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Nissan A31 drift of what the change is appropriate to change

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brake conversion essentials

in shift conversion, the braking effect is not only used to reduce the speed, while also involves the entire drift movements in the balance.

The simplest upgrade than to replace a new set of brake discs, and can be resistant to ultra-high temperature brake fluid, DOT 5.1's quite good, and there is a high-performance brake pads. When the brake system must be upgraded before and after the match, otherwise, it is easy to brake system ruined.

During the upgrade, the flow with the surgery because of economic benefits, but also been widely adopted. GTR32, 33,34 4-piston Brembo calipers and large brake discs can be perfectly carried on S13, 14,15 and other Skyline; late Supra brake system is also suitable for JZX90/100 the Chaser. At a higher level drift competitions, braking system modification methods, types and prices so you do not enter an exaggeration to ring with their own eyes.

Hand brake modification parts, focusing on the use of the efficiency and response. Button to remove the hand brake, allowing the drivers pulling up handbrake and put down quickly, without having to go to press the button each time.

Maintenance tips: To ensure that regular maintenance of conventional hand brake. When a break in practice, do not still hot when the brake discs will be pulling up handbrake parking, so very easy to make brake disc distortion.

Vehicle wheels

wheel sets is very important, as it directly affects the performance of the car's level of play, as well as beautiful. Many people change alloy wheels, but do not know what to note.

First of all to talk about the structure of the wheels of the screw. Wheels should be installed on board needs to be installed to extend out from the brake disc on the hub. Different manufacturers for different types of vehicles will use a different hub, there are four common nails, 5 and 6 nail nails. Most of the car sports car will use four nails with five nails, while the jeep on the use of six nails. The distance between the nail and nail there are different. At present the use of more widely used, are: 4x100, 4x114.3, 5x100, 5x114.3, 5x120, etc., they are an essential alloy wheel one of the data. In front of you figure is the number of nails, the latter figure is the distance between nail and nail. For instance, your car hub is 5x114.3, so your car can only be fitted with this type of wheel

on wheels screw approach, I think many people know, but it was not clear, so I am here to talk about. Both tighten the screws or release the wheel, there is a special order, this order is to ensure that the wheels are firmly locked in the car.

Wheel size and width is a group of very important data, size larger, tires should be thinner, because we have to retain tire circumference perimeter, or a step speed tables will produce bias. The thinner tires, corresponding to the more obvious sense of the road. The more wheels, wide tires can be filled with more width, although it will increase fuel consumption, but the grounding area is larger, more stable grip for the cars performance, a friend should be reasonable to consider the replacement of a wider tire.

Offset value of this very special here I want to especially to talk about the wheel's friends incumbent, should pay special attention to this data. Look at the wheel side to find the midline, midline distance from the wheel hub of the contact surface with the actual distance, that is offset value. As the hub position is generally trapped deep inside the vehicle chassis, if the offset value is a small wheel, fitted with wheels, after the entire surface will be trapped inside, so that shortens the distance between axles, affecting the overall performance of the car, nor beautiful. This value is the offset distance in order to widen the wheel occurs.

When the Offset value is 0, the wheel with the hub of the wheel contact surface at the midline position. When the Offset is positive, the contact surface the more lateral bias. Negative, then to the medial side. For example +44's offset, it means that the center line from the wheel to the lateral offset location to 44mm, to achieve contact surface.

Finally on to talk about the number of replacement wheels lapel bogey. One is to use too much of its wheels. A lot of people think that the wheels do not come across as long as the Zhuang Shangqu outer sheet metal on the ok, actually removed to the wheels closer look at the inside of the structure, there are many places is very easy card to, especially in the car after the shock will also open up the road bumps instantaneous compression. So, for big wheels, but also proper use, and not blindly in order to get the final appearance of the cars break up. (Normally, most of the cars can be fitted to 17-inch)

the two brake calipers card to the rim. Now that production of vehicles for safety issues, frequent use of large brake calipers, 4pot of the calipers on a full than a lot of the big single pot. Such cases, offset is not enough and the design is not suitable for wheels, often easy card to the brake calipers. Fortunately, this situation is very easy to find, once loaded on to run up the voice of friction wheels, on the quick-change bar.

The 3 is too big wheel disc brakes are too small ... I believe this situation will not happen, do not say.


shock shock absorber device settings and set-up is a drift car performance and handling feel the key is to build a drift car, or crash a drift car in between the lines. From a theoretical perspective, to determine whether good or bad the car converted, it can clear out of the judge, but based on the balance of the overall performance of the main messages for the driver (control information), as well as a lot of information (engine status) feedback response. Goal is high-speed region as well as overall control of any situation, of course, but also be able to go beyond tire its own limitations.

These need time to adjust and progress, the driver can be according to their own driving skills and a variety of set circumstances, when a car driver and further modifications, as well as advances in technology must adjust accordingly to the car .

Drift car setup and modified in order to speed the car is not much difference, but the spring settings, ride height settings, as well as the attenuation of a more hard-edge and anti-decay strength, have higher requirements. One thing is certain is that, you can adjust the car will be a venue to become a drift car. A shock absorber tuning is a black art: you will never find a setting suitable for all road conditions, so everyone has to find their own car and driver settings.

Modified shock springs, hydraulic column to motorcycle high overall co-ordination is a modification should be a higher priority consideration. Japanese modified shock absorbers will usually use a very hard springs and hardness are probably original to 100% - 250%, generally will be in front of 8.0kg/mm, behind 7.0kg/mm, and specific circumstances should depends on the situation of each car. Further with the hard setting with the hydraulic column, it will be more satisfactory control performance and the car's response, but at the same time, followed by daily driving is also very comfortable.

No matter what kind of car you use, plenty of real space can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of regulating driver's reaction. Camber and Toe through the angle adjustable (need adjustable suspension rod installed, or is a more original the more compact solid rod, see left and below) can be achieved in order to handle a variety of control adapt to different drivers and different driving habits, in general, the more non-conservative type of teaching, the more is to have a good back nature. The so-called non-conservative teaching, means everything to the venue for the purpose of athletics, regardless of durability and comfort of the set-up.

Right now, the engine room bar (see below) are very popular, the real drift cars will use the site as a whole can make the body with hardened parts, and to geometry-based curve manipulation for the ultimate goal.

By modification of the shock absorber and spring hard as well as some small connecting rod, to achieve the car a low ride height, low center of gravity, high rigidity, such a setting will make the car in yaw while still completely in the driver's under control, make you more easily enjoy the tail-flick fun.

Maintenance tips: in practice and before the game, we must first check the car's four-wheel position. In the middle of the steering wheel at the top mark, used as a rotation range of reference.

In fact, the engine modifications to achieve perfect drift, there must be extraordinary technology, vehicle choices and modifications are very important, and this theme is about conversion, and a total of about 5 serials, and just like before, at the conceptual level, give us some modification of the proposal and would not say specifically how Quzuo, but we hope that we can understand the subject, and into their own situation, hoping that we should not do it reluctantly thing, everything is supposed to work. Especially in conditions of limited areas, a lot of things is not easy to do, modification technology and spare parts are all starting problems, and this requires that we first understand about the direction, and then can combine to create a situation in their own environment.

In the whole process, we hope that we can follow an order of preferential treatment, that is: the highest priority is their own driving skills, then the durability of vehicle modification, and finally play a full performance of the car. The modification is that it gives an ideal vehicle to enhance the performance of the minimal damage to the car itself, but also can help drivers understand the drift of itself and its own technology, and best step by step modification, in that they can live in complete control of the performance of the existing later converted to the next step. Do not converted one themselves for losing control of the monster, in the technology has reached a certain level before the car on, then they hang up! Remember, not to do reluctantly thing!

Second, the drift car conversion cost is not small, because even if the car has not been modified, if necessary, tire replacement, clutch replacement, brake system maintenance, and so on is a very high expenses, and coupled with occasionally get rid of dial box, regular pull gold spray paint, head, tail, corner lights crashed, so this becomes a very expensive hobby! In the practice of consumption, maintenance, repair, alteration, transfer the regularization of teaching is entirely possible to compare the cyclic semi-professional track drivers and teams, this absolute, far, far ahead of ordinary street car, so this point I hope you sufficient psychological, time, organizational plan, as well as their fully prepared, because to give up halfway, then all previous inputs are likely to be an exercise in futility! But also hope that the actual situation according to their own to myself a plan, not to do things beyond the plan, so as to go further.

Well, you will first converted what? Ueo D1GP driver wins ho clearly pointed out: the basic modifications of course, include anti-slip differential, brake systems, shock absorbers, but there are very important is the exhaust system (modified product), "exhaust system is very the basic, from the very beginning, when the need for more enough to have heard the engine operation! "

There is one final point, modified car's mission is: Let your car run more smoothly and better suited to drivers of technology, performance stabilizing, everything should be the principle of these!

Modification of the engine chapter:

do not need much horsepower, but more important is the engine smooth functioning of the degree of quick response, even the maximum value of the output Ma area, transit region's abundant torque, which than the super - horsepower to important. For beginners and the majority of practitioners, the learning and contact stages, 200KW of the S13, S14, S15's enough, more horsepower would give the car becomes difficult to control. Most of D1 vehicles, only about 300KW or so horsepower, but torque is sufficient to achieve 470NM of torque at 2500RPM to play an average of 6500RPM.

Frequent, rapid throttle movements, as well as regular high-speed operation would affect the engine life. In fact, most drift with the engine running, under high pressure in the long run, there will be some minor problems. Desirable to limit the speed of the most original, so that you can in the long run, under minimal pressure to reduce engine damage.

If you go into the engine's internal structure, then replacement of a higher intensity of crankshaft, piston chain, piston, screw, better bearings, as well as the use of camshaft alterations can achieve the purpose of enhancing engine durability, while a stronger torque, higher intake efficiency, and the broader forces (power and torque) area. Coupled by some of the more experienced on-board computer (ECU) adjustment teachers, ECU set-up also allows you to travel from the regular practice and save a lot of money!

Air-flow measurement meter (right) can replace the larger, if we can travel with the modified computer is no better, and of course, to go through the appropriate set-up. Or you can rewrite the original of the ECU, so would be more economical, but this need for adequate technical support for conversion!

Multi-spray some oil on the engine, and no harm Moreover, if the other components have been upgraded, then fuel supply system (above) is also very necessary modifications, and fuel pumps, fuel injectors and oil pressure regulator, can be guaranteed in any cases, can provide sufficient fuel supply operation!

The next step is TURBO (right picture the whole set of APEXI TURBO KIT), in general, preferable to use a number of small, responsive, you can take care of the entire forces of the region for the best. Generally larger displacement engines (for example MAZDA 13B, TOYOTA 1JZ, NISSAN RB, etc.) can use a little bit of ground freshman TURBO, those for the four-cylinder engine, it is rather just the TURBO can all be installed, so that to achieve the desired results. Do not mad pursuit of high-pressurization value, probably maintained at 1.0 to 1.3 is completely sufficient.

In general, the coolant temperature in the low speed when the traffic will be reduced into the gas, so a large-capacity water tank is also very necessary, therefore, for the modification of a larger water tank (on the left) bar! There are oil-cooling (on the right picture HKS OILCOOLER KIT) is also a good modification, because the general drift of the engine is used in the murder of the general use of the oil.

In fact, INTERCOOLER (central cooling device) was damaged very likely that it could be made in advance for the future replacement of the budget, or the upper and lower range INTERCOOLER narrowed, and increase the banner degrees, thickness, increasing density of heat network will be INTERCOOLER installed in a high position, etc., to keep the cooling effect, or use of any feasible way to reduce the impact the economic consumption.



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