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How to Get Started the fastest modified car

785,263,6562010-03-23 23:10:22 +0000 #1
how to do it
broken people can not remember to2010-03-23 23:15:05 +0000 #2
amount. Large Displacement + turbo or supercharged + technology = perfect for your perfect quick start.

Thank you, any help please adopt.
IRF5402010-03-23 23:34:25 +0000 #3
game or is it real?
gytsnb2010-03-24 00:09:37 +0000 #4
hang turbo `Brush your computer
bad Tsai, a package2010-03-24 00:22:14 +0000 #5
vigorously stepped on the accelerator as strong as the TV brakes
Fly's stinky rabbit2010-03-23 23:47:43 +0000 #6
want to fast start, are to be in his best speeds for maximum traction, hanging the block slam the clutch, in the start of the moment, lift open clutch, depresses the accelerator to go out at the same time you want to immediately hang up two blocked
ksingsk2010-03-24 00:41:07 +0000 #7
install rocket booster, not ignition faster
tassdarming2010-03-24 02:38:09 +0000 #8
ejection start, my hand sending the H-throttle high-speed clutch and quickly put in gear. Automatic transmission, stepping on the brakes H-throttle, high-speed brake loose, but the right gear so bad, bad luck, then once hung up ... not recommended ...
Yunlong_Wu2010-03-24 01:00:37 +0000 #9
1, shorten the 12 stalls, 23 stalls spacing between the speed (that is, when you change the speed of file)

2, raise the car's own torque

3, with the best speed of changing file

But unfortunately, the above three points apart from the third point can be self-completed and others are to be into the factory



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