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Maserati MC12 Why call MC12?

hhan142010-01-25 14:01:34 +0000 #1
For participating in what seems to match!
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-25 14:15:15 +0000 #2
Maserati Versione Corse short

to participate in the GT24-hour race

Maserati MC12 Maserati being developed is a street racing car version of the GT, in order to commemorate the Ma - s glorious racing tradition for us. As a two-seat two-door convertible, MC12 has a long tail, while also reaching 2.8 meters wheelbase. At the same time there was a group of even more shocking figures: 630 horsepower 6-liter V12 engine, 330 km / h, 0 to 100 acceleration time of just 3.8 seconds. Front and rear weight distribution ratio is 41:59. Advanced composite materials and alloys to increase its rigid body structure.

MC12's bodywork is entirely made from carbon fibers, its chassis is made from carbon fiber and Nomex (a lightweight high-temperature aromatic polyamide can be used to the system spacesuit or fire services) consisting of honeycomb sandwich structure. Aluminum under the two pillars of the chassis as an auxiliary equipment, can effectively absorb the momentum, and thus lead to better safety performance of 5.14 meters long, 2.1 meters wide, 1.2 meters high, MC12 strapping body definitely can bring the visual a great impact. After wind tunnel testing and sophisticated calculations, all aerodynamic devices for the MC12 provides a suitable downforce to optimize the car's air flow, while improving the aerodynamic efficiency. The curve of the bonnet after a huge row of six extended to the front of the fence, where the classic Trident logo. At the same time MC12's bi-xenon headlights, as a component, can be demolished. Car side of the vent channel extending from the front to the rear wheels, but also help to improve the aerodynamic efficiency.

MC12 benefited from Ferrari Maserati of the most advanced technology and rich experience in racing. Its proud to launch a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder 65-degree angle was V-arrangement, displacement 5998cc, at 7500 rpm maximum power of 628 hp at 5500 rpm to reach maximum torque 652 Nm. To be able to cope with a strong power output, MC12 Maserati Cambiocorsa is equipped with six-speed gearbox. Motorists can dial directly behind the steering wheel suspension system and is equipped with an advanced huge 19-inch Pirelli tires wheels more to make even more powerful MC12. MC12's braking system is Brembo developed by the famous, were equipped with 6-piston front and 4 piston alloy calipers. At the same time equipped with ABS. MC12 apparent car is its very easy to configure hard demolished the roof, it is easy to make the MC12 from a coupe into a convertible. The interior is typical Maserati style, leather steering wheel, surrounded by flat lines pay attention to the console. All around the speedometer dial neatly displayed in front of the driver. Middle of the oval-shaped watch and blue start button, there are arranged in a variety of titanium-color button on the disk, but also highlights the MC12's elegance. Seats are wrapped by a leather seat carbon-fiber structure. Giugiaro Ferrari Maserati of inspiration with their own concept car design director Frank Stevenson's efforts, as well as the Ferrari Maserati Group will be their most cutting-edge technology and rich experience are devoted to this MC12 Lane. All efforts have not been in vain, MC12 is ready this summer, after the listing, I believe it Porsche Carrera GT the addition of a strong competitor.

Limited sale of 12 units Maserati MC12 Versione Corse

Maserati has been at the auto show in Madrid, Spain for the people to show off The MC12 Versione Corse. In the Bologna Motor Show, we once again saw the coupe. If you really do not have anything on the car image, it is not surprising. The new MC12 based Corse to develop and up to another level, while Maserati for these cars are built in accordance with the requirements of the owner. Just like Ferrari's FXX series of the same, Corsa will be is a fast, rare and expensive vehicles.

If you are willing to pay thousands of dollars 1,270,005 words, not only can get the body from the Enzo, but also able to use power from the standard MC12 on the 600-horsepower raised to 755 horsepower engines. Such a low price and high-performance cars have all been able to Bugatti's Veyron another comparable. But obviously, the latter is a more suitable test vehicles on the road to open the above, but also more luxury, of course, very fast. As a result of the four turbine-driven, Veyron's maximum power even at a staggering 1001 horsepower, while the body weight than the MC12 Corse back on some. We can see, MC12 Corsa closer to a Saleen S7 TT, Saleen, and Maser basically, you can match.

MC12 Versione Corse


• MC12 Versione Corse significance of their existence is to meet some very critical for the Maserati vehicle users, giving them a can in the most advanced environment to test their driving ability.

• MC12 Versione Corse will be limited production, only 12 units

• MC12 Versione Corse will be prohibited from driving on public roads above, or used in any contest

• MC12 Versione Corse in the private sector above the use of the runway or in the Maserati's show a dent.


MC12 Versione Corse has two versions, the lowest level version of MC12 GT1, the main difference is that

• 755 hp or 600 hp

• weight power ratio (kg / hp) for the 1,52 and 1,83

• E-drive manual transmission gearbox and continuous two-seater and single seat

MC12 Versione Corse will be prohibited from driving on public roads above, or for any game. The technology will also be some special can not be used in the design of other vehicles, as vehicle safety and emissions can not comply with some regulations and standards.


• ex-works price and the same as a multimillion-dollar tax increase on sale worldwide

• Delivery Time: From December 2006 onwards

MC12 Versione Corse's official color for the "Victory Blue", but you can their own preferences from the following selection of projects to single out favorites:

• You can manually adjust the standard shock absorbers

• Data retention system can be "R & D Factory Team" to provide vehicle owners once a year, technology upgrades

• car owners discretion, require the body color and appearance

Technical Information

Chassis: carbon fiber monocoque technology

Gearbox: Cambiocorsa

Engine: V12

Displacement: 6.000 cc.

Output power: 755 hp / 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 710 Nm / 6000 rpm

weight / power ratio: 1,52

brakes: Brembo carbon steel (non Anti-lock system)

Wheel size: front 12x18-inch, 13x 18 inches to the rear tire size: Front wheel 650/325/18, 705/325/18 rear

zero to 200 km to accelerate results: 6.4 seconds

limit speed: 326 km per hour

Interior: two-seater racing version

body to prevent the anti-roll bars: There are

Net weight: 1150 kilograms



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