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On the pattern of F1 2010

wauroray2010-04-16 07:10:21 +0000 #1
recently been concerned about the test, I think Ferrari and McLaren this year should be a war, but some time ago to prepare the news that Mercedes quality shock absorbers, this stuff can be used this year? What great role
ExtremeEngine2010-04-16 07:20:22 +0000 #2
rules do not explicitly banned, that is to say can be used, and the same as last year's double diffuser gray areas are the rules.

As for the quality of shock absorbers, do not know at the time of the trial MercedesGP have no use, but the Mercedes so far has been not particularly bright, it is fatal. Of course, only old fox in accordance with the style of Ross, is not expected when the test is too somewhere, and stormed out after the race start is possible.

Some say the new season's first group will be Mercedes, Mclaren, Ferrari and RBR, but this year all the cars are nose cottage RBR, very tough, but Mclaren's design style is very aggressive, performance is good, so tell the truth Now none of the end. Several giants team are wily, when placed in the smoke test is possible.

But the Mclaren and Ferrari will be competitive must be, staged every year, if that year these two teams do not compete F1 would not call a. But what is a Mercedes and RBR what position it is difficult to say. First of all, these four teams will occupy the first 4 that is a great possibility, and the key is that the relationship between several teams how anyone can not say for the.

On the quality of shock absorbers, this fact early In 2006 Renault R26 used above in, but was later declared illegal FIA.

This year the rules did not know how to restrict.

As for the effect, according to previous test results Renault can every lap 0.3 seconds faster, the effect is very NB the. Its role is when the car collided with the outside of tire vibration generated when the inverse vibration so that the suspension quickly stabilized, so the car when cornering grip stronger and more stable.

Presumably this is a promising technology applied to civilian vehicles.
Arwen5mian2010-04-16 07:28:03 +0000 #3
team name engine supplier

Ferrari drivers - Ferrari Marlboro team

Massa Fernando Alonso Vodafone - McLaren Mercedes

Sober Barton Hamilton 【BMW Sauber F1 Team had to retire, repurchase】

BMW Sauber Kobayashi

【Fisichella】 undetermined

Brown GP Team GP Mercedes team 【】

Mercedes acquisition

Nico Rosberg Renault F1 Team Schumacher


Panasonic Kubica - Toyota



Toro Rosso Ferrari

Buemi Red Bull Racing


AT & T-Williams Cosworth team

巴里切罗霍 Ken Boge Force India F1 Team



Brown GP F1 Team


Campos acquired by Mercedes-Benz team (CAMPOS META TEAM)

Cosworth (chassis Dallara company)

Manor fleet of small Senna (MANOR GRAND PRIX)

Virgin Fleet

格洛克格拉 Cosworth F1 Team USA West


Lotus Cosworth Cosworth Racing

Kovalainen Trulli



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