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Drift board compare and recommend

Rain Mo2010-01-25 11:01:57 +0000 #1
Recent want to learn drift board, I was not some kind of foundation, and wanted to buy a board, but because of economic reasons, constraints, can not afford good. Recommended trouble look, I like two: Saab's plate and imitation freeline. (Both more than 100 point) trouble to help me make a comparison and what the advantages and disadvantages of each, which a more suitable for me, you can also look at the recommended others.

My request: 1. Must be a big plate, small plate to do the movements well. 2. To be able to put on board sets, there is no board sets a bad fast, (which is not a big man on the panel board can be set ah??) 3. Better to be able to durable point, I do not want ways before getting on board.

On the above three reasons, Saab and imitation freeline what a better ah? ?

My scores low, giving a meaning about five minutes I hope you help. I really want to learn ah! !
13,463,788,2072010-01-25 11:15:52 +0000 #2
Cyber's not bad `` I have seen can also be because you are a beginner, and in the future will have to be a change better, and now practice on, then buy a good on-axis of the --



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