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rx8 in Beijing will change the Mody?

single lonely Sakura2010-01-25 07:01:30 +0000 #1
the experts to help see if it is diverted to No, only about ah, the key is able to batch problem -

Zhizuo decorative appearance changes -

1. From another nice point of hood

2. window film for other colors, such as purple or brown sort of

3. adding a wing (09, paragraph seems to have had on the press for an operator)

4. up to a larger surround

5. to the chassis, plus a lantern

6. The key is replaced by wing doors

If this application for modification, the HKMA may be granted to pay do?

Some people say that people want to know how to change it all right, the key is not咱do not know Mody?

If there is not work experts were invited to put forward, in short, is to let car cool a bit, a little ingenuity, it is best to give point at other proposals -

As for looking for temporary vehicle and the inspection methods may not be very practical, so it is please give them more ways -
Fly's stinky rabbit2010-01-25 07:10:39 +0000 #2
other fairly may not be very troublesome, the main scissors doors definitely a lot of trouble need more applications, window films do not advise you to use colored



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