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Students go to school BMX bike what kind of good

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Flatland is the most basic and most important, it has hundreds of kinds of actions, which are the car static equilibrium, such as the rear-wheel-point to jump point to jump front, wiping wheel, fixed cars, Gone with the Wind, cross the bridge and so on. Beginners in improving static balance exercises only after a higher degree of difficulty of the dynamic balance, that is to do in the cycling action.

BMX body generally use the alloy to withstand fall from a few meters in areas with high momentum. The design of the special features there are many, such as the brake lines without restrictions, they can do 360-degree rotation of the handlebars, front and rear wheel has a foot for the "rocket" and so on. A car as long as the ring of some small parts can be made of different games are played, to meet the needs of people of different personalities.

Cars circle around the components


in operation during the BMX tires to absorb shocks play an important role. Now popular, the tire also has a deeper side of the thick tire tread (eg, 1.95, etc.), thick tires, when conducting stability and movement skills, skills for future slope will gradually increase the variety of movements, these movements and with the tire side The tread is about, so this is more suitable for rough tires. Also with the tires is the tire's air pressure settings, although the same tires, air pressure difference, using the feeling is different. The following analysis of the impact of pressure on BMX riding.

Pressure is high: tire size smaller, high-speed rotation, the speed is not easy to drop a smaller force can be inverted spin. However, because of the additional weight of many gases are changing.

Air pressure is low: Tire size larger, the sheer glide slope and type of practice, the high pressure when compared to simple. Inverted when the tire with the ground resistance become larger, requiring more effort. Horizontal direction of tire rotation will move, therefore not suitable.

For skills Rim operations, vehicles must have a certain ring to impact-resistant strength. In particular, if the brake, deceleration is mainly used at present with the MTB disc brake, but BMX is currently still using the brake block brake, the brake pads in contact with the rim area to require rubbing. There manufacturers in foreign countries (AREX) the successful sale of wide rim, and later sold to other manufacturers also went wide rim, so now wide circle of the more popular vehicles. The advantage of wide rim brake pads in contact with the larger parts, while the adjustment of brake pads are more convenient.

Select Spoke Spoke need the experience and the relevant data, because the length of material, etc. There are many varieties, with different combinations, like the appearance and intensity of not, the same spokes use the same hubs, but the installation method is different from the length of spokes is different .

Flower Drum Flower Drum role is to make the car rotate smoothly circle, so the internal structure of precision. There are many users of closed bearing resistance of rotation of the hubs of high precision. The use of the rear of the Flower Drum is not simply rotating rim, but also with the chain of transmission of force to rotate rim, free coaster hab (free inertial running Drum) is a bicycle running back, played a role in idling sprocket. Recently, a foreign manufacturer (BENDIX) created as long as foot pedal sprocket is fixed at the coaster, if using this device, set foot on the pedal of the technology becomes very simple, so a lot of foreign riders reluctant to admit the device.

Recently, BMX street fancy techniques such as continuous improvement, which makes the strength of the rotation axis of high demand have changed, and now sell the 14mm axis of rotation of the hubs, which hubs of two types, one is a 14mm rotary axis of the Flower Drum; the other is 3 / 8 inch with 14mm set of axis of rotation. Comparison between the two axis of rotation of course, the intensity of the use of 14mm is good, but you want to use the 14mm axis of rotation, the frame and fork should be compatible with it.



Handles peripheral components important factor is the height and curvature, can be cut off at both ends of the length of the handle to adjust. On the curvature is now slightly more popular direction to the rider bent handle. In addition, the now commonly used in foreign countries apart from 22.2mm thick handle, the greater use of 1 inch (25.4mm) thick handle, because it strength, while the location of installation of brake rod-selective large, but the use of such handles, can not be with ordinary brake rod, must use one inch (25.4mm) exclusive of the parking brake lever.

Bar end

bar end grip in order to protect both ends and in its most lateral Zhuangshang Qu things. The best metal products (aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc.), fixed on the grip, the bolt position to be put away, turn down when the nuts come into contact with the ground, easy to lose.

Grip hand grips regular contact with the place and hand power to pass on board, all kinds of different thickness and shape of a variety of colored plastic grip. Thin grip of the more popular recently, because it easier to make power.

Parking brake lever brake lever due to the length of the rod such as a variety of different styles. There was a time, and some riders the bar is not completely fixed in the handle so that it can rotate freely around the handle, which is convenient for some tips.

Handlebar handlebar-li-li

There are two, standard-type and the former (ahead) type. Li and protruding handlebar size are many. Handlebar force is important that its fixed strength. Should choose the appropriate neurite length and fixed the handlebar strong legislation. Standard size and super size (over) size, purchase should pay attention to.


who want to right BMX Flatland skills, or the streets when the fancy techniques PEG is absolutely necessary thing.

A. PEG's role

1). Street riding techniques: the peg on the stones and so on above the glide, spin and other techniques to use when.

2). Flatland skills: Riding


aluminum material and its effects: as a peg of the material, aluminum has the advantage of light, less slippery. That is to Flatland skills is not easy when the pin on the slide down from the peg. Some street riding techniques, such as the one peg with the rear jump stones, Ding only, and then go back to their movements, if the peg less slippery, I do not easily fall. On the contrary, if not slippery, when you make some fancy skills fast enough. But to peg exactly embrace tight, rotate skill when in contact with the stone peg junction Office will be friction, making the department become very slippery. In any case, the largest aluminum due to the friction loss is large, often rotate right skills who did not fit, unless you do not care about money.

Iron: Heavy, durable, very slippery, very good place to see sparks, strong. However, slippery.

Aluminum and iron comparison:

the use of that material depends on your skill carried out by fancy, only fancy techniques to the ground should choose aluminum; only to street riding skills should be selected iron (which can also selected according to their interests aluminum); if you are a master of the two techniques can be carried out, aluminum should buy it!

C.peg a fixed method of

socket (socket mount): This fixation method is to bolt fixed to the peg on the body of the screw holes. This method requires the ratchet wrench, 15mm of jack (socket), extension and other tools.

Threaded (thread on): peg itself with thread. This method can be by hand or pliers and other hand-tightened.

The above comparison between the two, then socket better, because it is not easy to loose its shape is not easy to be stolen. But others believe that thread-like appearance of a good inexpensive.

D.peg the thickness and length of

rough: rough, of course is good, because the more comfortable and stable; fine will increase the pressure on the foot.

Length: right skills for the street, many occasions, the object on a peg hung in period will be more, if the peg is sometimes linked short words can not, so long good.

E. reversal of bolts (antispin bolt)

Some peg pay for being called a reversal of bolts (antispin bolt) components, the role of this component is that when the rotation technique to prevent the peg when the loose and rotation, and to peg fixed in the same position (right rotation) on. See the figure below.

On the left: No, right: Yes (with three screw holes, which put a hole in the bolt)

put the bolt screw into the peg into the fork so the axis of rotation incision, we can prevent the rotation.

Buy BMX attention when presented in this matter

BMX is a bicycle can be carried out in general can not be carried out by a variety of actions. The wheel is small, although the fall still be able to handle multiple rotation, the whole body is very strong. It does not, as a means of mobile tools.


the part not used to sit two or three individuals, only his feet on top to do a variety of actions. The use of aluminum in general flast rough peg, street use of iron loss less peg.


hand while a small but important parts. Currently the more popular smaller grip, the grip easier because the smaller force.


brakes part of the BMX is mainly used for adjustment and balance. 990 brake more effective.


shaft rod, a fixed handle parts, there are a variety of species, but can be divided into two broad categories ahead and the general stem. To use the aherdstem must be used ahead of the herd-specific components, but aherds easier to adjust, fixed is also strong so currently using aherds more.


rotating handle, the brake wire will not be around the beginning of the components.


look at pictures you can understand that it is not used to block but for steering components (angle is not suitable seat). GT or the PRIMO predominate.



seat tube, the shape can be fit, but the thickness of the frame vary, so the best time of purchase to bring their own seatpost.


car ring, in order to brake, there must be facilities plating.



backwards when, CRANK do not turn back parts. FLAT action against those who carried out a necessity.

The above information as a reference

My advice is to buy a vehicle

technical training novice mature, according to their technical conditions and characteristics, come back to play assembly, because by then the only way you can all the parts of the BMX features more in-depth experience

hope my answer is helpful to you:)

I wish you good luck!



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