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This is a Honda car for several years, A

1988Michael2010-04-05 23:12:06 +0000 #1

melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-05 23:19:15 +0000 #2
is the chariot

2007 Honda RA107

Main technical parameters:

chassis structure: molded carbon fiber and honeycomb composite structure (already the latest crash tests by the FIA)

before the suspension: wishbone structure, promoting the activity of torsion springs and rocker, Rod

after mechanical suspension system: cross bone structure, promoting the activity of torsion springs and rocker, mechanical lever

shock absorber: Showa

Wheels: BBS magnesium imitation - Front: 312 mm wide and after: 340 mm wide

Tires: Bridgestone

brakes: Alcon

Front Brake: 2 x 6 piston

After the brake: 2 x 6 piston brake discs


carbon fiber steering system: Honda

behind the wheel: carbon composite structure

Seat belts: Takata 6 点 lock (75 mm shoulder belt clip and the HANS system )

Fuel tank: ATL fiber B (Kevlar) Rubber

Fuel capacity: 150 l

Battery: 12 volt lead-acid battery 3 A

instrument panel: Transmission Honda


Transmission : 7 files (1 reverse) gearbox, the kernel Honda

Shift: semi-automatic gearbox, hydraulic brakes

Clutch: carbon clutch disc

Body size:

Racing Total Length: 4700 mm total height of the car

: 950 mm

Racing total width: 1,800 mm

Honda engines:

models: Honda RA807E

Displacement: 2.4 l

Number of cylinders: naturally aspirated, V8

engine angle: 90 degrees

the largest Power: 700 or more

maximum speed: 19,000 rev / min

valve structure: 4 valves / cylinder, pneumatic system

Fuel system: Honda PGM-F1

accelerator: E-hydraulic control system

Ignition system: Honda PGM-IG
BMW scooters -2010-04-05 23:28:24 +0000 #3
This is not accurate for Honda, BAR-Honda F1 car is.

On this car I am not familiar with the bar should be 05



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