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There are no low-cost car for drift

AXV572010-03-26 12:11:46 +0000 #1
do not have to rear-wheel drive
melancholy Prince ADAM2010-03-26 12:18:51 +0000 #2
does not necessarily have to drive the car after the car

precursor can also drift

as long as what kind of car can drift Technology ah

slams on the brakes and take advantage of the body weight transfer, so that the rear thrown in cornering method (for FR rear-wheel drive vehicles for more than 90-degree corners). Procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan hit the brakes and down when you re-file, so that vehicles center of gravity forward.

2. Meng cut the steering wheel to the rear thrown.

3. Anti-dozen amendments into the bend angle of the steering wheel.

4. To maintain the speed to glide to be out of bending angle.

5. With the steering wheel, and instantly re-stepped on the accelerator out of bends.

Sidebreak-Drift: handle brake to the rear thrown in cornering method (for FF front-wheel drive vehicles, the overwhelming majority cars FF). Procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan not to the general point, early cutting the steering wheel, brake handle and then the vehicle sideslip.

2. Taxiing down immediately file, and keep sliding state to the cornering apex.

3. When you reach the bend apex, the Feet throttle out of corners.

4WD-Drift: four-wheel slightly when cornering cornering sliding tail flick method. Procedures are as follows:

1. Ruwan before the acceleration, when the alignment Ruwan bending peak of the steering wheel and step on the brake force cut down file.

2. Vehicle the way slightly Sstraight-Drift glide into the corner.

3. Cornering apex, the Feet throttle straight out of turn.
SLR7222010-03-26 12:46:49 +0000 #3
must be after the drive in order to make a real sense of drift, the former car we just can not drift, but not while driving through the throttle control to adjust the drift angle and lines, so this can not be considered really drift. And must be equipped with a LSD post-drive in order to make long-distance drift. If you want to in-situ circular motion also need to install the rear LSD drive, LSD is a limited-slip differential

Domestic cheaper for drift car is the Toyota Reiz, and their own performance, that's pretty good, and the related accessories are also regarded as relatively more modifications. Important is that although the rear-wheel drive

BMW 3 Series is rear-wheel drive form, but it is said that there are not any matching LSD parts, therefore less suitable.

Japanese cars drift cars has always been the preferred target, 350Z, RX-8, and so good. However, slightly higher prices, there is the RX-8 rotary engine maintenance more expensive.
IRF5402010-03-26 12:44:21 +0000 #4
only the rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is suitable for drift of the fundamental precursor to even think about the

cheap sports car, the Mazda mx5 RX8 RX7 after the conversion are more suitable for mx5 drift less than 300,000, RX8 less than 400,000



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