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Why are so powerful modified cars

CDK61542010-01-25 17:01:33 +0000 #1
WRX STI converted easily to win 911 (regardless of acceleration, turn) There are Toyota 2JZ GTE engine to easily win Lamborghini WRX STI said not bend to win the 911 and the EVO because it has the same AYC

Why do small-displacement system since the bigger more horsepower to run the engine if those super-rigidity of work? Not energetically pressing horsepower? ?
yellow mixed with pink phoenix2010-01-25 17:12:34 +0000 #2
because of production cars and modified cars for different needs. Mass production cars to meet the needs of many people, it can not be too personalized, everything from law-abiding. Modified cars is not the case, there must be a strong personality, great even if the strip have gone to the front of the posture. The top speed and handling devices used for more upgrades. Shorten the engine life in exchange for high output power, which in volume production car is impossible, who would buy one with a life span of only 10,000 kilometers engine car? The same tires, wider tires with more increase in the soft grip, a hot-melt tires also ran several hundred kilometers. I think in addition to loving people who left this area who do not buy a car almost every week for the car tire bar! There are aspects of tuning, modified vehicles are able to adapt to the road surface is relatively small, while the mass production vehicles are able to adapt to the road conditions are more common. You will not do in a little damping of the car, road car, a strong sense of Paozhang Tu bar!

So, modified cars always win in some respects, mass production cars, rather than comprehensive. The standard measure of production are too many vehicles, such as appearance, comfort, control, power. . . . Many, while the modified car is only one objective, the other can be sacrificed, so you see things incomplete side.



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