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What we can do a test driver

545,920,9542010-01-25 23:01:40 +0000 #1
age, driving experience, physical requirements, etc.,,,, thank you
XAVIERWING2010-01-25 23:15:06 +0000 #2
in car racing known as the movement of people can be divided into amateur riders and professional racers. Professional racers have a fixed donations, and every year a fixed schedule; and amateur racing driver as an individual's interest in participating, there is no fixed schedule and donations need to self-funding competition.

To engage riders who need to have a good sense of speed and performance of vehicle handling.

Because of the danger of the sport cars quite high, often need to supply the entire maintenance team will meet in order to minimize the risk, thereby improving their performance.

Racing driver physical requirements:

Most people think that racing is just driving a car doing laps alone, physical demand is not high, but in fact just the opposite.

When the driver driving the car, because of rapid acceleration and deceleration and steering movements, drivers need to bear the enormous centrifugal force, physically less of people, even raised his hands to seize the steering wheel is also difficult. To F1, for example, drivers need to schedule a half-hour, the bear an average of not less than 2G (or driver to accompany their own body weight 2) and horizontal gravity, the maximum will increase to 5G (horizontal normal gravity have to bear more than 3G a great opportunity to shock). In addition, due to the need to wear helmets, driver's neck muscles to bear the weight of the head with helmet for more than two times the gravity (F1 racing hands and neck to withstand four times to five times gravity). The endurance test of the drivers is the long concentration, wearing a thick fire clothing, more than 40 Celsius degrees inside the car driving is not less than 1.5 hours will lead to great loss of body water, so endurance racing and high - Level Formula, the city with drinking water tanks, pipes connected to the helmet early opening set, the driver simply press the button on the steering wheel can be drinking water. In addition, according to statistics, after a F1 race, the driver lost an average of 2-3 liters of water, and even once the drivers reported that dehydration for more than 5 liters. So the car is actually a very high physical demands of extreme sports.



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