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Photography in the (accelerated phenomenon) or (slow phenomena) how the matter (help out)

hwwwm2010-01-25 08:01:21 +0000 #1
photography may be in the (fast phenomenon) or (slow phenomenon) please help a busy. There is to know tell me please?

Thank you
Ci Ren is dead2010-01-25 08:07:55 +0000 #2
answer: Yang Guo, Xue Di

at 21:43 on December 22 I believe that many photographers have asked this question because photography has become a question of concern to the people . I also believe that the answer to that question will be very numerous and varied. So I say here is only my personal photography as a study attitudes and perceptions.

First of all, not every person who loves photography to go through the University of professional education, you can put it as your second profession, if you are fortunate enough to know some depend on the survival of news photography photographer, then you can ask them for photography knowledge, photography is very much rely on practical experience. Of course, if you are in the university has gone through the system, photography professional education, of course, would be better, but will not be good to go.

College, my photography teacher David Vestal is a dentist, but he is to obsessed with photography, because of his excellent photographic skills, and to become a local co-read the club photographer. He was teaching in New York, W · Eugene Smith, and he often took me I'd go to shoot some pictures.

I have at the university who have been the best photography courses and did not let me get any degree or diploma - it is elective courses at Harvard University, where every year for photography teacher, I know two teachers named Susan Meiselas and Gilles Peress, they are Caigaobadou teachers, not only can know nothing about photography novices get started, even if it is to teach those of us who are more than adequate Dzodzo. But they simply do not care about teaching profession, and will not care about rank, they just love photography, but photography knowledge can be placed in practice, is not that our good teachers.

I have been to two of the best photography school is the Museum of Modern Art College and Metropolitam colleges, a good reason why the two schools is that they not only have their own filming, along with painting, sculpture, watercolors and other arts education, This study is a very good photography, after all, art is not geography, photography of any art form, drawing nutrients from.

And you like to learn how photography should do? We must first learn to think. Second, we must learn how to look at everything through the camera - the eye can see with the pictures of the things that are not identical.

As for the learning professional, you can have a lot of choices, you can consider the following professional: Architecture, social sciences, modern literature, classical literature, English literature, modern physics, religion, art, history, political science, etc. , metal manufacturing and kitchen arts photographer is also helpful. Photography is not a narrow academic, your industry to learn from so many years of professional photography is not easy to learn, and they are as a photographer is required. Because photography is not entirely an artistic activity, but rather is a social activity, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills.

A wide range of non-photographic education in photography there are some hidden advantages. Images from time to time the nature of journalism is changing - in particular, the advent of digital photography, therefore, whether I or other colleges and universities can not predict when the teachers are college students beginning a professional photographer photographic work, the image of journalism would be like. I have engaged in and familiar with the magazine industry has changed, and publishers tend to several news agency photo editing together, can go a long interview with a photographer assigned an important event in the news less and less with the well-known newspapers, television news the competition gain the upper hand, while the web is not a light wind blew - but who knows the image in the Web will be going? All in all, today a new generation of press photographer who's work has and the older generation of press photographer who is different. This of course affects our present "photographic education to learn what and how to learn" problem.

Now let's talk about the photographer, published collections of photography thing. In the photographers who focus on photography, you can often see his best photographs, but also be able to see a certain period of social characteristics or photographic situation. However, to write a book is not very easy thing to do, take a photograph is also not easy, let alone photograph collected. Few photographers are making money because of a book, photo collections is the photographer's life summed up photography, this should be any real love of photography who want to do.

Of course, most of the photographers for the arts dedicated to the same time, has also used his skills to make money in order to maintain their livelihood. But you will often find that employers have worked for some time, he will do our best to capture some of purely photographic things, and then allow them to appear in publications such as books, DVD, or other new publishing model.



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