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Comparison of the era of CB400 vtec

1000 Aberdeen2010-01-25 13:01:14 +0000 #1
seeking master: CB400 vtec accelerating sense of the era of comparative

vtec ride one-and three generations, two-and four-generation did not ride, feeling much like 3 on behalf of the temper, temper, as a bag, from the Parameters of to two-generation should be the most irritable, and ready to start two generations, but I do not know two-and three-generation compared with a sense of who rides better sense of who is more gentle acceleration.
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-25 13:15:22 +0000 #2
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HONDACB400SF VTEC SPEC Specification Table

Engine Type: 4 red tie valve four cylinder water-cooled DOHC16

Bore x stroke: 55.0 mm x 42.0 mm

Compression ratio: 11.3: 1

Total Displacement: 399 cc

maximum horsepower: 53ps / 11,000 rpm

Maximum torque: 3.9 kg-m / 9,500 rpm

Fuel supply: carburetor

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Honda Honda Model: Honda CB400 VTEC I sell Honda CB400 VTEC I import Special Price: ¥ 40 yuan HONDA CB400SF VTEC SPEC I Spec Sheet Engine Type: 4 red tie valve four-cylinder water-cooled DOHC16 Bore x stroke: 55.0 mm x 42.0 mm Compression ratio: 11.3: 1 Total Displacement: 399 cc The maximum horsepower: 53ps / 11,0 rpm Maximum torque: 3.9 kg-m / 9,500 rpm Frame Type: High-tensile steel cradle frame Transmission: Wet multi-chip 6-speed chain drive Fuel supply: carburetor is the difference between

99 The VC1 valve opening speed is 6750-2001 rpm read out VC2 Open 6350 - and VC3 out even more cool, is to combine 1 and 2 together. Are said to have two sets of ignition. For different speed to provide more efficient ignition system

V2-chip technology was introduced HISS keys are V1 and V2 is the difference between a single-electron pairs in Table 1 is a three-generation electronic watches

HONDA CB400SF VTEC SPEC III Specification Table

Engine Type: 4 red tie valve four cylinder water-cooled DOHC16

Bore x stroke: 55.0 mm x 42.0 mm

Compression ratio: 11.3: 1

Total Displacement: 399 cc

maximum horsepower: 53ps / 11,000 rpm

Maximum torque: 3.9 kg-m / 9,500 rpm

Frame Type: High-tensile steel cradle frame

Transmission: Wet multi-chip 6-speed chain drive

Fuel supply: carburetor

CB 400 SF has a long 12 years of glorious history, can be described by the public. Although the large displacement of the sheep have been away a lot of market space, but a lot of CB fans still want to CB 400 SF VTEC Ⅲ appear. Honda SF two years, the face of flat sales figures, prompting the factory once again put on new clothes for the SF, for NK car owners compete in one breath! HYPER VTEC Ⅲ the emergence of the people of the second generation is too humane and ultra-smooth driving experience rewritten.

Honda VTEC in the second generation of the settings, already gives us a near-perfect VTEC response, because, although it works or not, it is difficult to detect was

that is too smooth in. And hence achieve better combustion and more fuel-efficient, only a very sensitive and very demanding on the handling of veterans will feel it working. So CB 400 SF had a high turn excitement will not become Danru seal? Appears in the NK car? Acceleration Well! Is squeezed out of gasoline.

The car's parameters:

length: 2,040 mm Full Width: 725mm Overall height: 1,070 mm Wheelbase: 1,410 mm

Seat height: 755mm Minimum distance from ground: 130mm Weight: 170kg Fuel tank capacity: 18L

Engine type: Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 16 valve four-cylinder Bore x stroke tie: 55 x 42mm

Volume: 399c.c. Compression ratio: 11.3:1 Maximum horsepower: 53ps/11, 000rpm6 S3 k) R (]. V / F (s) i ( U

Maximum torque: 3.9kg-m / 9,500 rpm Fuel Supply System: Carburetor Ignition: Electronic ignition / [& z0 a (\ (u. (9 C & K9 s6 G

Starting: Electric tart Transmission: Wet multi-plate

6-speed gear ratio: 3.307 2 Wave 1 Wave 2.294 3-wave 1.750 4 wave 1.421 5-wave 1.240 six-wave 1.130 '? U! s]. a0 y

reduction ratio (1 / 2 times): 2.171/2.933 Drive Mode: Practicing Article 3 e% D: d3 p5 y (Z5 _5 J

Frame: High tensile steel dual cradle type # I2 t: l-v2 c

Suspension: (front) 41mm telescopic front fork (after) Binocular Hydraulic Spring

button action: (former) 296mm dual floating disc hole pairs to the 4 piston calipers (rear) 240mm disc with single-hole 2 X-u + Z; Y) h! Y-s3 x

right to the two piston calipers

Tires: (front) 120/60 ZR17 M / C 55W (post-) 160/60 ZR17 M / C 69W

Yes, in the third-generation CB 400 SF HYPER VTEC Ⅲ, is indeed a shock, and found a sense of acceleration Of course, the contrary has lost a share of second-generation super-smooth feeling a bit excited but even more love the three generations of VTEC, not excited, then step on a bicycle rather forget. (-5 @; w7 q) g $ v

HYPER VTEC Ⅲ system changes) e1 r2 J. s # W% N7 U + Z) B1 (personal view is that motorcyclists always be some of the accelerated response to high to be straightforward, though not all-weather, at any time, but, when you need to use , it can give me to you, but too intense reaction may not control, but more gradual acceleration of response to people with mental preparation, much easier to achieve unity of the realm of people and vehicles, handy car hard to find呀!! CB 400 SF HYPER VTEC Ⅲ what happened? 3 `* e (U6 G% C / C & m" (, Q # z

Honda has been one or two generations of experience, the third-generation VTEC computer tuning to make a better improvement, first of all a wave to 5 wave VTEC starting the rotation will be controlled at 6,300 rpm, this is a wise choice, since it has long been the engine of CB 400 SF can do it quickly start quick action, so this switch settings are for 3 to four-wave mid-speed response, so that the new third-generation and second-generation VTEC control in these bands can keep that sense of ultra-smooth acceleration of the advantages of being retained. so it disadvantages? When the five-wave into the 6 pm As the second generation wave VTEC starting time was set at 6,300 rpm, so the transition for the tail section of the safety of doing too perfect, there is no feeling of a little more excited, you can always use six waves slow cruise. * t0 J3 p: v "Y 'L % X. Q

VTEC three generations in the six-wave change when the starting rotation 6,750 rpm, and that they represent anything at all? When you turn in 5 wave 6 wave, as long as the five-wave rotation by y + D # G "\ 5 k & b # J # y * K6, 000 to about 7,000 transferred onto the transfer was pushed into the six regional wave HYPER VTEC Ⅲ response you must feel a bit excited I am talking about the bar!! for CB @ 9 x400 SF HYPER VTEC Ⅲ I feel smooth and they can only say that they cool.

shape to be matched by that in order to CB 400 SF HYPER VTEC Ⅲ front shape a clear difference between the two generations, bound to make some changes, people Yiwangerzhi . Car x0 s4 X * C:?, c9 b% D head enhanced reflective refraction, increased brightness, while the lighthouse replaced by plating black lights, a small code, but feel natural and unrestrained. tanks accompanied by a large-scale Honda wing patterns, a 13mm and a thin elongated seat of 5mm, a lot more running flavor. most of the changes to only the rear shock replaced with a red LED lights to force power, and replaced by oblique on the tip shape, the change to make SF ordinary shape of a bit unusual in the beginning., m; N) Y. y) t, @ "- h; T

front suspension is still 41mm telescopic front fork and rear double-barrel-type hydraulic springs have not changed , the former safety related, or 296mm diameter double-plate keyhole plate, the latter disc is 240mm in diameter keyhole plate matching the pairs of piston calipers, caliper position changed by two generations below the top. In addition, the end of a fine-tooth gear, the speed on the a little more; K / S-O: u. \) c2 @ figures.

Testing experience 7 `/ f (n% T5 b

low rpm a good smooth line of high heat and then try to switch the number to open the VTEC, the linear-like emergence of real-time feel-horsepower, from about 6-7,000 to 13,000 turn is the Red Zone , horsepower output is quite broad, in terms of the rider will increase the number of driving pleasure. bend nature of good, fairly easy to control, so long as to prepare, large curved bends are small, such as clogs the ground.

CB 400 VTEC III is due to a new car, when one CBR 900RR with the same right to the 4 piston caliper brake pads have not yet entered the work within the state, $ q7 Y; y) O 'V / i3?, l move the button so somewhat less than that in due course to open skin After the inscription will be able to discharge their duties. Factory has been equipped with Dunlop tires, affixed to a high of all good, the factory can be described as thoughtful. Suspension been quite competent, but the tail was hanging while slightly more rigid than the VTEC II, and then I have five paragraphs adjusted by showa suspension is only set to the end of 3 * e / v9 V-b "O6 A paragraph may be looking through the adjustment round in their own way.: i6 V5 b $ t2 v4 x + g

shift in gear when the band good accuracy, the biggest change is in the six-wave VTEC start time changed to 6,300 rpm from 6,750 rpm, but it can not spend the day because the road can not be □ OK to fast, so only used five waves. test the weather around 20 degrees Celsius, due to road traffic relations, I often have to open to open stop-, + @ 8 a-Z2 r; r, but cooling is quite well made It did not feel the engine overheating.

CB 400 VTEC III we look at various aspects of performance, in the NK-class vehicles that can be said to be flawless, the only deficiency is possible to maintain the factory) i, a; q e9 N% P) i2 P market competitiveness, and she is still using the carburetor, electronic fuel injection do not know when it will occur in her body?. i-K7 R) j% a9 I # (1 C


shape changes of the The CB 400 SF HYPER VTEC Ⅲ, can really stimulate NK fans buying, I do not know what will be equipped with a trunk after the effect of, changing $ H "@. p0 L3 e) A move of the VTEC results are definitely better than previous generations better, is more effective in accelerating the control handy, it would not be CB 400 SF VTEC fans disappointed, rated 8 P] 2 R0 O8 V1 W: C $ _6 g Honda masterpiece.

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