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Chang'an Suzuki antelope timing how right?

RomanticあE Fu understand2010-01-25 23:01:16 +0000 #1

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Method 1: open the Check

Method 2:

So try unplugging the tank fire, the sparks that fly out of shows that timing belt is not broken (the car relies on Hall sensor within the distributor and intake manifold absolute pressure sensor to transmit the signal to the ECU to control ignition and fuel injection . The distributor is driven by the camshaft, camshaft from the crankshaft is driven by timing belt), can be ignition. Then check the oil line, disconnect the return pipe to start when the oil flow. But we can not determine whether the fuel injection nozzle, they would spray inside the intake manifold carburetor cleaning agent, it's still not a car. Cylinder pressures, taking into account the possibility of sudden failure of small, in turn come back to continue to check the circuit. Remove the four spark plugs, and all sub-cylinder plug wire, and unplug the 4 injector plugs, playing motors, four spark plugs can jump out of a strong blue spark. After the installation of spark plugs, try to tune a bit ignition timing, with the car's signs, after numerous start, barely a car, but the idle is very unstable, but also can not afford to simply add the oil. Since the transfer to the car's ignition timing, indicating problems or in the ignition system, will not be the Timing belt jumped teeth in it?

removing the front of the engine components, inspection is found crankshaft, camshaft mark are aligned correctly, there is no jump teeth and found no problems, had to re-install the car's fault remains. Content from abcar

Next, a detailed analysis of the car is a five-into a new EFI car, but also in normal use, not be so difficult to start呀? The normal to start the engine up and running must have five conditions: 1, sufficient ignition energy; 2, good fuel atomization; 3, a good cylinder pressure; 4, the correct distribution gas phase, ignition and injection timing; 5, adequate intake and exhaust unobstructed. The car has enough ignition energy, spray of clear and atomizing agent is also a good fuel similar, so this first section is entirely possible to exclude 1,2, 3,5 as the first test of been done, then remove the intake hose and Three catalytic converter front end, a car, failure has not changed. There is no cylinder pressure table, they would drop cylinder oil, remain the same. It seems the only Article 4 is doubtful, but the car during refueling bored, I feel the same as with the ignition timing too late. As a result, they patiently removed the timing belt again, carefully checking the crankshaft wheel alignment mark, remove the one-cylinder spark plug, targeting at the ending point position on a cylinder. Camshaft timing wheel alignment mark (due to valve rocker arm body cam eight-character block could not see, were dropped), while the sub-flame at the moment, just in a tank location. Suddenly remembered previously seen a round and a half months due to the crankshaft key to accelerate wear and tear caused by poor Songkuang articles, suspected that this car is also similar problems, we tried a bit tight round the crankshaft and camshaft timing gear big bolt, but also the phenomenon of having nothing to loose, and then double-check the ignition and the gas distribution system to other parts, such as the distributor, timing belt, etc., or did not find any problems.

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This is strange, and all conditions are met, why so difficult to start it? Thought to want to go, feeling failure or in the ignition and the gas distribution system can not find the reasons it happens? The car the car After the idle time they extinguished the oil lamp light for a while (taking into account the car is not a hydraulic tappet structure, oil pressure and more difficult to start a direct link does not exist, it temporarily to do processing). Engine fault light is also not bright, to say nothing more than ECU to control ignition and fuel injection this fundamental two, but the car has both the fire injection. But still the idea of holding try to use diagnostic equipment testing, factory non-diagnostic apparatus, we drove the car to the outside plant testing. The results trouble-free code, read data stream is also normal, then drive the truck to the 4S shop for help. 4S shop staff, according to testing, said that the first 2,2-Road Wagai La camshaft injury, to conduct major repairs, for difficult to fault the car and speed up the bad without making any explanation. Content from AB Automotive Network

matter has been now, had to drive the truck back to break down the engine, and so remove the cylinder head and break it down we find, camshaft timing wheel and camshaft has been broken between the pin and fixed them Although a large bolt fastening, but the bolt has been seriously stretched in the middle thin, 2 thick, the possibility of rupture at any time.

Content from AB Automotive Network

At this point, really find the cause of the malfunction: Even if timing marks are aligned wheel, with gas-phase is not necessarily correct. But also in the refueling, the camshaft and camshaft pulley slipping between the severe, resulting in convex axis is not a synchronous rotation, can not afford to simply add oil, occasionally, after alignment, but also the car. AB Automotive Network

and more with pin the fracture within the lubrication of camshaft vagay bad cause injury related (the car after the car's "Jiji" and sound, but it was just as common abnormal sound only, and and this failure is not linked, they not done checking), dealt with within the cylinder head lubrication is not good, Wagai La injury problems, and replace the camshaft and camshaft pulley, failure ruled out.

Maintenance Summary: Content from abcar

While the lack of experience on the repair, but as a craftsman, as such problems, I am very self-reproach, is not that we can not, nor is it our not, but we do not have intentions. Lead testing is not in place, the exclusion is not the fault successfully. The troubleshooting process to write out, hope you learn a lesson from peers. Content from AB Automotive Network



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