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F1 now how to look so bad?

Jsjsjzdjs2010-04-10 04:11:40 +0000 #1
Other racing games, such as A1, Indy 500, NASCAR, drag ...... there is no live television?
Coraxuan2010-04-10 04:17:52 +0000 #2
A1, then China must be broadcast stations and other CCTV sub-station and on to see if there are no empty as the sports schedule, and generally do not broadcast.

Http:// has broadcast a number of international sports car racing than F1, but it is estimated that there will be viewing point card, the English interpretation is also a problem, foreigner excited do not know what ... ... sometimes tear PIPI will broadcast that Taiwan's Star TV broadcast commentary, but they mainly do F1 program, there is too much advertising inside!

F1 ugly ... ... now the reason is because the rules were changed in a mess, full of political intrigue scandal days, just the part on the car less and less. Not a good opening drive, learning to play Chinese football, "false", and repairer of not properly made, all day thinking about abused and lead. I want to do even if the FIA President Todd also hard to change the status of F1, he was a conspirator more!
Melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-10 04:34:22 +0000 #3

special live racing Oh
ExtremeEngine2010-04-10 04:41:50 +0000 #4
F1 are only on as a drop in a non-broadcast, not to mention A1, Indy500, NASCAR, Drag almost ... ...

want to watch live television it is unlikely that the. Search the site with the video to see it forget ... ... the domestic car culture is so weak.

Or F1 on the Ren Ren got to see, 09 years of F1 is looking at a kind of squalling impulse ... ... 10 years should be better right



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