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Saab is the founder of turbine you

Dongjunjiedong2010-04-18 16:12:17 +0000 #1
hear the trouble you to talk about Kazakhstan.
snowmount2010-04-18 16:24:19 +0000 #2
Saab turbo is not the founder, is the first person to eat crab.

First of all, to introduce the history of turbine, said turbo technology, which has more than 100 years old. In 1905, Dr. Alfred Buchi applied for a first turbocharger patent - Power-driven axial turbocharger. The world's first turbine driven by exhaust gas turbocharger in the last century in 1912, is almost 100 years of history, the most out of mechanized mass production in World War II in 1944, is was belligerent to the United States, the first of its campaign on military aircraft. By 1961, cars began to tentatively installed supercharger, but because of instantaneous pressure and heat generated, so that after installation not ideal. The world's first will be from aviation turbocharger technology to the field of civilian cars that Saab Saab car manufacturers.

SAAB (originally all called Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, or Swedish Aircraft Company) was originally a military aircraft manufacturing company. Swedish Aircraft Company Limited was merged produce only Scania Trucks (SCANIA) company, as a manufacturer of cars, trucks, airplanes, computers and other products of the comprehensive group. After World War II military aircraft orders decreased, Saab decided to start production of cars and aircraft of its manufacturing technology and experience used in automobile production. Therefore, Saab in the automobile industry is quite different. The advantages of using groups, Saab to trucks, aircraft technology as a financial and production performance with the car Saab car.

Sweden's Saab (SAAB) Motor born out of the aircraft manufacturers, factories in the mid 40s, and in 1947 launched the first level with leading technology SAAB92 cars, has been half a century ago.

Just the production car, Saab cars have similar light aircraft, solid structure and aerodynamic appearance. June 1947, Saab 92 prototype appeared. The car is equipped with two-stroke engine, front-wheel drive, safety vehicle, as the aircraft wing shape. This model is designed by a group of aircraft engineers, and build out. Saab's unique design and manufacturing technology breakthrough in the traditional model of original automotive industry, automobile industry to promote a series of innovations.

Saab number of technology innovation, has become a global industry standard. In many automotive engine today are using turbo technology, Saab engine turbo technology is the first of. Saab was the first to come from aviation turbocharger technology applied to car manufacturers. Saab series engines equipped with turbocharger turbine power play in the car played an important role, which greatly enhanced the power and performance of automobile engines, allowing the driver to fully experience the driving pleasure, safety and fast overtaking the fun 享受. It makes the car power, maneuverability and accuracy at any time at its best.



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