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2009 Central, Tara Rally Why cancel ah, do also held in 2010? Time? Said that a detailed point

finally got registration2010-03-27 02:10:16 +0000 #1

melancholy Prince ADAM2010-03-27 02:25:23 +0000 #2
or because of security issues now

09 rings, according to Tara Rally organizers the latest news, 2009 Central, Tara Rally canceled for any reason. 2010 Central Tara Rally game time to be determined.

With immediate effect, the Organizing Committee will begin to ring tower cancellation due to events involving ring Tara Rally 2009 Entries related to promoting investment, competition preparation deal with the aftermath work. As follows:

Central Organizing Committee of the tower through the forecasting process the teams were released after the event cancellation announcement will be based on the wishes of applicants, or to retain part of its 2010 priority Tara Rally qualify, or a full refund Entries fee.

To the application form submitted by the Organizing Committee, Central Tower Central tower of the 2009 volunteers, the Central Organizing Committee will retain its tower in 2010, Central Tara Rally volunteers priority pre-qualification.

Ring tower will be 2009 Organizing Committee as a "publicity-year, Central Tower" and continue to promote and publicize ring Tara Rally:

Central Tower Company and China International Travel Service co-operation in Xinjiang CYTS ring tower special tourism cheer group activities, will continue to be facing the country, the world conduct a publicity campaign for the 2010 Central Tower of special tourism activities to prepare for.

Ring Tower haiha library network with the rings towers international photographic cooperative activities of the Assembly, will continue to organize public campaigns for the 2010 Central Tower photo of the General Assembly to prepare for.

2009 10 In late 2010, Central Tara Rally to promote the work and the preparation work will be launched, please take heed of the Organizing Committee, Central Tara Rally news bulletins and notifications.



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