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Why not ask the question on the fate of F1 Team drivers

wy855672672010-01-25 09:01:58 +0000 #1
I want to know F1 Racing 09 season-ending up to now, all the drivers out of the situation to join, as well as the transfer (including to what new drivers), as well as all the teams out and the new team to join situation. must be full.

begged F1 reached one can tell me gathering information, it is better concise (direct say who quit, who transfer the like).

I fancy a good, direct to 50 points.
ExtremeEngine2010-01-25 09:08:35 +0000 #2
has confirmed that the withdrawal of the team:



had Renault already tottering, but the FIA announced last week on the list is still there. Is expected to continue expedition.

Have been confirmed to join the team:




Virgin Racing-Cosworth

4 a new team, without exception, the history of God using the stick kind of Cosworth engines, while Williams gave up TOYOTA engine switch to Cosworth.

Another of this year's championship team BGP acquired by Mercedes in exchange with the Mercedes GP as a team name (that is, the history of the "true Silver Arrow")

driver situation:

2009 season champion driver Jenson Button move to McLaren, take the No. 1 car, McLaren has also become an engine other than to get rid of the whole British fleet.

Of the original Williams-TOYOTA driver Nico Rosberg transfer Mercedes GP, take the No. 1 car, since the original BGP driver all the transfer, so No. 2 driver to the present or pending

the former Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkenen quit F1 to switch to WRC, the former Renault driver Fernando Alonso into the Ferrari, to drive No. 8 car (that is Ferrari, the No. 2 car)

of the original BGP driver Rubence Barichello transfer Williams-Cosworth, driving No. 1 car, 2 cars, there GP2 champion Nico Heulkenberg new division driving (new)

the original BMW driver Robert Kubica transfer Renault, another BMW driver has not Heitfield under the home. Possible between Mercedes and Renault make a choice (personal guess ... ...)

Toro Rosso fired Aguelsuari, now No. 2 car empty.

Campos-Cosworth2 number one driver has been identified as Bruce Senna, who was then Schumacher Ayrton Senna's nephew. No. 1 car empty.

Original TOYOTA driver Timo Glock switched to Virgin Racing, the team's No. 2 driver unknown.

USF1 and Lotus have not yet been determined driver.

In addition, only two stations in the shine of the original contest TOYOTA test driver Kamui Kobayashi should be able to stay in the car, but it is unclear exactly which one, veteran Fesichella stay in the Ferrari as a test driver.

Now the media is more interested in the possibility of Danica Patric joined USF1, she was the only woman in history Indy500 champion, if successful, she will become a modern F1, the only female driver.

End of this year one out of the driver Fesi, test. The second is Aguelsuari, Tai Lan third, Kazuki Nakajima, and also because Tailan fourth, Kimi, do not want to F1, and play a rally.

Another rumor Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher will go to No. 2 vehicle (there might even be squeezing out the No. 1 driver Nico), but the present situation is unlikely, after all, Schumi has withdrawn from a long time.
McGrady heard RAP2010-01-25 09:49:34 +0000 #3
Kimi Raikkonen retired, and to open the Rally of Alonso into the Ferrari ...


know that two of the heavyweights on the list ...



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