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I bought the ATX790, why I transferred after the plate 4.5 speed or so prone to jump on the chain?

zhou851763222010-03-31 04:11:52 +0000 #1
There is a time to exert oneself easily start jumping chain
Columbia home2010-03-31 04:22:35 +0000 #2
should be allocated after the reasons. . . Jump chain is mainly due to transmission bit inexact card caused by the initial jump chain is a factor. To the Giant store looked for someone to debug inside look on the list.

Before and after the chain bit too much torque may also be the cause. Behind the plate called the flywheel, small-cap can not hang large fly in the smallest disk to try not to hang the fly, tape does not hang Xiaofei. . Moreover, the vehicle speed is the reason why so many designs in order to find the current road conditions for cycling were the most suitable intensity of their ride. . (Well.. Anyway, are not intended to speed and variable speed, why the more high-end speed of the car more.. But also because those who make riding to find a ride best suited to their own efforts). . This is a riding considerations.

Said that so much nonsense, I actually proposed a change before and after the LZ dial. . . ALIVIO of the transmission system is indeed a little worse. .



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