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MSC regression results would happen!

7.99716 million2010-03-30 09:10:02 +0000 #1

ExtremeEngine2010-03-30 09:19:58 +0000 #2
Winter test according to the results, except to say Schumi's achievements in general. Because MGP cars always seem to cast doubt on the entire Ross family property is not on such a point of. Especially when the McLaren came up with so radical a car when the. Do not forget the second half of the season last year, BGP should be slower than the McLaren and RBR has.

Actually measured from the winter situation F10's performance rated as alarming, the first day's fastest lap on the crazy brush, then brush the FM yesterday, ultra-long-distance, ran an amazing 700 km long-range stability of the show. In contrast Schumi and his W01 really not particularly eye-catching performance. Even the super-clean Sauber is also driven by small-Lin Sang Biao once. Schumi had to Ross that the car compared to W01 and competitors, there is a gap, but these words do not know if smoke.

However, the winter has been less measurable performance next few, and God knows it. Ross only cunning old fox is always cunning and might to the boundary of Bahrain began Stories behind Olympic had. Schumi is also a wily, but on the 10th fastest lap of Jerez is a brush out of Nico, Nico was the first driver to know, and his other teams are running the first driver, that W01 is still strong, and may be Schumi is not fully play, hope so, rather than power has declined.

Always felt that watching the winter MGP could not see any test results out of their places, or to see March 12-14 issue of the Bahrain Grand Prix bar, wait and see.



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