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What is a T card, car, much like the car

4506614622010-01-25 15:01:03 +0000 #1
the kind of car is very very small and very short-bian, with only two seats to see inside the front of a circle like a T
breadsmelody2010-01-25 15:04:02 +0000 #2
Hyundai Tiburon, Hyundai Coupe Coupe sold in North America, the name of the time, the first letter of T at the same time there is a dedicated vehicle standard. Is the official sales in China posted the modern standard, the name of the modern Coupe Coupe.
Sunyang7410062010-01-25 15:10:48 +0000 #3
All Ming Jiaotuo Tomaso, Hyundai Coupe to imitate him
leinuo052010-01-25 15:59:43 +0000 #4
is the modern standard for a car called: coupe . the most expensive imported cars. More than 20 million



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