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Help me find the mountain bike to configure a suggestion watched Oh! ! ! ! Thank you

406,025,7272010-01-25 14:01:14 +0000 #1
Frame Giant ATX-870 White 760

Fork ROCKSHOX DART2 new white 500

to enact Taiwan ABR 31.8-caliber straight to three-piece suit (white) 320

to cross-Taiwan-caliber direct-to three-piece ABR 31.8 -- aluminum pad pad ring ----


to cover Taiwan, Central, TNT can lock the cover (blue) 50


bowl team to send the frame to sit straight with Taiwan ABR 31.8 diameter to 3 sets --------

Seat WTB the old section 80 to send the frame to sit folder -----

AVID BB5 cable disc brake 2010 model M590 + 290 +100

Zhi hands-ray tube JW White-ray tube 20 tooth plate SHIMANO Deore M590 shadow suite 1250

axis SHIMANO Deore M590 round tower of the shadow of the suite

SHIMANO Deore M590 Kit

shadow in the shadow of the chain SHIMANO Deore M590 Kit

Ferry Group m595 Drum + MAVIC317 + scroll (white) 280 +110 * 2 +90 +10


means the tire allocated SHIMANO Deore M590 shadow kit

pre-allocated SHIMANO Deore M590 shadow kit

after the shadow set aside SHIMANO Deore M590 Kit

All about 4300 or so I was ready to race do not know this configuration Zeyang I 4 1000 Money

783,818,8722010-01-25 14:17:30 +0000 #2
Yes, very nice mountain bike that I am a fan I've been to many places bike
Danear2010-01-25 14:25:17 +0000 #3
off-road use, as it is usually enough, but the Competition might look quite right ... ... what the intensity of competition, and amateur race was enough for the low-intensity



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