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qq Speed of the storm the task is worthwhile! ?

DXYLHX2010-01-26 01:01:09 +0000 #1

desert the ship2010-01-26 01:07:34 +0000 #2
not worth it!

1: Q point and the Q can only be used to purchase coins, points, vouchers do not support, there is no point of Q coins for the discount coupons;

2: 9.9Q currency pumping once! ! Do you know how much the probability of do? 100 ten thousandth? 10 ten thousandth? , Or one ten thousandth? Who knows how to change the probability of TX. Only a very small sum.

3: Blizzard is a good car that's right. However, there are a lot of good cars, many A car, slightly modified after a very strong, of course, you also need a certain skill level; a novice new to him you can spot snow run first?

4: blizzard is good at TX's ace car. Why does not directly determine the price of a sell out? 500 1 or300 Block 1? Because it determined the price, that is, there is a bottom line, and the rich people still can buy with a permanent. But the TX is to smoke, and this is a bottomless pit of. Perhaps you pumped 1000, 10000 are pumping less than a permanent blizzard. Reason to understand bar. This is a money-making tactics TX.

If someone believe that they must be very lucky cow XXXXXX, and draw bar.

TX Anshuang surely go again. Sources of income rolling in ... ...



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