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What is a truck, what the role of transmission easier to do bad?

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always play a small role2010-01-26 00:07:16 +0000 #2
is the "transmission" that is, we often say "file."

Its role is that you can adjust the engine speed and wheel speed ratio allows the engine truck under different circumstances to give the best state of the wheel driving force.

Normal driving, not bad, but seriously overloaded with inappropriate gear on the steep slopes, it will cause a transmission gears were damaged.
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Truck Transmissions

Product Model: MSB-5S

The transmission in strict accordance with Japan's Isuzu Motors to standard production, applicable to domestic light trucks, passenger cars and all kinds of variants.

Technical parameters match the engine: 4JB1, 4Y, 4100 stall speed ratio, etc.

Ⅰ file: 5.016

Ⅱ file: 2.672

Ⅲ file: 1.585

Ⅳ file: 1.000

Ⅴ file: 0.770

Reverse: 4.783

Center Distance: 88

Torque: 230

structural characteristics of the transmission with manual-shift full-synchronizer, there are five forward gears and one reverse, all for the regular mesh helical gear drive, move the slider-style files are used synchronizer gear , gearshift for remote manipulation and floor-style direct manipulation.

That the gearbox has a lot of cars


automobile gearbox transmission with such features several functions:

① change the transmission ratio, expand the driving wheel torque and speed range in order to adapt to constantly changing driving conditions, while making engine favorable (higher power and lower fuel consumption) of the operating conditions of work;

② in the engine rotation circumstances remain unchanged, making the car able to travel backwards;

③ the use of neutral gear, interrupt power transmission to the engine to start, idle, and facilitate the transmission shift or power output.

Transmission is a variable-speed transmission and manipulation of bodies, when necessary, you can also install power output device. In the classification in two ways: by changing patterns of transmission ratio and by manipulation of the different ways to points.

[Edit this paragraph] Principles

manual transmission gearbox gears and shafts mainly by the composition, through different combinations produce variable-speed gear change moment; while AT Automatic Transmission Fluid Torque from the device, planetary gears and hydraulic control system components , through the hydraulic transmission and gear combination to attain the speed change moment.

One Hydraulic Torque AT device is the most characteristic parts, which consists of pump wheel, turbine and guide wheels, components formed directly into the engine torque and clutch power transmission effect. Pump wheel and turbine is a combination of work, which is like the relative placement of two fans, one fan blowing in the wind initiative will lead to another passive fan blades rotate, the flow of air - the wind kinetic energy to pass into the medium . If you use the liquid instead of air into kinetic energy transmission medium, pump driven turbine wheel will rotate through the liquid, and then between the pump wheel and turbine wheel coupled with lead in order to enhance the transmission efficiency of the liquid. As the hydraulic torque converter automatic transmission torque converting far enough and the efficiency is low, and therefore behind the turbine and then a few series Top Gear star to improve efficiency, the hydraulic control system will work with the engine change on their own manipulation of planetary gears, in order to achieve automatic transmission.

[Edit this paragraph] kind

according to the transmission ratio changes in sub-transmission ratio change by way of sub-:

a-stage transmission is currently the most widely used one. It uses gear drive, with a number of fixed values of the transmission ratio. Wheel system used by the different types, there is the axis fixed transmission (general transmission) and the axis of rotary transmission (planetary gear transmission) two kinds. Currently, cars and light and medium goods vehicle transmission gear ratio usually has 3-5 forward and one reverse, in the heavy-duty truck transmissions used in combination, there are more stalls. The so-called transmission file number Jizhi its forward a few stalls.

Non-stage transmission, the transmission ratio within a certain range of values can be an infinite number of level changes, the common are power-type and hydraulic type (dynamic liquid type) two kinds. Variable-speed electric CVT transmission components for DC Series Motor, in addition to the application of the trolley buses, the transmission system in the ultra-heavy-duty dump truck is also widely used in the trend. Dynamic liquid-type continuously variable transmission components for the hydraulic torque converter transmission.

Multi-purpose transmission is defined as torque converter and gear transmission consisting of a class hydraulic mechanical transmission, the transmission ratio can be between the maximum and minimum values within a few break for no grade change, now used more often.

Manipulated by manipulation means of mode sub-sub-:

forced manipulative style of transmission is through direct manipulation of the driver shift lever.

Automatic control-type transmission of their choice and shift gear ratios are automatically carried out by the so-called "automatic" refers to the mechanical transmission through each stall transformation is reflected in the engine load and speed signals to control the implementation of the system components shift achieved. Drivers only need to manipulate the accelerator pedal to control speed.

Semi-manipulation-style transmission, there are two types: one is commonly used in several stalls automatic manipulation by the driver to manipulate the rest of their stalls; the other is pre-style, that button is selected in advance by the driver stalls, in the depresses the clutch pedal or release the accelerator pedal when connected to an electromagnetic device or hydraulic device to be shifting.

By using the method of sub-use categories:

manual transmission (MT)

manual transmission, also known as manual and that can be changed manually toggle stick shift transmission gear mesh within the location, change the transmission ratio, so as to achieve the purpose of speed . Depresses the clutch when the moving stick shift may be set aside. If the drivers were better, install manual transmission cars in acceleration, overtaking cars faster than the automatic transmission, but also fuel-efficient.

Automatic Transmission (AT)

automatic transmission, the use of variable-speed planetary gear mechanism, it can according to the degree and speed of accelerator pedal changes automatically to speed. The drivers are only required to manipulate the accelerator pedal can control the speed.

In general, the vehicle commonly used in automatic transmission has the following types: hydraulic automatic transmission, hydraulic transmission automatic transmissions, power transmission automatic transmission, there are class mechanical automatic transmission and non-class mechanical automatic transmission and so on. Among them, the most common is the Automatic Transmission. Automatic Transmission is mainly controlled by a hydraulic gear shift system structure consists mainly of auto-clutch and automatic transmission two parts. It can under the throttle open degree and speed of change, to shift automatically.

Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

Continuously Variable Transmission is by two variable-speed wheel and a belt formed.

Therefore, its simple structure than traditional automatic transmission, the volume smaller. In addition, it can be free to change the transmission ratio, in order to achieve full CVT, so that a smooth change in speed of motor vehicles, there is no conventional transmission shift when the kind of "Dayton" feeling.

CVT automatic transmission belongs to a kind of, but it can overcome the normal automatic transmission "sudden shift", slow throttle response, fuel consumption higher drawback.

Transmission is France's Renault (Ranault) invented it.

is not easy to change a bad block will provide a timely and reliable speed to speed or speed range just is not big enough
wxw77762010-01-26 00:20:32 +0000 #4
transmission is commonly said that the gate boxes, as easy or bad. It's to see what car. There are several cars made gearbox (gate box) is not very good. Ready to pull large tonnage, then, mind if you use Shaanxi Auto gearbox.



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