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How kind of drift race? How race cars look like?

yawehtni2010-01-25 22:01:22 +0000 #1
Heard about race and drift car race, drift race and how race cars look like? How kind of racing cars? Race car engines and how kind of handling equipment, operating equipment is not the same as ordinary vehicles? Does all-wheel-drive? There can be four-wheel steering the car? Ordinary car tires car tires and what not to like?

Questions added:

Does the car stalls are there? That race cars and ordinary cars car stall if the operation does not stall like it faster and easier? There clutch operation, if it is faster and easier? Pulls the clutch gear shift bit more slowly than a direct, if not the same as the operation of the car? How many stalls?

Car racing engines maximum speed, displacement, weight, volume how much? What is the maximum speed of car racing? Brake equipment, and whether or not the same as regular cars?

Ordinary cars use ABS, although beneficial, but the braking capacity is fixed, supposedly to make drivers also given the ability to play as much as possible the ability to play a racing vehicles, the opportunity, the car should be no special brake equipment?

storm tiger 1112010-01-25 22:06:18 +0000 #2
ask such a detailed, it seems you are very interested in the car ah. Then let me spell to come.

"Car Race" of people in general would not be so called, are called the Touring Car Championship . The so-called touring cars is to use the market, mass-produced car or a non-production cars modified to a professional race on the track. race car with the usual cars that we opened the biggest difference is that after a very thorough modification, Why do I say it completely, because he converted only one purpose, that is, with champions in the race, all cars will be all the extra things to the split, for example, all the car interior, door glass. machinery will be dismantled off air-conditioning, some of them are split into the battery, ignition by hand before the game. This is all to the maximum extent possible to reduce the weight of the car. while the engine, the fuel consumption and exhaust gas does not take into account any quality problems, the general exhaust should be remove anything that would hinder things, such as three-way catalytic, usually one in the end. to increase the inlet area the size of air intakes, the use of high-flow air filter (commonly known as "style" or "mushroom head" ). to replace the high-performance pumps and large nozzle, timing and ignition advance angle is adjusted quite early, in order to cope with the high speed. there is a way to change the engine displacement, and that is sugar-cylinder. by expanding the bore Direct Direct increase emissions.

As for the body sites, in addition to increasing outside the roll cage to strengthen the intensity outside the cockpit. body strength should also be strengthened, primarily through increases the top bar and bottom bar, mainly in order to get better control of . Of course, replace the shock absorber is also an indispensable step.

operate the equipment?? are you referring to the steering, throttle and brakes, Well what those who control the vehicle?

if touring car, it is generally not going to change the vehicle itself steering ratio. brake, then, to replace the original brake discs to be larger, the brake clamp is generally replaced by six-piston-type or even more. tires, of course, and we usually do not use a啦, race generally divided into slick tires and tire tread tires, the race in order to get the best grip is generally a very wide selection of sizes of tires, of course, width, or the car itself, according to the horsepower to decide. racing tires in many ways are better than those of civilian tire, a lot stronger, for example, at the highest speed, the average standard car tire can withstand a maximum speed of vehicles in general the maximum speed limit is higher, which means that our car is electronically governed top speed 250h / s, then the standard equipped with tire will be able to carry 300 kilometers per hour, more than 300 kilometers, then puncture and other issues might arise, of course, to cite only one example, the specific parameters to be determined in accordance with the realities of the vehicle.

is not the vehicle is four-wheel drive, the vehicle itself, how the appearance-driven, or how to drive in the race, because to change the drive mode is a big project, not to mention some front-drive, body design would not allow shaft position. If insists it into a four-wheel, in that case directly to a four-wheel competition, comes out of this easier.

four-wheel steering is that the vehicles steering, the rear set-up according to the computer-assisted steering, But the rear is minimal. to the G37, it can four-wheel steering, but the angle of the rear wheels can turn only once. depends on the degree of the race is a big profit or a big disadvantage. If they are able to help the results then the engineers will improve the car when it is retained in the conversion.

at the drawing board drift race, in fact, is a drift cornering when the vehicle is still to maintain a high speed, for the vehicle while the vehicle is not ran wide and then save the car oversteer a way, as this method of cornering a strong sense of the visual attacks, but also to maintain a certain high-speed cornering, it has frequently been brought to show off, slowly and have a certain standard, and thus became the game, For in the end is a drift cornering fast or faster using the maximum cornering grip, no one can say clearly. drift race vehicles and touring car vehicles actually no need, yes, that is, no bar-driven approach, the general drift of people like to use FR to drift, of course, do not say do not drift FWD and AWD, to see if there WRC, were completed with four-wheel drive every corner. more popular drift vehicles early SX240, S13, S15, FC, Z350, etc..

All the cars have stalls difference is that shifting the way fills the so-called auto-wave and hand-waves, in the race in order to reduce power losses have generally been hand-wave. shift of There are several ways, if the original car is a H-shift mode, if it is modified as H-type, but will be used to shift lever movements become smaller.

a clutch operation, This gear is the same as The original car is what, then converted the same, the maximum will be replaced by double-clutch clutch. touring car racing is the same. But in racing circles that some cars are not the same as, for example equations, he also has clutch, but the In the operation is somewhat different, as long as he depresses the clutch when it starts, the latter do not have to foot the shift.

engine maximum turn, Touring cars are mass-produced car on the above, or a non-production car, so to the original vehicle no different.

displacement, what I have said, through the sugar-cylinder turbo-added, managed to increase emissions, but the most important thing is not the displacement, but the car's horsepower and torque, of course, these values are and the displacement is proportional to.

as long as the original car has. saloon car race which is still there in the passive safety systems. equation not unilaterally. according to the requirements of competition there may be.

from the question, we can see that you are very like the car is very eager to learn more knowledge of the car.

Ha ha ha we are also regarded as like-minded 377,588,134 This is my QQ if you're interested and we need to talk

No problem, Formula One race. Its steering wheel and steering wheel is a : 1.

Let's take a look at the equation of the top F1 car steering wheel B7% BD% CF% F2% C5% CC & in = 25905 & cl = 2 & cm = 1 & sc = 0 & lm =- 1 & pn = 10 & rn = 1 & di = 2614350528 & ln = 2000 & fr = & ic = 0 & s = 0 should be considered the driver's grip, I did not close seen F1. on the 22 went to the Formula A1 Zhuhai race, probably because the level of A1 is not high, he's steering wheel all look like one. no special grip design. A1 shift operation is pulling into the stall next to push forward drop files (not recorded mistakes), lever back in place will be their own, and do not know there is no F1 on the light switch than the switch on the action but also the small mode of operation of the. V8 engine that can reach a maximum speed of 20,000 rev / min, horsepower up to 800. 335KM/H----410KM/H between a top speed to go to.
zjdfw2010-01-25 22:10:49 +0000 #3
Drift usually drive after use.

Cars are carefully adapted and adjusted, and the performance is much better than the civilian vehicle.

Lightweight modification, basic, leaving only need to use equipment.

Is not all-wheel-drive.

Although I have not seen the car can be four-wheel steering, but does not mean no. The new BMW 7-Series there could be four-wheel steering.

Car tires wider and better grip.

Of course, there are stalls.

Car has a wide variety of gearbox. Some, like the operation and civilian cars, some do not like riders shift movements are quick, there are clutch pedal, shifting is very fast.

Is the modified, it seems that I rarely see a car there is no clutch pedal.

However, some cars are not the same as the transmission, you can not step on the clutch pedal to shift.

Stalls and five forward gears, there are six forward gears.

Do not have to be very, very high speed, horsepower, torque, speed fast like, and displacement of certain large, light-weight would be more, the volume will be smaller.

The most high-speed is not necessarily, some high and some low, the game type is not the same as ah.

Brake discs bigger, more brake pistons, carbon fiber brake discs, and better heat dissipation.

ABS is the anti-lock system to prevent tire skidding out of control led to, not a fixed braking capability.



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