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How to test Supercar racing driver's license

Jinbiaosai2010-04-15 00:11:54 +0000 #1
always liked the super sports car races in China, but also want to one day be able to gallop track. The pursuit of my life. Super sports car in the country to test the car driver's license, apply for places where it is. If they have a super sports car, conversion costs are. Major modification in which the club can do?
IRF5402010-04-15 00:22:49 +0000 #2
General is 10 000, 3-4 days

There are two main domestic competition is more popular,

Rally: Rally All Rally

Kam + short track venues: China Touring Car

The first thing you need to pull a car such as General 350Z (58 万) EVO10 (49 万) WRX (49 million)

and then converted, in general, does not undergo a major revamp to play only on the basis of the conversion cost of the original Approximately 20-30 million

Of course I offer is not necessarily accurate, just a general one; general team can be changed, even if the other places, domestic or backward conversion level of

the main fuel is consumed in addition to a set of tires tire stand it long, but a race-level tires is not cheap ..

Of course you can buy a set of semi-retired two handcart down the 500,000 or so is enough of

---------- --------

If you do not have this economic strength, I think the basic good-bye to a car.

Of course, if you are a genius, racing in the hands of fighters, even if no car no money, as long as the car, you can use gambling approach - find a team in advance that good, the car rental fleet and logistics, etc. participate in the competition, the team won the all-inclusive fee, there are bonuses to take, lost his own pocket (about a 80 000, crash sacrificing)

If you bring your own car to join the team, hire the team's service, then about as long as a 4-6 million of service charges;

on the car this: General spent under examination before completion of this car is a D-level interim of the two stations with the the country to participate in short-track rally car, the second year of D can be replaced by formal this, you can choose any between S3 N4 to the general situation is of course every time the last one.



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