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Formula What is the connection with the FIA?

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Su-FIA FIA said on the race car he tube
pluss2010-03-28 18:39:04 +0000 #3
Federation Internationale de I'Automobile-FIA, the International Motor Sports Association, referred to as "FIA" or "FIA". Was established in 1904. Headquarters are located in Paris, France, next year will be moved to Zurich, Switzerland. In order to promote the development of automobile industry for the purpose.

Some of the more influential of the Committee are: track and Safety Committee, a Formula One Commission, Rally Committee, Karting Commission, automobile Tourist Board, the manufacturer Committee.

FIA is a non-profit organization, which represents 117 countries on five continents in 150 state-level car to drive the organization. FIA is divided into two parts: the Ministry of Sports Ministry and travel vehicles.

Sports Department: responsible for managing all forms of motor sport in the world, including more than 50 million passengers a year to attract viewers of the F1 race, as well as F3000 Championship, wagon (GT) race World Rally Championship, Karting contest. FIA in accordance with national application in the world each year some 80 countries were organized nearly 800 games all kinds of motor racing.

Travel and Automotive Division: responsible for the coordination of road safety, environmental protection, consumer protection, organization-related activities and travel matters.

FIA means Ferrari International Assistance (fans dig)
ExtremeEngine2010-03-28 19:10:58 +0000 #4
FIA world motor sport's boss, all just filled with engine running the car movement on the ground that it had control, including all levels of Formula One racing (there are does not contain, such as GP2 and A1, are not subordinate to FIA, but the FIA has the right to monitor its operation), Rally (WRC, Dakar, etc.), the Housing racing (LeMans, WTCC, etc.), motorcycle (MotoGP, etc.), etc. and so on ... ... In short it is the oldest motor sport.

The F1 is a Formula One car for the highest level, which is the official FIA Formula One race, the highest level, but also in the race FIA were, F1 is the most influential, watching the largest number of projects, it is also a matter of fact the most attention FIA项目.

In between F1 and the FIA, there are still a number of other agencies, such as FOTA and so on, they are the direct management of various affairs of F1 to the FIA at the same time responsible.
zengsilin0002010-03-28 18:40:58 +0000 #5
Match These are the property of his possession, the rule is that they have formulated ==

like football and soccer such a relationship! -----



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