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Why Raikkonen fought wrc, look at his top game is not too good

doby112010-04-13 14:11:30 +0000 #1

ExtremeEngine2010-04-13 14:23:19 +0000 #2
1, Kimi like to rally for a long time to 2, and Ferrari's contract expires, but Ferrari did not know what short and Kimi sides that collapsed, so Kimi released in mid-season is to leave Ferrari if not F1. Ferrari and Alonso together with each other to send the fall spinach.

3, Kimi surely this level of the drivers got into the giants are only willing to have a championship team competitive car, but wait until the time he was ready to negotiate, but found that McLaren has won the Button, MercedesGP're done the Nico and Schumi, Renault to the Kubica, yet because the door had just gone through great turmoil crash serious lack of money so do not Kimi (because the next say), RedBull does not mean substitutions. Then the other remaining teams, and even Williams included, Kimi both scornful of

4, Kimi is in the post-Schumi era drivers pay the highest annual income of a staggering 51 million euros, is higher than in the past Schumi of course here have to weed out inflation. And other teams asking price when negotiations are KB, Ferrari out of such a great price are not necessarily willing, not to mention Ferrari McLaren paying the money does not so much left Ferrari after Kimi had the most promising to join the McLaren, but because of various reasons, Button came Heikki fill the vacancy. Renault had the second best is the last choice, but it happens Renault hand tight. The second driver is recruited much of the sponsorship was considered background. Kimi is too poor to feed them so the. 5, arrogant, Kimi nickname Iceman, this is his time in the year Mclaren Dennis with an iron hand because management changes, and then Kimi is very cheerful, but met Dennis happens, so getting from closed. Including later transferred to the Ferrari team atmosphere so good, enthusiastic team is allowed to deal with the media took a very cold, although its character trait, but I think this character is always uninviting. Along with its own known as (in fact is) the most competitive post-Schumi era one of the drivers, arrogant and also very normal, but Schumi is also autistic, but no one says Schumi how, first, because Schumi WDC's unprecedented seven behind the record, and second, retired after Schumi (or even when not retired non-working state) is also active in a variety of occasions, and then self-enclosed driver different person, but Kimi was in any 90% of the time could only see the face expressionless. And post-Schumi era compared to the record, he only behind Alonso, but the bulk is recognized within the paddock more liked driver. 6 and needed a rest. Since Mika Kimi took the mantle of fact, after the area has been in F1 for 10 years running (2000-2009), compared to a few post-Schumi era champion, the bulk of his career was 9 years, is a small Chinese only 3 years, compared Patton's career long, so he also revolve Oil Stick, and then have forbearance to death in the Anglo-American Biede coming, very good state of mind. Exception of Kimi, running for 10 years, 5 years ago are shrouded in the shadow of huge Schumi, and then coming to an dominance of the Red Devils lost, the bulk of it, turned out to get in there and then coming to an F2007 which coupled with competitive That year McLaren ordeal, Kimi just coming to an a champion team-mate Massa large display its power in 2008, completely replaced Kimi and small Chinese competition, WDC, 09 年 F60 performance is too weak, so all the way down Kimi certainly very unhappy, tired heart. Open WRC perhaps not because he wants to achieve much success in the WRC, Loeb is not so easily toppled, after all, and although the project as the highest level of racing champions, in the rally field, he is a complete rookie. Integrated into one, I think Kimi just want to take a break, do some things they like, adjust their mentality, waiting for an opportunity.

So, he has said, it is possible to return to F1 track in 11 years, but there are some links and Red Bull. What if no accident, he and Vettel in 11 years with the team fighting. But the problem is so arranged, then, Webber A not you agree? ?
Cipcd2010-04-13 14:48:39 +0000 #3
Cycling does not mean to drive fast too soon -
lshc2010-04-13 15:01:40 +0000 #4
I feel kimi so many years in f1, always goes very smoothly, he moved wrc still need to experience it.
Happyangel19892010-04-13 15:44:15 +0000 #5
If you know a little WRC, certainly do not think that grades are not good.

KIMI F1 has said that he was the only thing that likes to drive, KIMI hated F1 car inside a number of other things. Now says he enjoys all the WRC, this should be the reason he fought WRC, personal interests Well -



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