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When motorcycle racing and general motorcycle Ruwan Ruwan What is the difference?

yeshuai11022010-01-25 07:01:42 +0000 #1
Motorcycle racing and general motorcycle when Ruwan Ruwan What is the difference? Feeling racing a motorcycle when the car is almost at the corners and on the ground close to, and how it is turning?
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-25 07:11:11 +0000 #2

Motorcycles have two brakes front and rear, in the road on the way the body will move forward when braking, this time to take a larger front wheel weight, we all know, wheels and the road The friction with the wheels on the ground is proportional to the pressure, so before the braking play a major role in braking. Depending on the speed, front and rear wheel braking force distribution ratio should be different. A slower speed when the braking force front and rear wheels basically the same speed when the braking force distribution ratio of front and rear wheels is generally 7:3, particularly fast speed when the braking force distribution ratio of front and rear wheels is generally 8:2 or 9:1 that can be adjusted as needed. In braking, the body will dash forward at this time not to weight down on your hands, it should be with knees, legs and thighs and so on clamping body, preventing the body fly.

Also important to note that, in the front wheel when braking to prevent being "locked up" because the front "locked up" after not control the direction of, especially in the corners and braking. And the front "locked", the braking effect is not good, the best wheel braking force is going to "locked up" before the moment, as long as the hard practice, you can do it. At present, some high-end motorcycles installed ABS (anti-"locked" braking system〕, its principle is the wheel will be "locked up" before reducing the braking force, and then braking, and so will be able to achieve the anti-wheel "lock die "objective.

Motorcycle bend technique when the car turns to the inner experience of tilt, this time to relax the shoulders, thighs and knees with the clamping body, the eyes turn toward the direction of the body to the inside corner lateral tilt, with the knees and thighs clamping body to turn the inside of the body to move weight from the inside of the foot plate support, this gesture is used in turning radius of large, high-speed circumstances. another kind of position is, tilt to the inside of the body bend, while the body is tilted to the outside corner, action essentials are: clamping body with the knee and thigh to the medial pull handlebars to keep the upper body does not move, so that the inside of the body first tilt This position tends to be used in the bend radius is small, relatively slow speed situations, the most common posture, or persons and vehicles to the common tilt, tilt the body and body into a straight line. whatever the tilt posture, movements should be natural quickly.

into the corner before the straight-line sections must slow down, brake, accelerator is turned off. to a place to turn when the board stepped foot inside corner of the pedal body began to tilt, this time, a little add a little oil to a uniform speed cornering, faster turn, has begun to increase the throttle to accelerate out of bends


First of all, we all know the fastest route is through the bend outside - inside - outside, that is, Ruwan from the lateral bending in the corners from the inside of the recent turn out when they bend to bend to the outside of cars in the corners the route is called cornering line. For example, one of the most common 90-degree turn around , we can cornering line is divided into four parts. respectively, brake parts, Ruwan section, bending in the bending part and a part of. to find out the starting point for the various parts can also called the braking points, Ruwan point, the mid-point bend and a bending point. in the corners as long as this when we find out the location of several points, after he was linked in a line that is needed to take the cornering line. we need to do is to combine the actions and lines, In the brake check and accept the oil at the same time the right brakes to reduce the stalls - Ruwan point reached when the throttle to release the brake light to the next down - bend to reach the midpoint of the time vehicles are in the lowest position - through the mid-point bend When the car upright, and slowly decreases as the tilt angle constant throttle - to reach a bend point when the car owners directly and in accordance with their needs continue to fuel the speed to reach the door, so that a bend right over. The following depict the two kinds of cornering the different routes, I personally prefer to use the first line, because it points to Ruwan Ruwan pushed back the time you can see the distant location of the road ahead can be found in advance, but the first is the car down to the right angle speed is faster. recommended the use of the second novice first, the second after skillfully using the first-line cornering. When riding over a period of time will be familiar with this set of skills, then want more braking point soon we should be moved back, but the problem is caused by excessive cornering speed will not be in the correct location by the mid-point bend. because each person can have their own vehicle tilt limit the number of degrees, more than the limit will throw cars, speed too fast and not necessarily create a deeper pressure can not be

through the estimated mid-point of the bend. to solve this method will need to brake - cornering - further integration of fuel.

Step into the brake check and accept the oil, and reduced to the appropriate brake stall - Ruwan Point continues to reach the brake and began to pour down as the car slowly tilt angle so that vehicles are able to loosen the brakes can bend the mid-point - when you reach the midpoint bending brake should be to just open up wide, while a decrease in fuel with the tilt angle - to reach a bend point when the car owners directly and in accordance with their needs continue to fuel the speed to reach the door.

the right way

rule of thumb, and cornering techniques to determine the road, decided to cornering speeds in a straight line before the braking into the corner to complete the brake and shift.

---- This is bent into the corner of Qian Banchang 1 / 3, turn the steering wheel and brake Shaodai to balance the body, brake slowly slow to relax, this part should be the slowest part of the bends.

cornering ---- bend the middle 1 / 3. the steering wheel should be based on a fixed position, not stepped on the accelerator or the brake.

out of the final bend ---- 1 / 3, the steering wheel back to playing, the car gradually playing positive, throttle and heavier.

When there is a series of detours, the bound to each turn is not possible with our above-mentioned method cornering late appearance, you must have to sacrifice a certain some bending, walking routes with poor to make others bend to take the best route, please do remember, bend after bend in a long straight road, it is more important to bend.

cornering, when the method is to use two feet step on toes foot, Ruwan foot pedal when the toe of the lateral and medial direction to the body, the knee outside the Chang. for example, into a "right turn" in the back brake block at the same time preparing the body to do well Ruwan, first the body center of gravity transferred to the direction you want to Ruwan is aimed at cornering the same time in the car more stable, with half of the hip as the standard first and then move to the right side into the corner to his right foot to the outside open, then bent his hands, right arm outward open, upper body tilted forward on the right, the right foot toe slam the pedal support at the body, left arm and left foot stick to the fuel tank, so that the formation of center of gravity move.

When you drive into the heart prior to the bend should Qingwo throttle, and then add a little throttle, (insiders called the hanging oil), hanging oil objective is to find a suitable out of the corners when the speed of the speed, rear-wheel traction is that you open the throttle the size of the lie, not too big nor too small, look at tortuous size of the case. When the rear tire adhesion power than will appear when the spin out of the corner and we must pay attention but also in their own vehicle and road conditions are fully aware of the circumstances. out of the corners straight posture immediately after the recovery , pay attention to the body should be natural and relaxed. out of the corners when the natural routes by car and then saw out the corner point, throttle up to the slow to fast refueling. Note that when the car can not be rushed at the apex when refueling. in the corners look after their own a bend point, in order to travel a smoother throttle the oil out of turn.

detour when your eyes should be how to do? First, the braking eyes, look to the corners, into the eyes, and look after the bend apex, and then see the bending point of the visual we should keep. does not look to the outside bend, because the line varies with the visual is changed. out of the corners of the eyes must detour the first 30 meters away. near occurs illusion, feeling too fast, there will be Bend Shui does not go out and skidded off the runway, directly affect their speed.

If every roundabout have to rely on the outside of this detour into this detour inside the lines, that is, to go outside to eat outside inside out. selecting the shortest distance and the smallest tilt of the line. but also the speed of the fastest route. had the same one corner, if we go inside, then turning radius would be too small, but to go outside - inside - outside the line of turning radius will increase. Basically, the larger the radius, the more tortuous path straight, you can allow the maximum speed. it will be straightened as much as possible the rate of increase cornering. S bend Ruwan technique is also true, only the speed of moving the center of gravity and the body and vehicle speed coordination. Each S bend as walking a straight line approach taken by Ruwan out of bending, in short, to draw the line line speed can be the fastest, the smallest tilt, is the best route. bend after a long straight road bends is more important bending, such a bend must be smooth, otherwise you will lose a lot of time.



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