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there are many I still do not understand2010-01-26 02:01:35 +0000 #1
heard that Honda's new NSX R & D program was terminated in the end is not true, online now and can only be found in New Zealand, Kita-NSX test of the video, not really end it, another Toyota Supra car news how the how does that feel no static and dynamic of the. Mitsubishi EVO 10 on behalf of the feeling is really Need呀modeling Ye Hao, but its rivals Subaru Impreza car I feel so disappointed, and foreigners testing and EVO inadequate compared with the apparent shift in the future, or EVO rivals do, while Mitsubishi the previous GTO, also called the 3000GT seems there are plans to introduce new cars do, Nissan R35 too perfect, and Mazda's RX8 feeling is that the weakest strength of these cars, and Suzuki now only engaged in small cars do, there is no sports car. Comparison of the above said, chaos, hoping to help understand the car I answered, I had no car is just like the car
a man should not be too CCTV2010-01-26 02:06:15 +0000 #2
1: In accordance with Honda's official word is to suspend the development of a new generation of .. is not a Toyota, Honda NSX had a single model can be sold in the world has always been Honda's most concerned about .. So this is not as good as Toyota, Honda is not always the reason to do this .. As for the NSX can only enhance the brand image of the loss-making model Honda is not needed at this stage ...

2: Toyota Super is the successor to the high-end sports car after Toyota, Lexus LFA Lexus will be posted at S

3: Impreza WRX STi style does nothing to the discussion is a failure .. . but only said that if the performance EVO is not stronger than the WRX STi, how often counted up to a level that is inside .. there are 10 on behalf of the EVO models Fuji SST dual-clutch temporarily not have their own dual-clutch gearbox .. others I think it is almost

4: GTO belonging to Mitsubishi 90's production of ultra-ran .. but now Mitsubishi is not the .. 90's Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Although one of Japan's three major consortia, but Chrysler has been its allies face bankruptcy from the collar Paul had a problem ..... should we not have this level GTO models appeared

5: RX-8, mass-produced version on sale in Japan at that time in 2002, has not abolished the restrictions so 280 hp horsepower is only 250 .. but not until around 2005 Mazda RX-7 super-race was completely cut-off .. better than the RX-8 the Japanese enthusiasm for RX-7 ... As for the GTR as the technical aspects of this vehicle was originally RX-8 would not be able to match .. one and modern Coupe Mitsubishi Eclipse cars and bring a level of Ferrari, Porsche car when the opponent is considered a level you do? RX-8 is not the purpose of the development of blindly the pursuit of performance, but rather a more comfortable balance between control of the daily trot ... otherwise the Japanese would not have said that the highest RX line RX-7 this any more .. By the way, RX-7 was born in the 90's running like a Japanese super-springing the general age of the birth .. pairs of the Japanese sports car era in which the performance of R & D reached a state of obsession (FC3S FD3S R32 R33 R34 NSX SUPER Z32, large) seems to me that era of Japan's most glorious era of sports car .. but That is also why the public do not need to develop some models and ignoring the needs of the public to the 21st century, Japanese car brands are also crazy for them to pay the price of the acquisition of the acquisition were forced alliance alliance .. which is why the Japanese auto industry is now For the performance cars and sports cars are cool because RX-8 was born in this era ..

6: Suzuki had on the manufacture of car ... like Toyota, Daihatsu's role in the development of car just like the Suzuki played previously in the same general .. the role of an Automotive Group where each brand has its own tasks and research and development objectives of the host .. the field of sports and high-end cars is never involved in Suzuki, but Suzuki off-road and rally events in this area or the modicum of success in There are also long after independence, since the Suzuki began the development of mid-size car of the .. 90's Suzuki Cappuccino should be regarded as the most famous open-top car has ..



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