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Poland's first f1 racing

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Robert Kubica. Profile.

Robert Kubica

personal introduction

Robert Kubica into the F1 the experience seems to be very common - karting, single-seater racing, F1 - but a sense of his experience was very unusual. Robert was born and raised in Krakow, 13-year-old began to stay away from parents and friends, went to Italy. Italian car manufacturer CRG found his genius, and made available to him a chance and let him gradually fall in love with and put into the sport. Robert tender age we must learn to live alone, learning Italian, into the local culture. This kind of life may lead to many "smart" discourage young people, but he did not have timid young man in Poland. He accepted the Italian, Italy, also accepted him.

Robert's manager to accompany him through a lot of games. Morelli little when Robert found his racing talent, in addition to Morelli, Robert almost no other groups get along too. However, this does not mean that Robert likes loneliness. BMW Sauber F1 Team entered the family, you will find the first one was Robert, he was joking at any time chatting with you. Although not from racing family, but his father, Arthur liked racing sports, in the age of four when Robert is very happy to send the child a car. Robert explained: "It was a combo Christmas and birthday gifts. Car is equipped with four-stroke engine, there is no horsepower, but still can reach speed of 40 km / hr. The day half the time I have stayed in the car reluctant to come forward. "But the young Robert, in his first game before the need for patience:" I drove the car in the parking lot turn, two and a half later I got a real go-kart. I have every Smallpox few hours practice, you can obtain a license to race in before I have to wait. once in the December 7, 1994 - I am 10 years old birthday, nothing can stop me. "

Robert Poland participated in the three years of go-kart race, it was clear when he's racing ability has gone far beyond the people around. To raise the level of racing, the only way is to go abroad. Therefore, his father took him to the Italian race. As Robert said, from the beginning, everything went smoothly: "I am very lucky, because in Poland we are and the best mechanics to work together, so that even in Italy, I also took pole position and eventually win the second. "When asked if Robert in Italy, when you miss family, Robert showed strong side character, he replied:" I can only say no, because I know that people can not have everything. for my family speaking, they can not live in Italy and can therefore only be a compromise. I'm doing what I really like something, do not want too many other things to consider. "

2001, Robert is ready to carry out single-seater racing game, when he won the Morelli help and support. With the guidance of Morelli, through the 2000 Formula Renault, F3 Euro Series race and the future World Series by Renault, Robert has made rapid progress, not only won the 2005 title season, also received the Renault F1 car testing opportunities. In December 2005, Robert received a second combo birthday and Christmas gifts, this is a gift to change the destiny - and the BMW Sauber F1 Team contract. Robert completed ahead of its goal, the team are also very pleased that this new test driver to take a leading role. End of the season of 2006, Robert completed more than 25,000 kilometers of testing, and in the final six games last season replaced Jacques Villeneuve, and the Monza race on the podium, reaching the peak of career.

2007 Canadian Grand Prix on the first 27 laps of the track, Robert is drawn into an almost one in recent years, the most spectacular crash in F1 paddock that moment for each person, as well as television viewers around the world are compelled to stand live to breathe. Robert's car crashed into a Toyota driver Jarno Trulli force the rear of the car, turn to the air, and on the track in Montreal turned a somersault, hit the guardrail on the track, the whole body fragmented. In this accident, it seems impossible for anyone not seriously injured. However, it seems God Youluobote day. The new requirements are implemented FIA, F1 car must be able to withstand severe impact of gravity, and the HANS system (Head And Neck Support, Head and Neck Support System) to ensure that the drivers head fixation. In addition to a sprained ankle, the Robert is okay.

2008, Robert return to the Canadian Grand Prix, in the arena, Robert proved that the accident did not stop living in his car on the road ahead: In the ghiles Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the 23-year-old Robert for the BMW Sauber F1 Team won the first race. Nick Heidfeld, followed by Will from Munich and a new team sweep the championship. The beginning of the season, Robert Grand Prix in Bahrain for the BMW Sauber F1 Team won the first pole. Needlessly to say, the man from Krakow's young people had boarded the pinnacle of F1, promising.

Robert Kubica. Factsheet.

Robert Kubica details

Name: Robert Kubica

Date of Birth: December 7, 1984

Place of birth: Krakow, Poland fu

current residence: Poland Krakow

Marital Status: Single

hair color: Black

Eyes: Green

Entry Views: 36 times

Sub-station, the number of titles: 1

on the podium the number of : 7

to get pole position number: 1

Best Championship position: No. 6 (2007)

the first match: 1995波兹南波兰Karting Championship

first victory: the first match

F1 opener: August 6, 2006, the Hungarian Grand Prix
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Robert Kubica
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He is the only race found the Polish driver (2008 Canadian Grand Prix)
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Kubica should be one library more than rubbing. . .

For the first time he came to China. . . Gang called him "Kubica," he corrected himself that he should be called, "Kubica rub"
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Robert Kubica



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