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F1 2009 brought the number of returns to Shanghai?

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venue's income is only ticket into TV advertising, parking fees, which will net several projects on the field and fetched 300 million yuan. Although souvenirs Shanghai event has received nearly a thousand million in business revenue. However, the venue is not the ultimate winner, F1 Shanghai stop is Shanghai, the biggest beneficiaries.

Hotel industry stand to gain over 200 million yuan

F1 three days, all five-star hotels in Shanghai carnival.

This year's F1 race in Australia, and Malaysia, the local prices of hotel rooms are 50% -100%, but still in short supply. Spring International's deputy general manager Zhou Weihong, said: "As usual, held during the F1, the local hotel prices go up 30% -50% is normal."

It is for this reason, Shanghai's five-star hotels had an early end into the price of alliance --- not less than 300 U.S. dollars per day Rates: Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel from 1,000 yuan per night rose 2,600 yuan; Grand Hyatt Hotel, from the 2100 yuan rose to 2,950 yuan; JW Marriott more than 300 U.S. dollars per night hotel jump from 500 U.S. dollars. Major high-star hotel occupancy rate increased during the period in F1 for nearly 20%, five-star Pudong Shangri-La hotels, hotel occupancy rates as high as 100%, Grand Hyatt Hotel, East Jin Jiang Hotel Sofitel such as booking rate more than 100%, 4 days advance booking. 300 dollars or more before high standard room in the F1 had basically sold out.

Star hotel holiday period compared to the generally low occupancy rate, F1 for hotels obvious opportunities.

Luxury hotel sold out, three-star following market reports booming. 2 star hotel standard room team, the price rose to 400 yuan; three-star hotels rose to more than 800 yuan from the 200. Jiading District 23-star hotel prices rose to 1,300 yuan from 400 yuan.

On average then, 15 million viewers to bring the hotel income is considerable. Following a three-star hotel prices 500 dollars per night, with 55% of domestic audiences in other regions, five percent occupancy (number of people living in Hangzhou and other surrounding areas), three-day room fee income to nearly 62 million yuan. And 15% of the fans, to Bacheng five-star hotel stay (price about 310 U.S. dollars) per three days the price was 148 million yuan revenue. Rough estimates, only the three days, F1 on the contribution of the Shanghai hotel room rate of 2.1 billion revenue.

F1 team for the Shanghai hotel, another force contribution to profits. F1 teams stay more international chain hotels, but also to live in 5 days. Each team average of 90 people, including three drivers, maintenance personnel and staff, the drivers usually live in the presidential suite. Even if the average price of 400 U.S. dollars a night out of 10 teams, 90 people per team, 5-day prices for the 15 million yuan.

This calculation, the five-day Shanghai hotel room rate reached 225 million yuan fetched.

Comprehensive gain up to 2 billion yuan in Shanghai restaurants, transport, tourism, real estate income even more astonishing.

The Shanghai race, the audience more than 150,000 people. 65% of foreign visitors each day, 100 yuan per person food and beverage standards for design, 3 days to reach 29.24 million yuan. 65% of the audience in any live take your car to the track, while 60 per day, transportation (to and from the price of 40 yuan on the track, the other transport costs 20 dollars), three days for the transport sector contribution to the 1200 Shanghai million. Of course this is not all alone with the Shanghai organizers for the Schumacher's bodyguard had as many as 12 people, generated revenue of other services not careful calculation.

Traffic into the city is good at operating the Shanghai Municipal Government's forte, as traffic improvements, followed by a premium increase.

Since the F1 contract has a package of traffic building is commenced, Jiading District, the land has become very sought after. In 2002, the surrounding land in Jiading Stadium from 80,000 to 120,000 yuan per mu in 2004, up 2 million yuan per mu. The land and the land has always been very high basic Minhang, Qingpu site with the same land, but about 1.1 million yuan per mu. Even so, Jiading District, Shanghai JIN Jian-zhong Chang said, "did not see the item in the case, will not be easy to market the land for public auction."

There is a case to prove on the field in driving real estate prices on the role of Jiading how much. The stadium is located in Anting Town, Jiading District, northeast of Anting Town Centre from about 7 km, but the prices of goods here is about 7,000 yuan per square meter, compared with prices in Jiading center --- 5,000 per square meter Yuan nearly 40%.

Some experts expected, F1 on the track will rise around 20 square kilometers of land. Even tickets of health value of the land, about 20 square kilometers around the race track (about 13,334 acres) of land, or land at least make Shanghai earn 6.4 billion book value.

Such a calculation, on the field at this event in direct income, the Shanghai event's souvenir sales business, Shanghai hotels, restaurants, transportation departments, as well as Shanghai, the land value-added income, a total of 66.6624 million yuan.

3.6 billion invested, income into the more than 6.6 billion yuan, even taking into account the track late into the 24 billion invested over 6 billion yuan and 6.6 billion revenue, Shanghai still can not lose. Do not have to 11 years, less than three years, Shanghai has been to recover the cost, the investment rate of return of the annual static over 27%.

The future earnings are much more than that.

About F1 driving the tourism industry in Shanghai, Spring International's Zhou Weihong that "in terms of travel, F1 will bring tourism revenue into higher ticket revenue, of course, including the foreign business travel revenue."

The F1 period , the major sponsor of the team bought a lot of tickets, inviting foreign viewers watched F1 race in China. These audiences are decision makers in large enterprises or government officials, such as the famous Marlboro owned tobacco company Philip Morris company --- that is, sponsor of Ferrari, their own money to buy a 400 diamond votes invited audience of about 200 overseas Chinese the F1 races. 2003, China's entry of foreign tourists 11,402,900 people, the international tourism (foreign exchange) revenue was 17.406 billion U.S. dollars, per person tourist spending for the 1526 U.S. dollars. Among them, the annual international business travel spending at about 4.2 billion U.S. dollars.

Therefore, professionals predict, F1 arrival, you may change to some extent, China's Foreign Tourists Structure, to tourism and business travel in these two components, the increase of the latter 比例. It is reported that tourism is basically based in low-income foreign friends, or young people such as students, college students, or the elderly, is characterized by the consumption structure is not high. The business travel more with the business come from the company pays the bill for Shanghai potential benefits and actual benefits incalculable.

In fact invisible income, Shanghai will be on the court election in the Jiading District in Jiangsu Province --- --- this close to the great profound meaning.

The one hand, the International Automobile City in order to QUICKER this game, it also brings opportunities for the neighboring cities, and to to improve the appeal of Shanghai on the Yangtze River Delta. During the F1, Shanghai and other regions of the Yangtze River Delta join hands, to divert some passengers to other cities. F1 Shanghai in marketing, while also selling the entire Yangtze River Delta. In turn, increase the centripetal force around the city of Shanghai.

More realistic, with the F1's global hit, when "on the" shape of the track and over stadium "on the" sign in front of hundreds of millions of foreign visitors, Shanghai and on the field as a brand, quietly scored the hearts of foreigners. Who can say that in the next few years, this good city management, the Shanghai government will not get more opportunities, more investment opportunities?

F1 race 55 billion passenger trips each year's viewing audience, F1 Chinese station broadcasting time is seven and a half hours, which is at least 45 minutes of advertising time to advertisers every 15 seconds as a unit operator, 675 units will bring the number of ad revenue We can not be estimated.

In the eyes of the Shanghai Municipal Government, the F1 race is the World Expo in China stand at a military training. When the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the Shanghai will be more revenue.



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