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My 94 Yamaha XJR400 the left two-cylinder problem Thank you,

zhurui198802252010-01-25 06:01:08 +0000 #1
My Yamaha XJR400, idling unstable. Not how to repair the master of imported cars, where cultivation, even bad

repair before the situation; there are idle, but unstable. Idle speed will turn off within 1 minute. Run high-speed back to turn off the oil occasionally. Drum does not sound, the sound can be. Exhaust smoke-free. Four-cylinder all the work. Good call car.

Revised; not idle, pine oil on the flame. The sound is like the jitter diesel engine sounds, uneven. Exhaust smoke-free, the left two cylinders working properly, a good cab

master repair; examined the four spark plugs, 2 and 3 cylinder spark plug, said slight black. They had to change the 23-cylinder spark plugs, spark plugs are made Qianjiang. Also adjusted the carburetor. Finally, do not idle the. Master cylinder and put the spark plug cap left two exchanged. Called the car, I heard car fart, not called vehicles. Master valve that there may be too tight. Master did not dare to repair the. I tried to get off and the repair was not much different from the former.

My own Later on, the original spark plug was entirely Zhuangshang Qu. Has also been much affected.

snowmount2010-01-25 06:06:22 +0000 #2
carburetor has been adjusted in turmoil, the concentration of the mixture ratio does not

find a true expert repair help you to re-adjust the carburetor



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