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Where special education for the school car drift or a teacher!

MM I would love to see2010-04-06 00:10:39 +0000 #1

Ice__age2010-04-06 00:14:51 +0000 #2
Recommend you look at the car magazines, each issue has a drift of teaching, that person is like asking Shi Jianmin, play drift, and very powerful. Also have had the class, very expensive. Special kind of formal learning can go to the club, like any modern special club, foreign Saab stunt team, often performed, but also training courses. Ask it own specific.
2446303322010-04-06 00:32:39 +0000 #3
most of their own to find out. There is communication between riders.
S3170125362010-04-06 00:58:34 +0000 #4
underground racing where there will be
ALLBOSE2010-04-06 01:03:51 +0000 #5
Shenzhen in Guangzhou, names do not remember.


hope that can help you, give me points



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