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What is the company's McLaren

Prince Otaku2010-01-25 22:01:35 +0000 #1

ET m show2010-01-25 22:12:48 +0000 #2
is the F1 team, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes-Benz. United Kingdom
Xiao Xiao ZZ2010-01-25 22:48:23 +0000 #3
Simply put, McLaren is a big group, under which there are a lot of business, the car business is just that it's part of it.

McLaren Group, located in the United Kingdom Woking (Woking), together with advanced high-tech companies, each company to maximize for the McLaren Formula One sport at the forefront of technology to build a global reputation and reputation building blocks. Through full dedication, quality and outstanding implementation of the principle of the McLaren Group has been in the UK among the best engineering and technology sector.

The group is grounded in the TAG group (Techniques D'Avant Garde) and the McLaren Mercedes partnership began in 1981, when the McLaren Group Chairman and CEO Ron. Dennis and the TAG Group, Manso. Auger (Mansour Ojjeh) met great friend, become friends. TAG Group was established in 1977, dedicated to some of the advanced technology industries.

In 1983, TAG for the year to launch a turbo-charged engine, the Grand Prix funding, the next season, a McLaren driver Niki Lauda and Alain Prost Formula One world champion captured the title, in 16 games backgammon 12 games. This outstanding performance has won the team McLaren world champion Niki Lauda has become a world champion driver - which is since 1983 16 of the first two world championship titles. Later, in 1984, TAG McLaren race became a major shareholder of the company.

McLaren Group has determined to forge ahead now by a number of companies, they are in a variety of different areas related to operations: McLaren Racing (Formula One); McLaren Electronic Systems (automotive electronic systems ); McLaren market companies (market services). In 2003, McLaren Motor Company (high-performance car) business and McLaren Composites, Inc. (Advanced Composite Construction) integrated to form a separate group of operating divisions, namely McLaren Motors Limited. In 2004, created a new company: McLaren Applied Technologies, Inc., designed for industrial and consumer development and application of intra-group development in automotive technology.

In addition, the McLaren Group, including absolutely delicious, Inc. (restaurants), Leiden Circuit, Inc. (race track) and McLaren's team (supporters clubs and e-commerce).

January 2000, Daimler Chrysler - the supply of engines to the McLaren Mercedes F1 team - Mercedes-Benz's parent company - acquired 40% stake in McLaren Group. Ron. Dennis and Mansour. Auger continue to control the operation and management, each has a 30% stake in McLaren Group.

McLaren Group's Technology Center covers an area of 60,000 square meters, for leading research, development and manufacture of excellent facilities, which has the world's one of the most advanced automotive wind tunnel.

January 2007, the Kingdom of Bahrain-owned enterprises - Bahrain Mumtalakat holding company has acquired 30% stake in McLaren Group. Group's current shareholding structure is: Daimler Chrysler holds 40%, Mumtalakat holding company holding 30%, Ron. Dennis holds 15%, and the TAG Group (Holdings) SA holds 15%. The company will continue its existing management team to run.
zjbno12010-01-25 23:08:25 +0000 #4
Mercedes McLaren Formula One racing, one of the most successful teams by Bruce McLaren (Bruce McLaren) (1937 years - 1970) was established in 1963. Base is located in Woking (Woking). It also participated in the Indianapolis 500 (Indianaapolis 500), Canada - United States Challenge Cup (Canadian-American Challenge Cup) as well as the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. Fleet by Ron Dennis (Ron Dennis) managed by the McLaren Racing (McLaren Racing) control is the McLaren Group (McLaren Group) member of

1990 years, the McLaren car (McLaren Cars) established, the basis of expert opinion in the team to produce road cars.

Team Name Vodafone ‧ ‧ McLaren Mercedes Team

Location United Kingdom Surrey woking

technical guidance to the President Langdannisi Pat ‧ Furui

09 season, the main driver 1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Sea Ji Kewa Lehning (2010 Barton joined)

test driver Pedro de la Rosa


car models McLaren Mercedes MP4-23

engine, Bridgestone tires FO 108V

for the first time a race in 1966 Monaco Grand Prix

has completed the tournament record of 164 games


8 times world champion won a record 11 times

150 times the number of pole frequency of 126

the fastest lap times the number of 130

2008 total score of section 2 (151 points)



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