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WRC feeling of the event inside the car are no high car ah? Why so attractive, why not open carts?

Please receive adequate guidance2010-04-10 23:10:38 +0000 #1

wolfgign2010-04-10 23:19:47 +0000 #2
WRC requirements for all participating models must be achieved in production of more than 2500 prototypes. Put it bluntly, this is not converted a production car around 500,000 you also referred to "high car," a how too get a million it cost to do not have to say it

and basic WRC event 90% are completed in the rough mountain road, you this high mountain road vehicle shall not be boarding the end of that ah ---

WRC again the most important fair play to each vehicle converted to scale, weight and row volume, power, etc. are strictly limited.

WRC car is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder production vehicle based on modified from, although they look and you can see in dealer showrooms in the same, in fact, almost all of the places they are different . Different prices - the price of a WRC car at 100 million dollars - which does not include spare parts. A set of tires for the race can be used only to make about 100 km, and after every two races, but also a motivation to renovate and transmission expenses.

FIA requirement: WRC car must use a standard production vehicle body. WRC in use when the production would have removed the body of all the appendages only metal framework, and where all the re-welding seam welding. To reduce weight, the body of all the extra support and fixed panels must be removed, but also with a steel pipe manufacturing installation of roll cage. After about 700 hours after the modification, a strong and much harder than before the conversion of new cars produced. Most of the WRC cars can support the equivalent of 10 ordinary car weight. FIA requires all of the WRC engine air intake throttle installation specifications can not be greater than 34mm, this requirement limits the car's dynamic force in the 300 less. Engine block and cylinder head must adopt a standard road car components, but can crank, connecting rod, piston, cylinder liner, valve and cam be improved. The turbine is equipped with a standard car to promote the 4-5 bar (pressure unit) of air pressure - comparison, the ordinary civilian vehicles only up to 1 bar pressure - the car has installed time delay system, the system allows Turbochargers can be released from the start began the largest propulsion. All these changes are brought about tremendous torque - 700 Newton. M - and the Ferrari Enzo (Ferrari Enzo) the same torque.

All WRC cars use a four-wheel drive mode, equipped with a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox. By the electronic control system allows drivers to shift without the clutch in the case of four-hundredths of a second with a time shift, the speed and the same as F1 racing. Many cars also used the F1 type of grid control systems, as far as possible to improve the speed of the grid. Racing clutch installed, but drivers usually only at the starting time will be used.

In the WRC car which has no interior - is exposed to the metal as well as custom racing and navigation of the two carbon fiber seats. No extra space behind the car - steel roll cage made of space occupied in the back seat - a car which is very crowded, because all cars to carry things, such as fire extinguishers, tool kit and spare tire were fixed on the floor - or the car the following - This is the focus of the entire car as low as possible.

Rally rules allow the use of tail and other civilian cars you see in the aerodynamic components. These designs use the airflow around the car to cool mechanical components - such as engines and brakes - also used the air to keep the car's grip - or jump in the car when the stable.

No matter how the road conditions, the modified vehicle can start in three seconds and accelerate to 60 miles / hour (about equivalent to 100 km / h) - in the familiar car racing under the conditions of performance - the car can also be narrow the gravel surface to 200 km / hour speed from between two trees while skidding off and racing at this speed to ensure the car is still under complete control.

Said so many cars do you think of it, and Howe, the more "high" mean?

As for why so attractive

1, WRC race in all the characteristics of selected locations around the world, plateau, desert, mountain, snow, plus many local market towns across, special buildings, visual sense of class.

2, and F1 expensive fare difference, WRC not only do not buy ticket, and can choose the stage and stood on the edge of the track close to competition from close to the car recently, a sense of freedom and immersive scene far more than other any car.

3, F1 although the speed high, but the car is always fixed along the track line running smoothly, and although the speed is not F1 WRC car fast, but when the passing vehicle with smoke billowing from, but also show jumping, sliding, Chong beautiful water scenes, the same corner cornering performance of different drivers will be different, more of appreciation.

4, WRC cars are modified production cars, the majority of the audience as the owner, the more prone to resonance, specific terms of conversion projects for enthusiasts to follow and absolutely possible. 5, due to the complexity of traffic and the long track, WRC of suspense and the accident rate far exceeds that of F1, feels more exciting and thrilling.
Melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-10 23:39:17 +0000 #3
simple high car not practical ah

so you'll get to run Rally Bentley cars you okay

Rally is needed is a strong practical performance car
winglinxi2010-04-10 23:51:28 +0000 #4
Amount ... ...

WRC's rules divided into two groups

Group A Group

Group N modified original group

And according to the complexity of the road rally and the long schedule, the carts are designed high precision vehicle simply can not do, generally FOCUS, IMPRAZA, C4 those civilians Car reform (IMPRAZA not civilian cars do = = 40 million, but sold more than 20 million Japanese are tariffs in trouble = =). These vehicles relatively simple, rough but durable, easy to maintain.

If you think about opening a Ferrari in the past, it raises the dust before the car hit the air inlet, the engine immediately discarded, whereas if the open Fox in the past, all right.

Super sports car is destined only in the formal market in Mercedes Benz cars, luxury cars destined only contains some of the big boss, not the same start position
enlike05292010-04-11 00:05:21 +0000 #5
WRC rules of the game is very detailed, such as entry vehicles for the major car manufacturers annual output of more than 2500 of the prototype cars, modified cars at the same time scale for the weight and displacement, power, etc. are strictly limited.

WRC contest entry vehicles, according to the different specifications, were divided into original group group Group N and Group A modified two groups. The A group and N group was different according to displacement will be divided into four groups each group were:

A Group:

A8: 2000C.C. Above modification group

A7 :1601-2000C. C. converted group

A6 :1401-1600C. C. converted group

A5: 1400 CC Group

N group the following modifications:

N4: 2000 CC original group of more than

N3 :1601-2000C. C. original group

N2 :1401-1600C. C . original group

N1: 1400 CC Group

WRC car factory the following are modified production cars, the majority of the audience as the owner, the more prone to resonance, specific terms of conversion projects for enthusiasts and fully have the potential to emulate.

and the WRC circuit are mostly gravel, gravel roads, snow and ice. Little asphalt track, so a modified four-wheel vehicles faster than high, more smooth finish the course.
Oo tail flick oO2010-04-11 01:38:05 +0000 #6
This luxury cars have nothing to do

to find you so that, F1 cars which you can not buy it?

That enough of urine, right? Why do so many people watching?

First of all you need to know about the nature of WRC competition car

now the trend is to use small hatchback

because the game is usually in the woods, mountains and other narrow track

So when you open a gigantic Mercedes-Benz S-Class certainly pretend to be thin


In fact, Pakistan WRC race cars are inside every paved road carts

to ordinary absolute strength

and compete against Ferrari and other luxury cars in the world
day yet Bulk order2010-04-11 01:51:47 +0000 #7
If the definition of high car prices, then in fact the price of WRC cars do not actually cheaper Kazakhstan.



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