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Stir with a short spring shock absorber damping teeth which is more suited to urban use

rebellious sun 1232010-01-25 10:01:46 +0000 #1
Fox use
snowmount2010-01-25 10:17:41 +0000 #2
twisted teeth shock (Height. Adjustable. Damper) - derived from racing technology that have adjustable (Spring) High Design (Hong Kong people are commonly known as "twisted teeth" design) of the shock absorber.

As the name suggests, height-adjustable shock absorber of the greatest advantage is that you can easily adjust the body separate from the four corners of the ground clearance. When the car stationary, the body of the four corners of the ground from the position of the load on the wheels have a major impact: increased body left rear corner of the ground clearance, it increased its diagonal left-rear wheel (ie, right front round) and load, while another right corner of the two wheels (left front and right rear) and load will be reduced. If the reduction in ground clearance is the opposite effect. Therefore, to some extent height-adjustable shock absorber can be used to adjust including the drivers and load (steam) of the stationary fuel weight distribution (static weight distribution).

In the car market, professional team will make use of ground clearance and wheel weight-bearing relationship to calculate the angle of each wheel of the car on the load (ie, re-angle corner weights), been re-adjust the angle of the car would have more time in the dynamic less weight transfer and better vehicle balance, can help enhance the tires to the limit. Re-adjust the angle in the ideal, of course, when the vehicle weight can be evenly distributed (or for special effects deliberately increase or decrease the load of individual wheels).

But in fact, apart from Formula One racing can do the ideal weight distribution, the vast majority of cars, including the GT cars can not do it (FF Touring Car worst, because the drivers, engine and gearbox weight is concentrated In front of a serious natural imbalance).

That much, and returned to civilian car, the majority of fans will only be converted in the first height-adjustable shock absorber when the play about this particular design, but often will not be patient then to fine-tune (after all, Every time you drive, according to the number of passengers to travel location, or will be routed via the route of the road to adjust the car every corner of the load and the distance from the ground is a very troublesome pieces of matter). In this way addition to adjustable height, there are "twisted teeth" design shock absorber performance is not necessarily better than nothing strong.

But from a practical point of view, if only to reduce the car body and to reduce the degree of the bend in the heel, then a simple change of a short and hard spring with the corresponding shock absorbers, may be more worry.

So it is still good for a short spring shock absorber



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