: 46 (including a strike and 05 Michelin)

F1 Grand Prix races, number: 18

F1 Grand Prix pole position for the number: 16

F1 Grand Prix, the fastest lap record number: 35 (2005 , 2008 record of 10 flat Schumacher)

F1 Grand Prix starting winning number: 6 (05, Barcelona, Spain, Monaco, Turkey; 07 Australia, Belgium; 08 Barcelona, Spain)

F1 Grand Prix, the accumulated points: 531 (only active drivers secondary to Alonso 551 points)

game data close to the 2008 season

1989 began to practice racing career driving go-kart go-kart race in 1990, began to participate for the first time in 1993, go-kart race in the country gain access to rankings

1995 Formula A-class, the first time tournament victory; invited to participate in the Monaco Cup

1996 to participate in the European Karting series, the World Championship event and the Nordic Championship races; Finnish Formula A Class National Championships fourth place

1997 Intercontinental A - Finnish Championship, the Nordic Championship, 4, to participate in Grand Prix and World Championship events

1998 Finnish Champion, Nordic Champion, Intercontinental Champion A-Series, Super A-class European Cup third Monaco Grand Prix runner-up, the World Championship column 7, but the halfway out of

1999 Formula A Finnish runner-up, super A-class World Championship No. 10, the First Runner-up Formula Renault Formula Renault Winter Series race winner and 2000 British Formula Renault champion, participated in three European Formula Renault series, two to win

2001 to join Sauber become an official driver, the train had 9 points in hand No. 11

2002 to join McLaren driver had 29 points the year ranked No. 6 in 2003 into a major contender defending champion Michael Schumacher has won 91 points only two points behind runner-up to 2004 was the year the drivers get a sub-races, a starting point, to 45 points last season achieved the first seven drivers to achieve 7 points to 2005 points champion, starting six stations to 112 scores to obtain the first two season, the drivers get three points to 2006 starting, achieved the 65 points in the first five seasons drivers


2007 to join the Ferrari team made six races to 110 points a season points advantage to obtain Overall Champion

2008 to achieve two wins, two starting points to 75 points in the season the drivers achieved the first three

2009 Italian time, September 30 at 4 pm, announced that Alonso joining Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen of Finland ice

people will leave before the end of this season the team.

2009 with 48 points last season achieved the No. 6 driver.

November 18, 2009 his agent confirmed that the breakdown of negotiations with McLaren, he will leave in the 2010 season, a year

He is a life story, F1, one of the many myths, he was with deep blue eyes The "Iceman", he was born driver. • He is Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, one from the snow talented driver. As Schumacher's successor, Kimi Raikkonen has been regarded as a "post-Schumacher" era leader, he surface, shy and quiet at heart is a firm attachment, as the iceberg that stands in Finland as tough. Let us now look back down "Iceman" Raikkonen's process of growth. Genius to see how Tempered.

Golden childhood

Kimi Fenlanlapi Ranta was born in 1979, his father was a road worker and his mother was a government staff. From an early age began, Kimi Raikkonen on the right locomotive had interest in him and the great age of two grown-ups do not pay attention while Gegelami always secretly climbed the father, Marty, when the project car, dancing in a place as large called, never tired.

8 years old, Jimmy's grandfather as Kimi and Gegelami assembled a small go-kart, two little guys here, completed their first drive. When the grandfather when they go out, the brothers will be accompanied by his father to work with Marty. Marty is responsible for opening the road for heavy machinery, every time when Kimi Raikkonen and Lamy put their "roller" to move off, and then open it on the road have been completed, helped his father hard work. The experience of childhood, so that Kimi Raikkonen's racing career in the future to benefit greatly.

Kimi Raikkonen talented in sports, racing, skiing, ice hockey, soccer, running, motorcycles, golf, and he loves almost every sport, but in the middle, the car is undoubtedly his favorite.

1988 years, the 10-year-old Raikkonen joined with his brother at the local go-kart race children. 3 years later, with outstanding results Raikkonen brother joined the junior section of the Finnish national karting events. In 1993, Raikkonen in motor sport talent gradually came to light that year he won the first nine. The following year, Raikkonen is over the age of many players than him to win the first two of the success.

The beginning of the current cutting edge

1995 Kimi Raikkonen Formula A race began to participate, and in the first station took first place. A year later, Raikkonen extended his theater in Europe and around the world, he took part in the European Grand Prix series, World Championship and Nordic Championship, the Finnish Formula A championship, Finland and the European Karting Championship Kart and many other international competitions, in 1998, he received almost all of these tournaments.

In early 1999, Kimi Raikkonen on behalf of HAYWOOD RACING team has competed in Formula Renault Championship, 4 games, first of all he has achieved good results in the third, but after three games, but due to engine failure and was unable to attend. After signing with the MANOR MOTOR SPORT, he will race Formula Renault Winter Series four games of the championship all the income arms.

2000 can be said to Raikkonen's lucky year. In that year, he won the British team MANOR Renault 2000 Championship. Sub-stations in 10 events, the young Raikkonen achieved a total of seven games victory, which included seven starts and six single-lap speed record. At the same time, he again won the European Formula Renault Championship 2 races, 2 starts, as well as two lap record of success.

The podium, Kimi Raikkonen as the pair Bingpo like secluded blue eyes, so many fans admiration for it. "Finland Iceman" was born!

Little anecdote

Kimi life to be the first to use a four-wheel car is a father abandoned factory building made of waste, but Raikkonen right, and not quite satisfied with the car because the car is red (and interesting is now a Raikkonen in the Ferrari), but also yourself pulled into a black brush.

No matter how the standard of English Kimi Raikkonen, F1 Kimi Raikkonen's remarks on the level of the industry's attitude should be discouraged, and many drivers Kimi Raikkonen did not even voice tone of the "Knight's words" as a metaphor for "penguin language." The fact is that Raikkonen did not love a young age to speak up to 3-year-old Finn was to speak, because if a small child, Raikkonen's parents even brought his son to read child psychologist. Doctor's diagnosis: "You son of a very high IQ, he may prefer to shut their mouths so often." As for his eloquence, Raikkonen had this to say: "I am not to speak in F1 is to cars. "
Kimi Raikkonen in the car is very cool, but before the game is very Snooze. The first race of his career from the start and 40 minutes, team members surprised to find that Kimi Raikkonen is still asleep, when they wake up, when he, Raikkonen replied: "let me sleep in 5 minutes. "That's Kimi Raikkonen won the sixth game. In addition, a technician who found his McLaren in the cement isolation onto the track bed, the day the sun is still very great.

Won after the race, Raikkonen no special celebration, he generally made only a token waved to the audience, standing on the car at the most about his hands on the move. When standing on the podium, Kimi Raikkonen is not always law-abiding, he is looking through the brim of conventional movements, with one foot to another Cengceng trousers, or the front of the audience erection team of staff Shutaimuzhi. He will not kiss the trophy, always will be the first port of champagne for themselves.

Spanish Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen because of an electronic system failure out of the race, but his team-mate Felipe Massa won the day. Ferrari shooting family portrait after the game, missing only that Raikkonen afterwards, Raikkonen explained that he was back to watching hockey game. "Retire after the match, I asked the team, could you let me leave early because I wanted to go back to see the Finnish team at the World Ice Hockey Championship final, the team was promised, and this made me feel very happy. I do not know that there was anything wrong The. "
Kimi does not like to talk about Michael Schumacher, but does not want people to compare him to take Michael Schumacher, but Raikkonen entered the F1 car before the altar, Raikkonen said his favorite two drivers, one yes Hakkinen, one is Michael Schumacher.

Kimi Raikkonen did not like briefcases, before the start of each race, he will himself back a small bag to the scene. Many people, when Kimi Raikkonen fans are willing to sign, but do Do not touch the red bag Kimi Raikkonen, otherwise, he would like a startled bird, like pushing you.

Kimi Raikkonen occasionally like to drink wine, but he did not think it is a big deal. "I was an ordinary young man, I also have my life, I do not know what is wrong." Criticism of the media, Raikkonen said: "Fortunately, I do not read newspapers and magazines. I do not care what they say My job is not to satisfy everyone, I am very pleased with himself, it is enough. "
[Edit this paragraph] the evaluation of other people right KIMI

David Robertson (Raikkonen's manager): As long as good car he was invincible

recall this time last year, and everyone told us that this (joining Ferrari) is a wrong decision, but the only thing we believe is Jean Todt. I fully believe him, and I know his work, he was the team's most hard working man, so next year if their car will still be like this year, Kimi will become invincible.

Frankly speaking,Kimi Alonso and Hamilton is nothing more than bad, I say this only because I was his agent, but it does only the best people to get world champion. In the past, he could win, but often to retire, if not the Ferrari met twice this year, mechanical failure, in we went to Brazil, he should win the gold before.

Adapt to the new tires, new team is a great job, Kimi doing very well. There will still be an excellent growth of the British driver (referring to Hamilton), but in my opinion, he could not take title. Kimi should be the champion, because he was the best performance in the latter half of the season the driver. Monaco Grand Prix was his turning point this season, though, where he made a mistake, but he has adapted to the tires, since then he became very confident. From Canada Station, everything goes much more smoothly together. Tire problems on the team arranged training for Kimi, who is indeed a great team!

Ross Brawn (former Ferrari technical director): Kimi reminds me of Kimi Raikkonen Michael

I am very happy because he began to adapt to the new team, new car and, in particular the characteristics of Bridgestone tires encountered some problems.

But he and engineers cooperation between the understanding of the problem, mastery of the situation left me a deep impression, he reminds me of Michael, because in this respect, their style is very similar. His half of the season's performance is extraordinary.

It is clear that winter in 2006, various changes to the sustainable development of the whole team has brought a number of disturbance, everyone spent a certain amount of time to adjust to the new system, but ultimately they proved that they were beyond the company's expectations . Ferrari's motto is: "Non mollare mai", whose literal meaning is: "We never give up," they actually prove this point. The team will learn their mistakes, and we will next season become even stronger.

Now Ferrari have the best F1 drivers, they are fully capable of playing the best car to make one or Taiwan.


Kimi McLaren will be positive in the face of all that impressed me most is this: he can fall rapidly from place to climb up that he was a hundred times stronger than me!

[Edit this paragraph] On KIMI

If we say that Ferrari is the driving force Peng Pai, and that Raikkonen was quick to do the valve; If we say that Ferrari is a bottle of wine-Yan, it was sensible to do Raikkonen plug; If Ferrari is a cavity blood, then Raikkonen to do that cool the brain. That is German Schumacher successfully achieved before, the touch of red on the ice, winning magic.

"I know what it means world champion, which means self-confidence, means that again." The new season, Iceman no going back.

Double champion did not let him to change anything, Raikkonen principle is very simple. "I will not change my lifestyle." Ferrari's first press conference, he bluntly pointed out to the Italian press this point. And Finn does not intend to learn Italian, "I will not go to language school, and I'm not for that before joining Ferrari."

Raikkonen and Schumacher, the difference significant. Schumacher in Ferrari's first test, the Germans on a number of details and the team's technical group discussed the night. As for Raikkonen, the work starting point and end point exception clear: to enter the car begins, and together the work of the end of the car - all the rest, was had nothing to do! Of course, this is also dedicated or not has nothing to do, this is the way Raikkonen. First arrived, first clear I have to do things, to bear the responsibility, first after the gentleman villain.

Raikkonen and Alonso are also no similarities in the character, even though their talents are recognized worldwide. Alonso has always neat short hair, this hairstyle does not affect his sight. While the Spaniards did not like the noisy Party, but the official activities for each team he has a very decent performance. Alonso Raikkonen stood opposite, he is a typical party animals, enjoy the madness of hysteria.

If a non-do ratio, perhaps two people closer to their music-loving nature: Life in the hot sun of Spain Fernando Alonso likes folk music, while Raikkonen is a soft spot for Eminem. Who gave Raikkonen in the end played the "Iceman" nickname? Is there, "Mr. cool" like Eminem to do? But Ferrari did not care. Kimi Raikkonen in life, no matter how passionate, will not cause "European southerners" Italian people's surprise, it will lead "to us ahead of the game," the same feeling. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen just need to do an "ice neck" to keep a clear head at a critical moment, in the vitality and comes to do a precise calculation, in the nick of time when to remain calm and let the passion of the most powerful projection, the completion of目标.

2005 at the Nürburgring can best explain the difference between Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso, which is already looking in the eyes of Ferrari. At that time, Raikkonen lead all the way up to the time he was a striking advantage of as much as 20 seconds. But the Finns continued to frantically speed-record. Vigorously brake and turn with the wheel was rounded edges and corners of the grind. Raikkonen never slow down when entering a corner cut into a smooth pace, which means the car's suspension system must be sufficiently "strong." Has entered the line of sight at the end of the moment, the car's right front suspension burst, right round burst of flying. However, talking about their driving style may ruin a good Board is the culprit when the face is do not care about Kimi Raikkonen: "We must win him (Alonso), we need more points."
, Of course, can be perverse genius arrogant. The autumn of 2000, will be Raikkonen Sauber F1 into the stadium before the Finns in the Formula Renault also took part in only 23 races. Raikkonen's first appearance at the Mugello track, he got the car has 600 horsepower, is the most powerful. "He just opened a few times, I understand that I get what - a hundred-talented driver!" Peter Sauber in the future • recalled his first impression of Raikkonen, there is always the excitement of a kind treasures were unearthed! In 2001, Kimi Raikkonen Sauber have become the official driver, but also a year later, he became Hakkinen McLaren's successor. Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen's personality well known and appreciated. As the leader of a F1 team, Ferrari need to keep the car racing the most essential thing we have to maintain their own distinct personality, that is, the speed and passion. Assume the role of F1 in the world of small teams of insurgents can tricks, only the results above. But Ferrari is not, winning is very important, but not enough to win the beautiful, we must create a miracle. So as to maintain the appeal. Take a look at Spanish football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona the situation, you understand why Kimi Raikkonen is Ferrari's most popular driver on the 1st. Because he alone冰火两重天extreme personality, and a strong personal charisma, in order to meet this requirement.

Ferrari CEO Let • Todt said that although difficult to compare Raikkonen and Alonso's talent, but he that the former's personality is more suited to Ferrari. "The recent five years, Jimmy has always been considered one of the most outstanding drivers. I will never understand those who would be his last season of disappointment and a half people." From the first moment since landing F1, Kimi Raikkonen's style on the true which has never since any motivation changed. And his greedy grab for engine power, he is also stunning psychological qualities. The former McLaren team doctor Kim Sa said: "Even if the game performance is catastrophic, his smile still as charming and winning the game. He can completely remove the memory on the failure. From what I've seen people who are Many people's sense of space is very good, but Kimi Raikkonen on the three-dimensional space perception, is undoubtedly the most outstanding. "But when a reporter took this issue to ask Kimi Raikkonen when the Finn just coolly said:" The He is nothing but a team doctor, he knew nothing about the car. "
2007 season and the smoke cleared, Raikkonen has a new feeling. He needs time to adjust to a new car. "Cockpit a bit strange, the car has some innovation, we do not have the traction control system, so in the wet, the car will be difficult to control." To bring the championship for Ferrari after Kimi Raikkonen also need to complete the conquest Maranello: in the post-Schumacher era, the Finns are red Prancing Horse to win the key. "I can stay in the Ferrari for two years, if in the meantime I will continue to be happy, I will stay here."

September 30, 2009, Ferrari announced that it will in 2010 signed F1 world champion, Renault driver Fernando Alonso is now. This means that Ferrari will be one year ahead of KIMI termination, in the 2010 season, we will no longer see the Finnish driver to drive a red Ferrari Mercedes-Benz on the track. But as for the next KIMI owner, has not yet been finalized.

[Edit this paragraph] All F1GP Results


Sub-station, date of grid position the team ranking points accumulated score

Abu Dhabi 1 Nov 2009 Ferrari 10 0 48

Brazilian 18 Oct 2009 Ferrari 5 6 48

Japan 4 Oct 2009 Ferrari 4 5 45

Singapore 27 Sep 2009 Ferrari 13 10 0 40

Italian 13 Sep 2009 Ferrari 3 3 6 40

Belgian 30 Aug Ferrari 6 1 10 34

European 23 Aug 2009 Ferrari 6 3 6 24

Hungarian 27Jul 2009 Ferrari 7 2 8 18

Germany 12 Jul 2009 Ferrari 9 Ret 0 10

British 21 Jun 2009 Ferrari 9 8 1 10

Turkish 07 Jun 2009 Ferrari 6 9 0 9

Monaco 24 May 2009 Ferrari 2369

Spanish 10 May 2009 Ferrari 16 Ret 0 3

Bahrain 26 Apr 2009 Ferrari 10 6 3 3

Chinese 19 Apr 2009 Ferrari 8 10 0 0

Malaysian 05 Apr 2009 Ferrari 9 14 0 0

Australian 29 Mar 2009 Farah Lee 91600


Sub-station, the date the team scoring grid position ranking points accumulated

Australian 16 Mar 2008 Ferrari 16 8 1 1

Malaysian 23 Mar 2008 Ferrari 2 1 10 11

Bahrain 06 Apr 2008 Ferrari 428 19

Spanish 27 Apr 2008 Ferrari 1 1 10 29

Turkish 11 May 2008 Ferrari 4 3 6 35

Monaco 25 May 2008 Ferrari 2 9 0 35

Canadian 08 Jun 2008 Ferrari 3 Ret 0 35

French 22 Jun 2008 Ferrari 1 2 8 43

British 06 Jul 2008 Ferrari 3 4 5 48

German 20 Jul 2008 Ferrari 6 6 3 51

Hungarian 03 Aug 2008 Ferrari 6 3 6 57

European 24 Aug 2008 Ferrari 4 Ret 0 57

Belgian 07 Sep 2008 Ferrari 4 18 0 57

Italian 14 Sep 2008 Ferrari 14 9 0 57

Singapore 28 Sep 2008 Ferrari 3 15 0 57

Japanese 12 Oct 2008 Ferrari 2 3 6 63

Chinese 19 Oct 2008 Farah Lee 2 3 6 69

Brazilian 02 Nov 2008 Ferrari 33675


Sub-station, the date the team scoring grid position ranking points accumulated

Australian 18 Mar 2007 Ferrari 1 1 10 10

Malaysian 08 Apr 2007 Ferrari 336 16

Bahrain 15 Apr 2007 Ferrari 3 3 6 22

Spanish 13 May 2007 Ferrari 3 Ret 0 22

Monaco 27 May 2007 Ferrari 16 8 1 23

Canadian 10 Jun 2007 Ferrari 4 5 4 27

United States 17 Jun 2007 Ferrari 4 4 5 32

French 01 Jul 2007 Ferrari 3 1 10 42

British 08 Jul 2007 Ferrari 2 1 10 52

European 22 Jul 2007 Ferrari 1 Ret 0 52

Hungarian 05 Aug 2007 Ferrari 328 60

Turkish 26 Aug 2007 Ferrari 3 2 8 68

Italian 09 Sep 2007 Ferrari 5 3 6 74

Belgian 16 Sep 2007 Ferrari 1 1 10 84

Japanese 30 Sep 2007 Ferrari 3 3 6 90

Chinese 07 Oct 2007 Ferrari 2 1 10 100

Brazilian 21 Oct 2007 Ferrari 3.11011 million


Sub-station, date of grid position the team ranking points accumulated score

Bahrain 12 Mar 2006 McLaren 22 3 6 6

Malaysian 19 Mar 2006 McLaren 6 Ret 0 6

Australian 02 Apr 2006 McLaren 4 2 8 14

San Marino 23 Apr 2006 McLaren 8 5 4 18

European 07 May 2006 Maclaren 5 4 5 23

Spanish 14 May 2006 Maclaren 9 5 4 27

Monaco 28 May 2006 Maclaren 3 Ret 0 27

British 11 Jun 2006 McLaren 2 3 6 33

Canadian 25 Jun 2006 Mike Clarence 3 3 6 39

United States 02 Jul 2006 McLaren 9 Ret 0 39

French 16 Jul 2006 McLaren 6 5 4 43

German 30 Jul 2006 McLaren 1 3 6 49

Hungarian 06 Aug 2006 Maike La Lun 1 Ret 0 49

Turkish 27 Aug 2006 McLaren 7 Ret 0 49

Italian 10 Sep 2006 McLaren 1 2 8 57

Chinese 01 Oct 2006 Maclaren 5 Ret 0 57

Japanese 08 Oct 2006 McLaren 11 5 4 61

Brazilian 22 Oct 2006 McLaren 25465


Sub-station, the date the team scoring grid position ranking points accumulated

Australian 06 Mar 2005 McLaren 10 8 1 1

Malaysian 20 Mar 2005 McLaren 69 0 1

Bahrain 03 Apr 2005 McLaren 9 3 6 7

San Marino 24 Apr 2005 McLaren 1 Ret 0 7

Spanish 08 May 2005 McLaren 1 1 10 17

Monaco 22 May 2005 McLaren 1110 27

European 29 May 2005 McLaren 2 11 0 27

Canadian 12 Jun 2005 McLaren 7 1 10 37

United States 19 Jun 2005 McLaren 2 Ret 0 37

French 03 Jul 2005 Maclaren 132,845

British 10 Jul 2005 McLaren 12 3 6 51

German 24 Jul 2005 McLaren 1 Ret 0 51

Hungarian 31 Jul 2005 McLaren 4 1 10 61

Turkish 21 Aug 2005 McLaren 1 1 10 71

Italian 04 Sep 2005 McLaren 11 4 5 76

Belgian 11 Sep 2005 McLaren 2 1 10 86

Brazilian 25 Sep 2005 Maclaren 5 2 8 94

Japanese 09 Oct 2005 McLaren 17 1 10 104

Chinese 16 Oct 2005 McLaren 328,112


Sub-station, the date the team scoring grid position ranking points accumulated

Australian 07 Mar 2004 McLaren 10 Ret 0 0

Malaysian 21 Mar 2004 Maclaren 5 Ret 0 0

Bahrain 04 Apr 2004 McLaren 19 Ret 0 0

San Marino 25 Apr 2004 McLaren 20 8 1 1

Spanish 09 May 2004 McLaren 13 11 0 1

Monaco 23 May 2004 Maclaren 5 Ret 0 1

European 30 May 2004 Mike laren 4 Ret 0 1

Canadian 13 Jun 2004 McLaren 8 5 4 5

United States 20 Jun 2004 McLaren 7 6 3 8

French 04 Jul 2004 McLaren 9 7 2 10

British 11 Jul 2004 Mai Kela Lun 1 2 8 18

German 25 Jul 2004 McLaren 3 Ret 0 18

Hungarian 15 Aug 2004 McLaren 10 Ret 0 18

Belgian 29 Aug 2004 McLaren 10 1 10 28

Italian 12 Sep 2004 McLaren 7 Ret 0 28

Chinese 26 Sep 2004 McLaren 2 3 6 34

Japanese 10 Oct 2004 McLaren 12 6 3 37

Brazilian 24 Oct 2004 McLaren 32845
I like Kimi Raikkonen2010-01-25 04:11:45 +0000 #3
Hehe do, he is my favorite person, Kimi Raikkonen. This is his picture in the McClaren era, and his information to F1's website a search, there much better. I hope you know that he will also like him.
satan10272010-01-25 05:06:21 +0000 #4
Kimi Raikkonen

Full Name: Kimi Raikkonen (kimi Raikkonen)

nickname: Iceman (Ice man)

Birthday: October 17, 1979

Birthplace: Finland, pull Pi Lanta (Espoo)

Nationality: Finland

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 71 Kg

Permanent land: Switzerland

debut: 2001 Australian Grand Prix

Marriage: Married his wife, Jenny - Daheerman

Team: Ferrari

car: Ferrari F60B

Car Number: 4


annual total title number: 1

first F1 Grand Prix: 2001 Australian Grand Prix

first podium: 2002 the Australian Grand Prix

the first Grand Prix win: 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix

First Pole: 2003 European Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix, the number of entries: 136

F1 Grand Prix grid frequency: 135

F1 Grand Prix finish frequency: 91

F1 Grand Prix, the stage times: 54

F1 Grand Prix, the number of access points: 82

F1 Grand Prix Exits: 45 (including a strike and 05 Michelin)

F1 Grand Prix races, the number of: 17

F1 Awards Race pole frequency: 16

F1 Grand Prix, the fastest lap record number: 35 (2005 10 Ping Schumacher records; 2008 10 flat Schumacher and create their own records before)

F1 Grand Prix, the accumulated points: 513

1989 began to practice driving go-kart go-kart race in 1990, began to participate for the first time in 1993, go-kart race in the country gain access to rankings

1995 Formula A-class, the first time tournament victory; invited to participate in the Monaco Cup

1996 karting series in Europe, the World Championship event and the Nordic Championship races; Finnish Formula A Class National Championships fourth place

1997 Intercontinental A class champion Finland, the Nordic Championship, 4, to participate in Grand Prix and World Championship events

1998 Finland Champion, Nordic Champion, Intercontinental Champion A-Series, Super A-class European Cup third Monaco Grand Prix runner-up, the World Championship column 7, but the half-way out of

1999 Formula A Finnish runner-up, super A-class World Championship No. 10, the first mine Connaught Formula One race Formula Renault Winter Series Runner-up champion and 2000 British Formula Renault champion, participated in three European Formula Renault series, twice winning

2001 to join Sauber become an official driver, the train had 9 points in hand ranking 11

2002 to join McLaren driver had 29 points the year ranked No. 6 in 2003 into a major contender defending champion Michael Schumacher, winning 91 points only two points behind runner-up to 2004 drivers to obtain a sub-races, a stop starting, achieved the 45 points the season No. 7

2005 drivers get seven wins, six points starting, achieved the 112 points the first two season, the drivers get three points to 2006 starting, achieved the 65 points the season No. 5

2007 drivers to join the Ferrari team, access to the Australian Grand Prix champion, was third at Sepang, Bahrain was the third, Spain, to retire due to electronic failure, Monaco, qualifying the incident 15 on the grid, is the first race 8, Canadian Grand Prix Race 5, the United States station 4, the French station qualifying third, is champion, the United Kingdom stand qualifying second, is champion, the German stations rank first, retired the final race, the final awarded the first 22, Hungary qualifying fourth, is the third race start, was runner-up, Belgium, races, second runner-up Japanese Grand Prix, China wins, winner in Brazil, in the championship twice with brushed past, the He ended up with the name of a miracle to win the title.

From the life experience of ten years ago started, Kimi Raikkonen has become a go-kart race in the Ever Victorious generals, he was 15 years old the first time, competition from Finland to Monaco, when he was a bad steering wheel forced out of the race. Kimi Raikkonen in the 1999 Formula One race in Europe, won the Class A runner-up. In the same year, 20-year-old Raikkonen also participated in the Formula Ford Euro Cup (Formula Ford Euro Cup), and get the Formula Renault Winter Series (Formula Renault Winter series) champion, is also the beginning of this season, four games to maintain winning streak, when he was only 20 years old. In 2000 the British Formula Renault, he completely monopolized the competition this season, a total of 10 games in his seven games to win. In 2000, after the end of the season, Kimi Raikkonen in his total of 23 games to participate in Formula Renault race, there were 13 games won, winning percentage reached a frightening 56%.

To enter F1

Sauber team boss Pitesuobo (Peter Sauber) Finnish guy on this very deep impression on the magic of the performance, so in September 2000 he gave Raikkonen a test drive for Sauber opportunities. When Kimi Raikkonen took part in the Jerez circuit (Circuito Permante de Jerez), and the Circuit de Catalunya (Circuit de Catalunya) of the test, the Sauber signed him immediately to participate in 2001 season. However, there are many critics (including FIA president Max Mosley (Max Mosley) taken into account) claimed that only one participated in 23 games the rookie Formula One race driver F1 super difficult to get a driving license (F1 super license). Finally, not only before the start of Raikkonen won the F1 super driver's license, is still at the child's own Grand Prix 2001 Australian Grand Prix to finish No. 6 position, but got a score (there were only six drivers before the race enjoy the points), so that those critics were silenced.

In the arena, far from Kimi Raikkonen, as some people expect indiscretion, but showed inconsistent with their age as cool and calm, his meticulous game strategy has also been praised by the people - so, it is sent to gave him "Iceman" ( "the iceman") nickname. His outstanding performance in his first season showed his potential to become a first-class driver, so people began to have high hopes for him. Throughout the 2001 season, Kimi Raikkonen with four races in the points, eight in the top eight finish. The year he won nine points, combined with his teammate, Nick Heidfeld (Nick Heidfeld) contributed 12 points, they get together to help the Sauber team the best results in its history, the annual fourth team .

2001 season, McLaren days after the end of Kimi Raikkonen, and not, as everybody expected defected to Ferrari, but by Ron Dennis (Ron Dennis) the invitation, in the two-time world champion, fellow Finn Mika Hakkinen (Mika Häkkinen) strongly referrals, the replacement of the "temporary break year" Hakkinen himself, joined the McLaren team.

Played on behalf of McLaren's first Grand Prix in 2002 Australian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen yew people a surprise - his first podium finish in third place. Although the entire 2002 season, McLaren has been plagued by engine reliability, but Raikkonen still got 24 points and 4 podium finishes, his strength has also been team-mate David Coulthard (David Coulthard) recognition. French Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen at a distance of only a few laps when the end of the game is still suppressedForward to this season, almost no one able to beat Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher), occupy the lead position. Unfortunately, this time, pressure on the car of his Toyota team Elanmaike Nis (Allan McNish) left traces of oil, skidding ran wide, so that the first name out of the top spot with only second place, but also to Michael * Michael Schumacher won the world title ahead of this station. This season, the drivers Kimi Raikkonen ranked sixth, just before his team-mate David Coulthard fifth after McLaren were given a third of the team results.

2003 season in the 2003 season, FIA started applying the new points system, only six players from the original score to eight players score. Kimi Raikkonen during the year has given people a pleasant surprise. His near-perfect start - the first six races he has five on the podium. The beginning of the season, Kimi Raikkonen in order to back-up car for qualifying, just get the first 15, but beat them in the race Michael Schumacher won the first three. Malaysian Grand Prix in 2003, starting from the No. 7 ranking, and eventually crossed the finish was the first driver, won his race at sub-title.

In the original should be 71-lap Brazilian Grand Prix in 2003, due to heavy rains in emerging crash, in the first 55 laps Raising the Red Flag be interrupted. According to F1 regulations, the champion race belongs to the leading two laps prior to the interruption of driver, in the first 53 laps when Raikkonen ahead of the pack and was convicted of the races. Later, it was found suspended game, when Jordan's Giancarlo Fisichella (Giancarlo Fisichella) has started on lap 56, it held that in the lead lap 54 Fisichella won in a week so he could only will give the Italian champions, his second place.

When other teams have to use and improve the new car, McLaren still in use in 2002 used cars. Raikkonen Imola San Marino Grand Prix in 2003, ranked No. 2, while in 2003 the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying, Raikkonen was forced to deal with misconduct in the final discharge hair, at the start and from the Jaguar Racing's Antonio Pizzonia crashed out of the race. Kimi Raikkonen in the next game to win both to strategy rather than speed.

In 2003 Austrian Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen my store (Michael Schumacher) won after the first two. Monaco Grand Prix in 2003, he distances victory in close proximity, but in the end he was extremely difficult to overtake on this track, on the narrow streets of the disadvantages of less than a second lost his future teammate Hu An Babo Luomengtuoya (Juan Pablo Montoya).

In 2003, the Canadian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen once again pay for the mistakes, only get 6th place, behind winner Michael Schumacher of the station than a minute. In 2003 European Grand Prix qualifying session, Kimi Raikkonen won the Formula One's first career pole, but in the official race to the first 25 laps and the car engine failure forced out of the race. The total annual championship rival Michael Schumacher won the first 5 points 4 points with a total advantage in the standings than Raikkonen. The next race, Raikkonen respectively in 2003 French Grand Prix was the first 4, 2003 British Grand Prix was the first three, in 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix was the first two, but in the event of accident cases, to withdraw 2003 German Grand Prix.

In 2003, prior to the Italian Grand Prix, McLaren MP4-18 to renounce the introduction of style tanks, continue to continue to play MP4-17D. Raikkonen continued to the old car in 2003, won the Italian Grand Prix No. 4, 2003 United States Grand Prix and the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix have won the first two. Kimi Raikkonen on the podium 10 times due to the outstanding performance, he kept winning suspense until the last race of 2003 season, in recent years has become one of the most intense competition season. However, the ultimate winner of this season did not belong to him, but can Michael Schumacher by two points after a runner-up bad enough to make him satisfied. Unfortunately, however, McLaren lost the team once again the year runner-up position, they are from the runner-up Williams is only a mere two points.

Kimi Raikkonen and McLaren in 2004 but miserable start to the season, the first seven races of his own, only one point accounted for the poor. The McLaren is the repeated failures of technology (especially the engine reliability issues due to frequent blow-ups) are troubled by the direct result of Raikkonen in the first seven races only two finish. Raikkonen seven points compared to only get a points race, Michael Schumacher, covering almost six races accumulated 60 points. In 2004, the Canadian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen pitted up to 5 times, but because of Williams and Toyota were disqualified, allowing Raikkonen was No. 5. In 2004, the United States Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen won the first six.

In 2004, the French Grand Prix, McLaren began to use improved version of the MP4-19B car, Kimi Raikkonen won the race in the 7th. After his 2004 British Grand Prix at Silverstone to win his third career pole position in the race to the first two to finish. Over the next 2004 German Grand Prix and the 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen was once again unable to finish in the first 13 laps out of the race.

In 2004 the Belgian Grand Prix, while Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying only 10th place ranking, but in the first 11 laps ahead of the pack started to gain a career in the second Grand Prix victory McLaren is also the only sub-stations in the 2004 championship season. The next race, Raikkonen in the first three completed in 2004 Chinese Grand Prix, the first six complete 2004 Japanese Grand Prix, as well as the first two completed in 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix. In the end, Kimi Raikkonen with 45 points and 4 podium performance to the results fairly decent seventh year to end this season.

While disappointing 2004 season, but Kimi Raikkonen or with Renault's Fernando Alonso (Fernando Alonso), Sauber's Felipe Massa (Felipe Massa) and his teammate in 2005, monto Asia was the world together as a rising star and the F1 world championship competition in a strong candidate. Many commentators also believe that in the 2005 season Zhezhi from Woking (Woking) team has a strong lineup will be very competitive. The Ross Brawn (Ross Brawn) and Jean Todt (Jean Todt), also known as the future of Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen could become the main driver.

In early November 2004, Raikkonen had expressed his manager Steve Robertson (Steve Robertson) with the intention of building a team, this team will Mingjiao Lai Raikkonen Robertson Racing, it will will participate in the 2005 season Formula 3 race.

In the July 31, 2004, 24-year-old Raikkonen and 2000 Scandinavian lady, 22-year-old Jenni Dahlman (Jenni Dahlman) married.

Kimi Raikkonen in 2005, the start of a mediocre season, this is because the McLaren MP4-19 car design is not suitable for Michelin tires, resulting in not qualifying for a better ranking.

At the start of the season's first three Grand Prix qualifying, Raikkonen can win the best ranked only No. 6. In his 2005 Australian Grand Prix race, the car does not start at the starting line, leading to Kimi Raikkonen in that game to the end of the first eight, only get a mere one point. In 2005 Malaysian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen in the race car's tire bursting, became the season at a game using only a single driver in the tire, the first victim, unable to earn any points. In the subsequent 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix was the first time on the podium.

After the 2005 season, after some insipid start, Kimi Raikkonen respectively in 2005 San Marino Grand Prix, 2005 Spanish Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix in 2005 removed three consecutive pole position. In Imola (Imola), he soon as he starts on establishing a huge advantage, but again due to condition of the car was forced to withdraw. In the Spanish Grand Prix, his performance is impeccable, he was lead from start to finish, eventually won the title with great advantage. He then was given a most challenging Monaco Grand Prix winner, this time his lead in the driver standings on 22 points of Alonso only a thin. 2005, the first half of the European Grand Prix with Kimi Raikkonen in turn seem to indicate easy victory, but due to shoulder in the game too ruthless to eat (also it is said that he was acting with undue haste in a second after overtaking the brakes locked up causing serious tire wear ), as well as injury to his right front wheel to make it lose a round. As the 2005 season, the rule provides that, in qualifying and the race must use the same set of tires the final, unless there is a puncture, otherwise the driver allowed to change tires. Finally the end of the last lap of the big straight overwhelmed his suspension collapsed, Raikkonen's car hit a tire wall directly, but also the title was surrendered to behind Alonso, and he suddenly opened the 10 points gap. Raikkonen has the benefit of hindsight after the game should be chosen to explore insist on the track or slow down to protect the tires, get a relatively safe second place or third place.

But next race in Canada Raikkonen again into his own victory in the track, he is seventh on the grid, with Fernando Alonso at the first heavy oil strategies and errors in the game, and in the right tire wear is very Montreal won the serious. In this station, Raikkonen said that the United States, Indianapolis, next to the McLaren car more suitable. But the station has become the largest in the history of F1 disaster - because of Ralf Schumacher (Ralf Schumacher) in the Friday practice on the crash, it was discovered that there are security risks Michelin tires, so the positive pre-race All Michelin teams selected out of the race (including the McLaren included). This means that in addition Raikkonen no choice but to abandon the race, which also led to the United States Grand Prix in 2005 with only a mere six cases, the completion of a race car.

However, after the French Grand Prix, Raikkonen misfortune come to him, his new Mercedes-Benz engine, only in the Friday practice on the operation of dozens of kilometers on the strike. He was forced to replace the engine and back under the new rules to accept 10-bit start penalty. Although Raikkonen was third in qualifying, only after receiving punishment in his Sunday's race on the only 13th on the grid has. However, by virtue of the McLaren pit-stop strategy and Kimi Raikkonen well their excellent driving skills, he finished second after Alonso. In the British Grand Prix on the misfortune come again, engine oil leakage in the Saturday practice session leading to his only 12th place on the grid (although on the qualifying lap he only inferior to Alonso). Kimi Raikkonen on the start of the race to show great strength, beyond the four on the first lap the car. But after he was Light's Michael Schumacher and Jarno Trulli of repression, but by virtue of the last pit stop he was beyond them. The second half of the race, Raikkonen before being stuck in traffic due to the loss of too much time, only came in the first 4-bit, can not top two, and Alonso's team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya a threat. As the original Fisichella came in third in the last pit stop of staff mistakes, Raikkonen able to rise to third place, the result relative to his 12th place grid position, but still quite good.

In the German Grand Prix, the whole weekend ahead of Raikkonen in the race but suffered a hydraulic failure (according to some media reports, the hydraulic problems arise is due to a valve in the examination, the staff had not been screwed tight and purely human error), the victory and 10 points once again gave Alonso. This is the third time this season Raikkonen in the leading position in the exit. This is the biggest beneficiary of the three Alonso - winner of the three are his. These are also used as the McLaren car reliability is not sufficient evidence of one of the (other there is the early part of last season on the podium in his almost certain the case of a puncture, as well as in France and the United Kingdom successive engine failure), which is also almost certainly the end of the championship this season - although a lot of perspective from Kimi Raikkonen, are the season's best driver.

It is worth noting that, although the Hungarian Grand Prix, Raikkonen in the McLaren before the start of that was happy, but he is still to the media hinted that if the car's reliability is still no improvement, he may contract in 2006 to period to leave McLaren. He told reporters: "We must find ways to make the car more reliable." And he compared the performance of Michael Schumacher also gives footnotes to this rumor.

Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying was not ideal circumstances, once again dominated the Hungarian Grand Prix. Is not very good in qualifying simply because he was standing on a Hockenheim out, led him to this point can only be the first one in this incomparable and notorious for dirty track qualifying run. However, he avoided the initial accident, and with excellent speed and pit stops to get title, while Alonso was halfway out of the race because of the one scoreless. In the implementation of the controversial new qualifying rules after the driver can not start qualifying the case of the first champion. In the three-week rest period, Raikkonen again in the new Turkish Grand Prix won the championship. This time he finally got the pole position, although in the first lap by Fisichella, but in the same lap, he returned to the first place, after never faced any challenge. Only that the original team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya currently ranked second in the two errors in the final laps to give the previous runner-up of more than 10 seconds behind Alonso, so he was runner-up, multi-won 2 points for Raikkonen The victory cast a bit sorry.

In the two weeks after the 2005 Italian Grand Prix, while Kimi Raikkonen took pole position in qualifying, but once again faced due to the replacement engine back 10 start penalty. While team-mate Kimi Raikkonen's car carrying more than five laps, 6 laps more than Alonso of petrol, speed is still faster than them. While McLaren's one-stop strategy worked when the car's left tire burst and was forced to pit to change tires. (At the time the pits to change tires are not allowed to refuel, they are virtually require two stops.) Out of station, the location had fallen to 12th place, turn the tide after the end only in the first four games.

2005 Belgian Grand Prix, the first successful defending race winner Kimi Raikkonen. In 2005 the Brazilian Grand Prix, Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya to McLaren for the first time a successful season, winning first runner-up, they watched Fernando Alonso win the second runner-up for 2005 after the coronation of the world championship. Then in 2005 Japanese Grand Prix, Raikkonen ran a career in one of the most beautiful game, start from the first 20 was the first driver to finish in one. As the qualifying session, when heavy rains hit, leading to Raikkonen could only qualify in the back of the starting, in the open non-stop after running over other drivers in the final lap, overtaking crossed in third place on the grid, as well as has been leading the other driver Giancarlo Fisichella, the overtaking maneuvers have been a Formula One veteran journalist Peter Windsor, acclaimed throughout the gameThe most classic. In the season-ending race in 2005 Chinese Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen won the race No. 3.

In 2005, outstanding performance, Raikkonen was a Formula One magazine in recognition of the driver of the year, followed by a car magazine for the 2005 celebration of the best international drivers.

Since March 2006 Australia hosted the Commonwealth Games, so unprecedented in Bahrain, organized by the opening season game. Racing track in Bahrain, Kimi Raikkonen on Friday when the car suffered an electrical problem in practice; double whammy is that the hanger was the car in qualifying, was also broken, leaving him only in the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix from the first 22 start. However, Raikkonen is still to overcome all difficulties, behind Alonso and Michael Schumacher in the following order to No. 3 finish. The next 2006 Malaysian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen was Red Bull Racing at the start of Christain Klien hit from behind, resulting in Kimi's car severely damaged the left hanger was forced to retire.

On the 2006 start of the first two sub-stations of the results seems evident to the team behind McLaren Renault, and in the 2006 Australian Grand Prix, the McLaren car finally have relatively good performance. Although the car had a puncture in the race, but Raikkonen is still to be completed the first two games, but also in the process of creating the fastest race lap, but results still lag behind Alonso. Held at Imola 2006 San Marino Grand Prix, due to the team choose the wrong strategy and Raikkonen mistake in qualifying, leaving him only the first 8-bit start. During the race has been running slow the other cars stopped, as well as Schumacher and Alonso have been left far behind, with Raikkonen completing the first five competitions; team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya was awarded the first three. After the race, McLaren boss Ron Dennis blamed the poor performance of Kimi Raikkonen led the race the team can not enter the Qianer Ming.

In 2006, the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying, Kimi Raikkonen to secure only the 9th rank, although in the beginning of a race, Raikkonen will occupy the first five, the whole race, he never entered better position, when the end of the game is still ranked No. 5. A few days after the Spanish Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen admitted to the media can not win the drivers championship in 2006 the throne. In 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen starting from the first three, the race was once home to after Aaron came in the first two, but when the safety car came out due to car engine caught fire while the half-way retirement.

At the Silverstone track on the Doon 2006 British Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen in qualifying, made the first two starting position, in front of Michael Schumacher after Alonso, the first half of race three of the leader sequence, respectively Aron Faso, Raikkonen and Schumacher, until the first two stops after the change, Schumacher Raikkonen ran beyond the first two, but Raikkonen will fall into the No. 3 position, until the end of the game can not be turning the tide. [2006 Canadian Grand Prix]], on Raikkonen once again behind Alonso and Schumacher in the following, on the podium. 10 points races in 2006 United States Grand Prix, Indiana runway accident occurred on a rare first lap there is a car involved in seven accidents on the car causing considerable damage, Raikkonen's team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya the impact from behind, the two McLaren drivers do not finish the lap as soon as retirement.

Juan Pablo Montoya in the Indian failure on the runway, resulting in 2006 French Grand Prix Kimi Raikkonen's McLaren team-mate replaced by a test driver Pedro de la Rosa, Kimi Raikkonen from the first six the starting grid and finished 5th place finish. Raikkonen started from the 2001 Formula One career, never to finish the German Grand Prix, which has been the regret of his brood. Until 2006 German Grand Prix, Raikkonen has finally completed the first time in the German Grand Prix race, on the podium the first three. After the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, while Kimi Raikkonen a successful start in a qualifying session, but in the first 25 laps and Vitantonio Liuzzi Red Bull Racing's retiring with a collision event, which is in the 13 races, Kimi Raikkonen the 4th for some reason unable to complete the race.

In the first 14 races in Kimi's car accident from happening again in the first one lap race on the back, so that he could not defend the Turkish Grand Prix in 2006, which is already Raikkonen in the 2006 season, the 5th Withdrawal race. In 2006 Italian Grand Prix qualifying, Raikkonen beat Schumacher to two thousandths seconds millisecond won the pole. As the car speeds unmatched F2006, on both sides have completed the 1st stops, Raikkonen was the first location of a Schumacher, and he eventually finished runner-up at the Monza circuit. Michael Schumacher announced his retirement after the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari announced after the message, Raikkonen will replace the seven-season crown in 2007, Schumacher position.

2006 Chinese Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen was forced to once again because of engine problems on lap 18 to retire. In 2006 Japanese Grand Prix and the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, while Kimi Raikkonen finished the race, but no chance with the podium, only ran the first five. With the Brazilian Grand Prix after Kimi Raikkonen on the podium throughout the year can not be the highest position in the drivers occupy the No. 3 ranking position, while McLaren ended and five-year-employee relationships.

While the frustrated in Formula One, Kimi Raikkonen and his manager, but the composition of Lecco Ningluo Bo health team Räikkönen Robertson Racing, in 2006, Britain's first Formula 3 race have outstanding performance. Of their British nationality driver Maikekangwei (en: Mike Conway) to win the drivers championship.

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