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F1 in a lot of teams out, do not understand, seek expert pointing

shu86911212010-04-14 08:12:17 +0000 #1
Virgin team,

坎波斯玛塔 Williams team.

U.S. team Sauber
melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-14 08:28:54 +0000 #2
this year's F1 The new team team

Lotus team

Cable Virgin Atlantic Pak team

Williams F1 team

Campos and the United States did not release a new F1 car

In fact, estimates the U.S. will not play

F1 Williams and Sauber are the veteran team ah
msvienna2010-04-14 08:19:50 +0000 #3
Williams and Sauber are the old team of the United States and Hum

Persian fleet is 10 years for new fleet of 10 years to see what are some of the team 18 days after the Bahrain Bar
ExtremeEngine2010-04-14 09:18:37 +0000 #4
Virgin is the comparison of speculation before the fire Marno team.

In fact, Marno this sign on F1 no stranger to the field, which for many engine piston rings, piston, cylinder accessories like, now the Xianxin want to play F1, later Virgin Airlines investment, the name of both transferred. Comparing the middle and Campos fought a war of words interesting.

Virgin named the new racing season with VR1, the car more special is its design process did not use the wind tunnel, but all through the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to deal with. So it is eye-catching.

Williams is not a new team ... ... but for the driver, change the engine. Only team from the beginning has been to remain in competition on the track, so can not be considered a new team.

Daoshi new team which you missed Mercedes GP, in fact this is not a new team, formerly known as BGP, the predecessor of the predecessor is Honda, the predecessor of the predecessor's predecessor BAR, predecessor predecessor predecessor predecessor Back then it was cattle X The Tyrell, but really to the history of that, Mercedes in the 50-57 years participated in F1, is a history and Ferrari, FIAT, Alfa Romeo team as long, of course, nor that this Mercedes Mercedes already have changed, and The only style remains the further spread so far only Ferrari. In the final analysis because McLaren Mercedes GP and started to play the end of the honeymoon period comeback did not give up the Cold War fell out + results. After all, this can provoke Schumi support can be considered super-big enough face.

Campos, and Virgin fight war of words is that, recently found a new club, the money is spent worry about. But this is still an outstanding driver, who went so far known name Senna - Ayrton Senna then Rider's nephew Bruce Senna, he is said to be his uncle's high praise, I do not know that in the actual performance of the track, but to Now the Y is not even a shadow of the car did not, it is only worthy of hanging in the air of USF1 with a par, while the latter is likely to Cancel out the first or second game and even directly halfway team.

USF1, hanging in a mess, cars, no drivers, only one. Time of the year announced its entry into a very high profile, but also carried away the beautiful crane driver Danica Patric you a Man of appetite, FIA, when the old man to have expressed satisfaction with the visit, present, and Campos are the only two teams have not come up with the car, real people to ask: did want to? !

Sauber, is actually veteran team. The middle of cotton up to a period of time and Red Bull, BMW and then finally captured, N Do not touch a long time came in behind me became BMW Sauber. Then mid-season last year, also beat ass leave BMW (Mercedes to the ... ... 2011, VW has come, the shift ... ...), Sauber then buy back the team at the end of the season, and then look for a fleet of multi-running seat, and then catch up with the FIA in the last train, it is the season to finalize the 10 participating teams. However, this compared to USF1 thunder, little rain in, Sauber at least has come up with the car, and Button and Hamilton last year have forced the loss of face (details see race in Brazil in 2009) of small linsan (Kobayashi ) is the driver, also Jerez lap brush brush very High, the problem is the Sauber car, at the beginning of last year's car but also clean, BGP ... ... ... ... the white is too white aesthetic point of view consistent with Minimalism, and But the problem is, so the money come from. Although small linsan a very talented driver, how their car, there are numerous teams, and even veteran team like Williams are worried about - Cosworth DFV era is as fantastic as before, or like the V8 era, as God stick.

There Lotus.

This can not be considered a new team, about 96 years now over a decade and is keeping a low profile ... ... so that when the right was.

F1 team results history is the first Ferrari, the second is a McLaren, third is Williams, the fourth is the Lotus. Lotus in history has created many legends, then 94T + Nigel Mansell is the dream team. Happens is to enter the 90's, lotus withered. Then 96 years can not be forced to leave.

However, this sports car (Lotus that is pure sport, than the spring of Columbia also pure) vendors are always a little F1 Complex, Mercedes back (the time it quit 39 years earlier than the Lotus 囧), Lotus also in 2009 season not the end of the already identified to participate in the competition. Lotus is a year to break the rules, the first one is his introduction of ground effect, activists turbo is his, and now these two gone, and even then the engine is not V10, but the V8. Heart of the matter is not then Lotus Lotus, and many personnel changes. The same can be said and Virgin Racing is a brand new team.



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