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Said that several Chinese version of the stand-alone game racing RPG will do better

553,808,6692010-01-25 06:01:20 +0000 #1
must be fun
yyczz2010-01-25 06:15:34 +0000 #2
What type of love it?

Car is a very good fly series slightly, although the word heard overdone like D, but never played. Small-scale games like fantasy remote control car is good.

Shot class is better Call of Duty series, Resident Evil series, Medal of Honor, sniper elite. CS origin is also good, as well as plot. . The. Feel good, but no resources, such as Close Combat ... ...

RPG. . Playing less, the east, then there is a lot of RPG's, most recently playing the East Light Yagami, a good story. More well-known is the similar to the Suikoden, Wind Fantasy of the category.

Well, do not know how you like to configure. . Know the configuration and then pick the game bar --



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