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What is the track racing

Kawen2010-01-25 07:02:06 +0000 #1
snowmount2010-01-25 07:15:08 +0000 #2
Carrera (Carrera) brand of digital track racing since its inception in 1963, in Germany, went through 40 years of evolution, has become Europe and the United States Digital Model cars race track racing's top race car. In particular, in recent years CARRERA Model cars into the cutting-edge German patent electronic technology, digital program-controlled to upgrade their products to provide sufficient space for players in Europe and America well-known. The size of the spectacular events organized each year, regardless of the large number of people of all ages to participate in has become a set of mass, athletic, entertainment, and collections of items in one group activity. More companies, manufacturers of digital simulation Carrera has even more cars and events participation and interaction as a new form, received unexpected results.

At the same time, the track racing is popular in foreign countries the family activities and games. With the foreign car culture has deeply into the life, Carrera's presence make people more to experience the culture and passion for racing and become an enjoyable experience for people as a fun car emotional exchange. This family car can inspire people's talent operational capability, but also into the family, groups, and social emotional communication tool.



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