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493,029,5632010-01-25 15:01:40 +0000 #1
there is no F1 car manufacturers sell? ? ?
sjj13972010-01-25 15:07:06 +0000 #2
F1 cars will be sold

it certainly is a more gently version of the car had

but the car will top the design secrets of some components removed to, or replaced by other components
, and buyers is the result of the very strict identification

What is the Ferrari for example there is a museum inside stood

60 Ferrari's F1 cars are from the first session of the Ferrari F1 racing so far ..

As for the purchase price of I believe I do not have how can we explain bar

There is no doubt that Ferrari is certainly high price

This year, we sold off the comeback of Michael Schumacher announced that when tested F2007 racing car

retro is the customer's

so there will be proved that Sell F1 racing
lollypop02052010-01-25 15:24:19 +0000 #3
The car did not sell does not have much practical value

only when the collection, arrayed
snowmount2010-01-25 16:10:45 +0000 #4
No teams will be on sale

because it involves the team's technical secrets
schumacher_yqz2010-01-25 16:19:08 +0000 #5
Louzhu good.

Ferrari team have clients department, can be used to model before the sale. But the price is very expensive, but very strict review. If you are interested, you can get in touch with the Ferrari China.

Want to help to you.
breadsmelody2010-01-25 17:01:13 +0000 #6
are selling ah, of course, can not be the latest car, selling cars are out of date. Ferrari's flagship store in Shanghai, there are really selling Ferrari f1 parts, I have seen wheels and brake discs, depending on forget that because it is astronomical.
Si1802010-01-25 17:08:54 +0000 #7
Of course NOT!

Now the teams are doing everything possible to Xiangnong Road, others technical information

if bought direct, if you can not buy it?



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