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I want to join car racing club

lizhan22222010-01-25 15:02:00 +0000 #1
I am a person who like to play cars can not be achieved in a home with limited aspirations, and who can help me, I am 19 this year, had just received his driver's license soon
yu cry乄No Tears2010-01-25 15:04:53 +0000 #2
by an ordinary driver "promotion" for the racers need to go through a complex training process, it is interesting racing license "upgrade" and the general driving licenses, "Zeng Jia," quite a bit similar. To have an ordinary car driver's license two years later, fans can register at the China Automobile Association join the club's stunt driving training. Since then, the instructors sent by the China Automobile Association conducted a special venue for racing driving training and assessment, issued after passing the "E" class racing driver's license. Access to "E" class driver's license is only to enter "racing community" start. Because the "E" grade on a temporary driver's license, if the two within a year or more did not participate in the National Rally Championship, the driver's license would automatically be abolished. Conversely, if two or more participated in the National Rally Championship will be able to "Zeng Jia" to "D" level racing license. Get "D" level license, you can enroll in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, as she herself won the "C"-class international racing license. Want to become a premier motor sport - F1 or the International Touring Car Championship (WTCC) racing hand, the need to obtain FIA issued "A" class license, which may not simply a! Of course, access to car license fees are not the lowest, entry-level "E" according to the need to spend more than 5,000 yuan after every "upgrade" and pay high fees. In addition, to become a good racer, but also have a good psychological and excellent fitness. Not only requires a high-speed racing drivers throughout the race in the concentrate, bold but cautious, the harsh race conditions are often also gives the driver the physical cost. Drivers in the race a few hours to live high, enclosed cab, but also the car dressed in airtight suits, wearing safety helmets. High-speed cornering, hard phases of acceleration, deceleration, when the centrifugal force of urgent tests the driver's will and body, driving the car in intensity several times larger than ordinary vehicles to drive the first phase, is between the ages of 8-12. This must be at all levels of riders to win the go-kart race, including the various domestic competitions, as well as a number of international competitions, there must be win. At this stage, the drivers go-kart race training in the basic knowledge of a variety of cars, including the best route, etc., but also feel the atmosphere of racing. The second phase of 12-16 years of age. This stage, the driver started to enter the initial formula phase, such as Campus sort of Formula One race. These future F1 drivers at this stage to participate in the junior formula racing, you must stand out rivals to become the best drivers. This time to enter the initial stage of Formula One as early as possible in order to allow drivers to learn and become familiar with Formula One racing. The third stage, between the ages of 16-22. Drivers in the Campus has achieved great success, this time already have an advanced stage of the condition of the equation. The so-called high-level formula, mainly referring to F3, Formula Renault and Formula F2000 sort of equation. F1 drivers want to enter the greater need for the game at that level to achieve good results, and even access to the world title. Especially the F3 race, because most of the current F1 drivers joined the rank directly from F1 to F3. Except, of course other than F3, other Formula One car can also be entered F1 as a means, such as the F3000, the United States Indy car, and so the high level of competition, skill and difficulty of these games have been very close to F1. However, there will be some special cases, for example, McLaren's Finnish teenager Laike Ning, who is entered directly from the Formula Renault F1's. The fourth stage, when the driver at the senior formula dazzling results obtained at the same time, they have been following the F1 team phase, it will become the F1 team's test driver. F1 test driver, the task is no competition, unless the driver were injured in a formal or can not play out the match when substitute. His task was to constantly test drive F1 car to give the views of the car designer to enhance the level of the car. At the same time for young new drivers, when the accumulation time of F1 racing driver a good opportunity. Fifth stage, when the driver has reached the level and driving time following a request, we should wait for the opportunities offered by the various teams, and can participate in the competition on the 20 so a few people, the annual replacement drivers are only a few people. Therefore, apart from strength, the opportunity is also very important. Once selected, you can become a real F1 driver of the



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