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Two front exposed what brand of sports car, a bit like F1 racing

Tai Sang-cut2010-01-25 05:01:27 +0000 #1
Nanhainanan checkpoint today, I feel so cool to see a car car, two front exposed, yellow, sports car -
Ice On Survivor2010-01-25 05:15:24 +0000 #2
My guess would be a Plymouth! See the following diagram is not like that amount. Plymouth, also known as downwind, a U.S. Chrysler division of Chrysler in 1928 has been acquired. Plymouth, England that year the monks moved to the United States port, the wind on the Department's products are named with the Plymouth; graphic trademarks by the monks took a ride on a yacht before, "Chu Fu Lawa" was a ship design.

Chrysler Plymouth is a well-known brands, the former in order to create high-power cars, and in the car race is known for record breaking achievement. To 1997, the Ministry launched the wind Plymouth Prowler (Plymouth Prowler), this truly American-style sports car, representing the United States and its national culture, quality, illustrates the diversity of American culture and inheritance, embodies the young United States highly creative spirit, is a car culture into the world's cultural tide attempt. Plymouth Prowler The traditional style of classic cars of the two-seater roadster, is the world's auto industry set off a wave of a return to basics.
hamannbb2010-01-25 05:28:09 +0000 #3
Plymouth should be! You go to Baidu revenue picture is not watching!



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