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Why WTCC players do not use tail-flick cornering

zhangyuqpwo1472010-03-28 08:10:36 +0000 #1
Drift cornering faster than the slow cornering rejection does not ask what ,,,,,,
ExtremeEngine2010-03-28 08:17:52 +0000 #2
tail-flick faster than the grip? How can she say?

Tail flick The only way to faster only than the grip more than 300-degree turn in the circumstances, and requires no hand brake, pure power skid aversion. Even so, is also a great chance of collision.

On the track environment, cornering grip is always faster than the drift cornering! Otherwise how the top of the F1 cars do not have to adjust according to drift, but will require the car oversized grip press on the ground?

The most commonly used tail-flick cornering is gravel and mud roads on the rally. That often can see the tail-flick inside the drift and power skid aversion, it is because that the road grip is poor, so even a minor skid aversion, the loss of speed is not large (see the rally when the thick power skid aversion Raising the soil tire bar), while the space race, similar to F1, LeMans, and WTCC in this way, the road monolithic, if the Habitual Abortion, then, between the tire and road surface is dry grinding (in the sand on the floor, out of which was Jan layer is equivalent to a buffer, a relatively small number of wear and tear), so that not only the rate of loss of waste tires and extremely.

On the contrary, when cornering grip, drivers in general compliance with outside - inside - outside the method, take the racing line cornering, this is the right way to go bend. Drift time, in fact the car has been in a semi out of control, ground game were, and we finished it was first. Drift away method, or entertainment than actual functionality.
IRF5402010-03-28 08:24:54 +0000 #3
Who told you that much faster .... be animated TV series of the bar Huyou

adopted cornering strategy according to the current track (asphalt to gravel to mud to snow, etc.), tires (off-road tire road tire slick tires), the current tire pressure, bend angle, LSD school adjustment, school adjustment suspension, power output of the school transfer, the current tire wear and many other factors to determine

like the Initial D drift net in vain as play, the kind of run Fa-kuang Tire money is not an ordinary person can afford;



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