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How can book car conversions

wangguijie182010-01-26 04:01:28 +0000 #1
I want to learn car conversions, who can provide me with a good book, or experience, Ha ha ha ....... thank the
ycnich2010-01-26 04:16:12 +0000 #2
I am a car professional, also liked car conversions.

The book, it may have two options

1) Automobile magazine - is a very good choice, the latest trend of modification, modification experience, of course, the introduction of knowledge conversion, there are a lot of Hong Kong, Taiwan side of the modified car magazine, However, I wonder if you do not buy that convenience, I here there is a bookstore there, but the price expensive side. Published in the mainland are also converted Car & Driver, you can go to bookstores look down, generally, and it can net purchase ah.

PS: reading magazines, the biggest gain I feel like I can help you keep that passion and curiosity, do anything, first of all you've got to have the desire and impulse to do Well.

2) professional books - the system explain the car, driving principle. The basis of two books - automotive construction, automotive theory. Such books, then, the version does not matter, as long as the regular publishing house on the OK, I use the "car theory" Mechanical Industry Publishing House - "car constructor" People's Transportation Publishing House, general bookstores big points there, net purchases can also be I do not know you will not feel dry, I was learning to add interest to this, so it very flavored.

PS: this book is not directly explain the modifications, but I feel like building a house, there must be ground bar.

But I think: able to do so, the best modification is to store to learn, where you can come into contact with the actual operation, the premise is aware of a basic principle.

Caishuxueqian, without saying that the lot in order to made it clear that my proposal for information exchange.

You're welcome.
gamemaster04302010-01-26 04:28:34 +0000 #3
undertaking Automobile: Headlight Angel eyes, Devil eyes, lens modifications, exterior modifications, power upgrades, interior modifications, chips, audio upgrades




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